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Spellbook reports.

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by imported_xStrikerx, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. After turning in over 10,000 spellbooks to the library, I decided to post some data. I only kept spellbooks with a super slayer mod or 3 mods. About 8000 spellbooks were crafted with 110 real magery and 100 inscription, the rest were crafted with 100+ real magery (110 with jewelry) and 95+ inscription. All spellbooks were crafted w/o a talisman (50% create/5% execptional). Even at the 5% exceptional rate, I appeared to create 10-20 exceptional books per 120 (8-16%); never had less than 8 at 110/100 skills.

    Scrolls used: about 150,000

    Super Slayers:
    2 Arachnid
    2 Demon
    2 Elemental
    4 Repond (1 also had +5 intelligence)
    0 Reptile
    1 Undead
    No other mods on super slayers other than the 1 Repond.

    Books with 3 properties: about 85
    Only recieved 1 spellbook with 3 skill mods (+11 magery/med/eval). Much rarer than super slayers but they do exist.

    If there is a statistic I passed over that you would like info on, I'll try to estimate my result. I encourage others to keep approximate results of their crafting and post them here. May the RNG be on your side.
  2. Well I've recently started up my scribe for a friend who wanted a demon and undead slayer for doom. I've been through more than 10k scroll with

    115 magery
    100 scribe
    tali w/ 15 except bonus/16 reg bonus

    And I've made WAY more 3 mod books than superslayers. I've made about 15 three mod books and just one elemental and 2 reptile so far. None of the super slayers have mods on them. I'm tempted now for myself to make a full set of super slayer books. A lot of time but it may be worth it in the end.
  3. You can get an Undead slayer book from one of the new player quests in New Haven.