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Spell Weave Template

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Guest, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I havent seen much in the ways of templates for spellweaving. I see a lot of people using it from time to time and was curious about it. Should it be built around a fighter template or mage template. Seen a few bards and tamers with it as well. Can i get some suggestions. This is strictly for pvm use only and i have a wide range of characters that i can add spellweaving ( 120 skill ) to. Just curious which would be the most fun and viable to play.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Spellweaving can benefit any sort of character. Warriors dont need as much skill to benefit however. Spells like natures fury, attunment and gift of renewl are amazing. The draw back to spellweaving however is the large mana cost. A warrior if hes human can get 5 or 6 spells for free with the jack of all trades. So you can do any warrior template you desire. Sure you will fail a bit but it takes 0 skill to cast these spells. For mages however the spellweaving can be very strong. My arcanist runs this template.
    120 magery
    120 eval
    120 med
    120 spellweaving
    120 resist spell
    80 poisoning
    40 chiv
    This is a rather odd template i know, but its great for area control (spawns) and peerless. The area effect spells (essence of wind, thunderstorm and wildfire) are great in wraith form at champs. I use a +30 necro jewelry set and ossain grimore to get into wraith. I do however also pvp with this guy a bit (Nessecity if raided at spawn)
    My buddy runs a 7x gm necro mage weaver, his template is something along the lines of this
    100 necro (105 with tali)
    100 ss (110 with tali)
    95 magery (120 with tome of lost knowledge and alcemist bauble)
    110 eval
    100 spellweaving
    100 resist spell
    100 med

    A tamer template i would imagine looks like this...
    120 taming
    120 lore
    100 vet
    120 med
    120 mage
    120 spellweaving

    Pretty much spellweaving can be added to anything. It will help any template you can come up with...

    A big issue if you cant get into wraith will be mana, Spellweaving eats mana. I suggest if you arn't going to be using wraith (or lich form for that matter) to go 120 med and possibly some focus. Weapon skill on a pvm mage isnt very important, if you find you get hit a lot use a mage weap. My mage runs staff of magi and slayer book when applicable. If you find you do a lot of peerless try to buff up your sdi, that word of death will hit big numbers.(Always cast arcane empowerment before word of death too :p)

    I will say this about spellweaving however. If you play solo a lot it's effective but not incredible. With a level 6 focus it is incredible. The effects, area, damage, duration of all spells increases so much. Once you get a level 6 focus you wont want to play without one.
    I hope i was of some help, spellweaving is a fun skill and i highly suggest it for any character. Warriors benefit from 'weaving but i belive Mages are the way to go.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    That is a lot of good info. I got a sweet mage to throw it on ( 120 magery 110 med 100 focus 120 eval 100 alch 100 scribe ). I would stone off alchy or scribe obviously to make it work. I have mana regen suit of 16 with 100 lrc and 28 LMC. Mana shouldnt be a problem as i never run out of mana.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sounds like a solid mana machine hehe. I would personally try for a little more lmc but that should be really good. I find that i use attunment, and gift of renewl the most. The one major drawback i find with spellweaving is the wait timer on some spells. Gets frustrating when your shield gets sucked up and you got to wait a few mins to get it back. Oh and gift of life should always be on, in case of an unfournete demise you can res up immediatly. Also I do belive that compassion virtue applies to this res. I also highly highly suggest trying to get into wraith form for some peerless. (Lady melisande in particular) At the end you can wod her non stop with the wraith form mana leech. My group usually take 3 weavers and when hitting her for 500+ wods we finish her with non of the ending spawn. Good luck and I hope spellweaving works out for you, I am forever bound to its magiks. [​IMG]
  5. Zalan

    Zalan Crazed Zealot
    Governor Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jul 13, 2005
    Likes Received:
    I`ve been trying for awhile now for a Good Melee dps template with spellweaving. Can`t say I have had any sucess yet ><
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I run a 4x120 bard with 120 mage and weave. I have a little tip for using word of death at the end of peerless that many may or may not know about.

    I carry necro stuff to go wraith, and leave the bloodwood spirit on my weaver, when in wraith form, with my sdi stuff and arcane empowerment I leech back all of my mana that I use. only 10 spirit speak from the bloodwood spirit leeches back all of the mana, however with sdi and arcane empowerment I do around 600 damage per wod, just food for though.
  7. Like Wu said, any sort of character can benifit from spellweaving.

    My bard has:
    115 Music
    115 Provoke
    110 Magery
    100 Resist
    100 Meditation
    And about 80 EI and Spellweaving

    Several of her skills are boosted by ability enhancing jewels as well. But having a level 4 or 5 focus makes her provoke skills almost uneccesary. She usually uses an ogre lord of some kind and spams a lot of essence of wind and nature's fury. You can annihilate the lower levels of champion spawns by yourself in just a couple of minutes with that template. The upper levels are easily handled by provoking. The problem is, she can't finish the champ alone.

    My mage is simply 6x120 (eventually, still working on scroll collection) magery, EI, med, resist, wrestling and spellweaving. With a suit very similar to the one described earlier (I have only 95% LRC, 12 mana regen, but 40% LMC), I never run out of mana and thus have fun with spellweaving.

    My human warrior, having learned a trick with gift of renewal, is about to do the spellweaving quest, but won't add any real points to the skill. Instead, he'll use a bunch of friends with no skill to get a high level focus (easy to find others with no spell weaving), cast gift of renewal on himself, then run head first into spawns that he wouldn't dream of running into without a plan right now. That tactic works like a charm for my mage (the one I just described).

    I also have a friend who uses spellweaving on his archer simply out of laziness. He casts nature's fury in order to get the spawns working on something, then doesn't have to run around while he makes a new pin cushion.

    Honestly, I wouldn't try a champion or peerless without someone who has spellweaving.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Okay so you dont have med or eval on your Bard. That is good to know cause i do have a 4x 120 bard. I can get her a awesome 100 lrc resist suit with high mana regen no problem. I will start working on it. Thanks Pirate
  9. Ya, Eval does jack for spell weaving so no reason to use it unless you have magery. I've seen a weaver bard or two and was pretty impressed. Try it.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have this suit, brightsight, pendant of magi, rune beetle carapace, stitchers mittens, spell woven britches, boom stick, vesper choas shield, sdi/fcr/fc/lrc ring and bracelet, nice sleeves. I think that's about it, I do have kasa of rajin and nice gorget that I can switch out.

    sometimes I run out of mana, but I pick my battles.

    A nice trick to learn is to have a macro set up to cast invis...

    And say a UOAssist macro set to your mouse wheel to use provoke.

    I cast invis, then roll my mousewheel, and target each target for my provoke attempt, then the invis cursor pops up within a second of my last targeted provoke... so pass or fail I'm about to go invis with a little click of my target self macro.

    It helps out allot for working in dangerous spots.... I use it to voke twin paragon ballys, a cu sidhe I've lured to the swamp in twisted weald to take out a discorded irk when I'm fetching dread keys, for the last room in the citadel for that orange key, you name it.
  11. Anyone run a Mage Necro Arcanist with no Eval?

    Trying to think up a good one for my brother. He doesn't play nearly as much as I do and I need (to exploit) him for an arcane circle. The purpose of the character is that she's a scribe with necromancy. It's part of her rp so I can't give that up.

    With Crystalline, Bloodwood Spirit, and Spellwoven that'll give 20 magery, 20 focus, 10 med, 10 ss, and 5 necro so I figure:

    120 Magery
    100 Inscription
    120 Med
    100 Necromancy
    120 Spirit Speak
    100 Spellweaving
    100 Resist

    *5 Points left over.

    It's between Resist and Eval and I figure Resist would be best. Most of the killing would be done with EV's and Nature's Fury's anyway. You already got your direct damage from Poison Strikes and Whither and you still get the Magery utility spells like inivis, heal, cure, teleport, recall, gate, and EV's.

    120 Magery / 100 Inscription is a must for any serious scribing.

    Anyone else run something similar? Something without Eval?
  12. phantomB

    phantomB Guest

    no eval?

    were you planning on actually killing anything?
  13. I don't have Eval... but I'm not casting at things, I just summon random crap and hide because I am 1) lazy and 2) sneaky.

    You WILL need meditation! Chain summoning NF's and EV's will drain you like a sieve. Spellweaving will make you crave MR items like mad. WoD, Wildfire, etc. all chew mana.
  14. I agree that spellweaving is a serious drain on Mana but I don't seem to have any issues really. Having med and focus is great! I am continuously casting and never have mana problems. I use a spell casting SOB with the following....

    Magery 120 (100 real)
    Eval 120
    Spirit Speak 110 (100 real)
    Necro 120 (100 real)
    Spellweaving 100
    Med 100
    Focus 120 (100 real)

    Have a sick amount of skill points added through items and I love it!
    Seriously though, animating the dead corpses has to be the most fun thing ever in this game!
  15. imo for a tamer it's a waste since it has sufficient skill to put on magery and eva int, which is overall better.
    with a mage is a waste too (imo) because you can't do 2 spells in the same moment, flamestrie it's better than wod and vortex are much better than spellweav. evocations, in addition spellweav. bonuses advantages warrior (or archers)

    imo spellweaving is usefull because it takes much less skill points of magery+ eva int to do considerable damage with WoD and some other minor, but significant, bonuses (usefull in pvp too)

    i think it suits well for an archer (or maybe a warrior) is better... need SoS +25 and a high stats increase armor.

    Mt archer-spellweaver (elven) has:

    100 str
    120 dex (i use potions to reach 150)
    70 int (100 mana)

    lmc is 39 fc 2 mana reg 6 i use jewels for a +36 skill (and hci capped with divine fury) but if you have an old accouut it's feasible too

    120 archery
    120 tact
    120 ana
    90 heal
    65 chiv
    100 resspell
    110-120 spellweav
    20 focus (optional)

    very fun to play
  16. few templates that I run with

    mage weaver necro
    120 mage med eval necro Spirit speak and weave

    Sick champ spawner can also hold own in raid just have to be careful about the lack of resist spells and have trap box on you at all times.
    Crazy dmg once you can cast WOD on champ ....drops like a trammy at yew gate in wraith form never run out of mana ( sometimes need wisp up to regen but for the most part you don't have to worry )

    Mage tamer Weaver

    120 Mage Med Tame Vet Lore Weaver

    Do the whole tank thing gift of renewal on the pet so you can stand back and heal with magery and then once the baddie is down you can WOD ( great for swoops and other higher end baddies travesty mel whatever ) Less dmg from spells but thats why you have pets!!

    PVP mage

    120 Mage med eval Weave Resist and either 120 wrestle or 100 scribe with 20 focus

    120 wrestle is better for evasion unless you are running with a mage weapon and your never casting WOD really just the area affect spells so its a bit of a waste to go to 120 but I did and its good to have and if you need to do high dmg ( red ganking a champ ( final hit on a champ ) its handy to know you won't fail
  17. My template, for pvm ^^

    Bushido 120
    Tactics 120
    Anatomy 120
    Mace 120
    SW 120
    Necro 40
    Chivalry 80

    Totem (HCI + str)
    Heart of lion (resist + dci)
    Fey Leggs (dci)
    Nobility (Di)
    lmc 7 mi 8 resist gorget
    Lmc 8 high resist sleeves
    1 3 hci 15 lmc 5 + fire resist ring
    Ornament (2/3 lmc 10%)
    Void (lmc 10%)
    15 10 fc 1 verite shield
    +2 pr Verite Cloak

    Diamond Mace DI 40 SSI 25% HLD 26 HMl 45% HLL 40%

    Parowy Swamp :p

    70s resist
    fc 4 fcr 6
    lmc 40
    dci 50 hci 45

    Stat (elf), with +25 sos, and i usually use str + dext greter pot
    125 (hp)

    I enjoy myself a lot: i dont like parry, no fun, so i put on Sw.. With every spell (especially when i can cast 4-5 level Arcane Focus) i can survive to the most different situation: i have tryed paroxy, no problems, i will try soon other boss [​IMG]
  18. Chameleon

    Chameleon Guest

    For resisting spells, Is there any significant difference between..

    1) 100 & 110
    2) 110 & 115?

    I see many templetes posted here with just GM resist spell. is it enough?
    want to see if it's worth investing the extra points into resist spell or just throw them into spellweave. [​IMG]