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Special Invitation

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by PRAH, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. PRAH

    PRAH Guest

    to PRAH Auction tonight at 7 EST.

    Take a break from Tokuno for some social time and join us at the auction. There are going to be some great deals and unusual items tonight! Of course there will also be our famous smashy box game.

    Beehive (min 7mil)
    War Cleaver (min 5 mil)
    Twinkling Scimitar ( min 50 k)
    Robe of Eclipse/AOS dyed ( min 1.5 mil)
    120 Taming Scroll ( min 250 k )
    50 Bolts of AOS Cloth (min 600 k)
    5 Commodity Deeds (boards) (min 1 mil)
    120 Chivalry Scroll (min 125 k)
    120 Chivalry Scroll (min 125 k)
    Divine Countenance (min 300k)
    Complete Tile Set (min 15 mil)
    Blade of Insanity (min 200k)
    Helm of Insight (min 200k)
    Clothing Bless Deed (min 500k)
    Dyed BOD Covers (books) (min 100k)
    VERY Rare Music Box Gear
    The Wanderer (min 3 mil)
    Armour of Fortune (min 6 mil)
    Blood Splat (nice!) (min 1 mil)
    "light" you gotta see it (min 5mil)
    Old School Black Dye Tub (min 1 mil)
    Book Case Token (min 2 mil)
    DH Tainted Mushroom ( min 25k)
    Deed for a Potted Plant (min 3 mil)
    Europa Gold Full Apron/Blessed (min 15 mil)
    8 misc. Power Scrolls (min 400k)
    Titans Hammer (min 7 mil)
    Breath of the Dead (min 196k)
    Mythical Detective Boot (min 2 mil)