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Spec Analysis - Finding Blance In The Force Dev Blog [Dev Blog 05/03/2010]

Discussion in 'Holonet Chat' started by J'kaura, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. J'kaura

    J'kaura Guest

    Jedi Consular

    What kind of experience can we look forward to?


    Another Friday update has passed over at SWTOR.com with a new dev blog being available ‘click here’ to the masses of citizens destined to play the game on release. The dev blog provides an overview of what we can generally expect from the Jedi Consular. Today, we are going to look at that. A little more in-depth of the experience the Consular might provide.

    The Dev blog reveals that the starting planet for the Consular is the mystical world of Tython. The Ancient Jedi home world, where the Force was discovered and the origin of the Order. It seems to entail exploration to immerse the new player into the game mechanics, dangerous creatures in the forests for combat and pivotal discoveries that may help the player decide how they want to play their character. Possibly evolving around the use of diplomacy and choice. A good way to start out learning what your Character is about, wouldn’t you say?


    Later in the blog, Joanna Berry reveals interesting information that the Jedi Consular will ‘walk a fine line’ between the light and dark side. Although the Consular is given the wisdom to make choices, she seems to hint more towards how you play your character? Will you bend situations selflessly or to gaining more power / knowledge or make a choice for the benefit of all, increasing your command of wisdom & control over the force?

    Bioware are well known for their teeth-biting choices but this time your choices have an impact. Unlike the excellent Bioware games such as Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Knights of the Old Republic to name a few, in Star Wars: the Old Republic you can’t save and re-play to see what the other option would have led you. You have to live with your choice and as a Consular it’s pivotal that you serve the Force to thwart the Siths plans and save the Republic through whichever means you deem necessary.


    Furthermore, the dev Blog suggests that we can expect to see an interesting story unfold to accommodate your playstyle whether you choose direct action or a more vocal approach. In the end, it is completely up to you as a Consular to wield the essence of the Force for diplomacy, exploration or action in the gameworld. Which will you choose? However, before we finish I’ll leave you with these final words from the dev blog to get your imagination ticking in the grand story that Bioware is writing for the Jedi Consular in Star Wars: the Old Republic.

    [QUOTE='Developer Blog - Finding Balance in the Force]

    ‘Will you delve into the greatest mysteries of the Force, to master abilities few Jedi ever dream of? Maybe you’ll be driven by a hunger for the past, to explore new horizons and reclaim long-forgotten lore for the Jedi Order. Or you could look to the future, rubbing shoulders with ambassadors and heads of state, and fighting alongside the Republic’s boldest generals.

    Then again, perhaps you’ll seek power for yourself, use your wisdom to bend others to your will, and mercilessly destroy all threats to the Republic… even knowing what the cost of victory might be someday. The choice is yours, Jedi Consular.’

    Joanna Berry

    For more information on the Jedi Consular class check out the dedicated section in the Class Mechanics forum!