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Specific Zones names for WoTK

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Bo Riddler, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. Bo Riddler

    Bo Riddler Guest

    *Northrend, I believe, has ten areas within it:

    - Azjol-Nerub (L74-78)

    - Borean Tundra (L68-72): It is the home of the Tuskarr. The Horde town is Warsong Hold and Alliance will be Justice Keep. The Naga are up to no good by melting the icecaps. Not to forget the Taunka are lurking in this zone. This zone has both a Horde and Alliance entry point (along with a village).

    - Grizzly Hills (L74-76): The Furbolgs live in the forest. The Venture Company is also cutting down the forest of Grizzly Hills. There also seems to be an ancient Dwarven City called Thor Modan. Most of the zone will be covered with trees instead of snow.

    - Howling Fjord (L68-72): It will hold the Daggercap Bay (a narrow canyon). Past the canyon you will find the town of Valgarde. The town is under constant invasions of evil Dragonflayers. The ancient Vrykul can be found in their instance Utgarde Keep.

    - Icecrown Glacier (78-80)

    - Lake Wintergrasp (see 2)

    - Sholazar Basin (L75-78)

    - The Dragonblight (L71-75): The home of Wyrmrest Temple, the ancient meeting place where dragons go to die.

    - The Storm Peaks (L77-80)

    - Zul'Drak (L73-76)


    Lake Wintergrasp

    * An outdoor region devoted entirely to PvP. Within this region siege engines will be available, as well
    as in the new battleground (name unreleased). There is speculation that siege engines will be
    available in all battlegrounds, but clarification is needed.

    * Siege engines will be able to destroy destructible buildings: the more you destroy, the more honor you

    * Siege engines are meant to be player controlled - emphasis on mobility and aiming!

    * The new battleground will be a 15-man area.

    Ref: Blizz Page
  2. Bo Riddler

    Bo Riddler Guest

    Additional goodies found at Bliz Page...

    General Information:

    * Level cap will be raised to 80, prof to 450

    * New talents and extending of trees for all classes

    - Shamans: Chances of getting a Crowd Control talent

    * New profession: Inscribing - able to modify existing spells and abilities (think increased damage, perhaps shorter timers)

    * No new races have been announced

    * Arena: A new Arena season (season 3), Arena map as well as new Arena items are on the way. Blizzard is thinking about capping season 3 items for a minimum rating though. For example you would need a rating of 1900 to be able to buy specific items. Note: Season 3 is coming out either with or soon after 2.3. The release of the map and new items is uncertain, but presumed to be the same...

    * There will be a closed beta for the expansion

    * First impressions of Howling Fjord and Utgarde: http://www.wowinsider.com/2007/08/03/first-impressions-wrath-of-the-lich-king-and-utgarde-keep/

    5. Other news:

    * There are some changes in the works for the UI along the lines of Outfitter and Item Rack

    * Possible addition of a threat meter to the game

    * Toying around with the possibility of enabling non-raiders and casual raiders to see end-game content (like Naxx)

    * Thinking of Guild Battlegrounds!

    * The Ashbringer storyline will be continued.

    * There will be a world event as the Lich King moves against the Horde and Alliance. No other info is known yet.

    6. New Items

    * Fresh Glacier Water (9180 mana over 30 seconds)

    * Crusty Flatbread (7800 health over 30 seconds)

    * Frostweave

    7. New Dungeons

    * Grizzlemaw (Furbolg dungeon)

    * New Caverns of Time instance

    (The new Caverns of Time instance will take you back to Warcraft 3 Stratholme. You will fight with Arthas (not against) to burn houses in Stratholme in an effort to “cleanse” the village from the Undead (or soon to be Undead). It has also been said we’ll see more what the Bronze Dragon flight is up to. The lore angle of this instance is that you will meet Arthas when he was still good yet here you are burning houses. Caverns of Time Stratholme will be a five-player level 80 instance. Mal'ganis will be the final boss of this instance.)

    * Utgarde Keep (5 player level 70 dungeon, inhabited by the Vrykul)

    * Dalaran instances (no other info)

    * Naxxramas - see the end of this section below

    * Nexus (Nexus will be a winged dungeon. One wing will be a 5-man level 70-71 dungeon called Ice Caverns. Also another level 80 dungeon will feature in Nexus. Another one of those wings will be a 25-man raid dungeon which will let you encounter Malygos. Nexus can be found in Borean Tundra. It will contain a lot of blue dragons.)

    * Ulduar
    * Uldum (mentioned by lore guys, nothing firm)

    * Outdoor Dungeon Zones:

    - Azjol-Nerub (big underground land full of nerubians)
    - Gjalerbron (Vrykul are working side-by-side with Liches)

    * There are plans to introduce some old dungeons back. For example there are plans to make Naxxramas a sort of MC-like dungeon. The dungeon itself is a floating fortress so it can easily be moved to Northrend. Of course Naxxramas will be retuned to a 25 man dungeon along with level 80 content. They currently plan to include the same bosses. Some fights will remain the same while some, like the Four Horseman, will change quite a bit as it is adjusted to fit the 25 person raid model.

    Source: Blizz Page