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[Discussion] ~~ Spring Clean-up turn-in's/rewards/locations list ~~

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by Lord Kynd, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. Lord Kynd

    Lord Kynd Guest

    not sure exactly where to post this, so sorry in advance for x-posting

    ~~~~ Turn Ins: ~~~

    Holiday & Valentine Gifts--50pts
    Holiday Cards
    Holiday Trees
    Holiday Tree Deeds
    Candy Cane
    Pile of Snow / Glacial Snow
    Holiday Bells
    Holiday Candles
    Holiday Statue
    Holiday Wreath
    Holiday Timepiece
    Valentine Cards
    Rose in a Vase
    Red Velvet Box (NOTE: this is for the container ONLY. If you turn in a box with stuff in it you'll still only get 50 points.)
    Stuffy Animals
    Gift Boxes
    IOU Cake card
    Halloween Candy
    Champagne Glass
    Halloween Pumpkins
    Anniversary Gifts--50pts
    10th Anniversary Fireworks Wand
    9th Anniversary Coin
    Mondain coin
    Anniversary cakes
    Mini-House Deeds
    Jaana’s Hangover Remedy
    Easter Eggs
    Birthday bells
    Fireworks Wands
    Crystal and Shadow House Deco Items--100pts
    Skull of Greed (Barracoon)--100pts
    Grobu’s Fur--100pts
    SOS and MIBs--100pts
    Powerscrolls 105--100pts
    Treasure Map--100pts
    Adeptly Drawn
    Copper Shilling--100pts
    Ophidian Rations--100pts
    Recipe Scrolls--100pts
    Paragon Chests--100pts
    Melisande's Fermented Wine--100pts
    Orcish Kin Masks--100pts
    Evil Orc Helm--100pts
    Tribal Rewards--100pts(each)
    Tribal Berries
    Tribal Spears
    Tribal Masks (colored)
    Cleverly Drawn Treasure Map--200pts
    Artifacts Level 1 and 2--200pts
    Clockwork Assembly--200pts
    Power Crystal--250pts
    Bag of Sending--250pts
    Trammel/Felucca Moonstones--250pts
    Music Gear--250pts
    Resolve's Bridle--250pts
    Hag Quest--250pts(each)
    Moonfire Brew
    Grizelda’s Hangover Cure
    Legacy Stealables--250pts(each)
    Paint and Brush
    Horse Shoe
    Forged Metal
    Wire (iron, silver, gold copper)
    SoS/MiB Pre-Chest Loot--250pts
    Brightly Colored Eggs--250pts
    Ophidian Orders--250pts
    Slippery Snake Skins--400pts
    Item Identification Wand/Staff--500pts
    Glacial Staff--500pts
    Book of Truth--500pts
    Plague Beast Cores--500pts
    Daily Rares--500pts(each)
    Empty basket
    Fruit Basket
    Large rocks
    Small rock
    Artifacts Level 3 and 4--500pts
    Twilight Lanterns--500pts
    Powerscrolls 110--500pts
    Stats Scroll +5--500pts
    Leviathan Minor Artifacts--500pts
    Deviously Drawn Treasure Map--500pts
    Paragon Minor Artifacts--500pts
    Ingenious Map Minor Artifacts--500pts
    Special Fishing Net--500pts
    Silver Crown--500pts
    Power Weapon--650pts
    Magincia Rubble--800pts
    Full Jars--1,000pts
    Golden Skulls--1,000pts
    Peerless Boss Rewards--1,000pts(each)
    Giant Mushrooms
    Dreadhorn Head (pristine and mangled)
    Dreadhorn horn
    Grizzled Tombstones
    Collection of skulls
    Glob of the Grizzle
    Monstrous Grizzle Maggots
    Shimmering Crystals
    Shimmering Effusion Statuette
    Corporeal Brume Statuette
    Sweat of Paroxysmus
    String of Parts
    Paroxysmus’ Dinner
    Paroxysmus’ Corroded Stein
    Travesty’s Collection of Shells
    Travesty’s Fine Teakwood Tray
    Tragic Remains of Travesty
    Travesty’s Sushi Preparations
    Special Hair Dye
    Corroded Hatchet
    Eternally Corrupt Tree
    Artifacts Level 5--1,000pts
    Powerscrolls 115--1,000pts
    Stats Scroll +115--1,000pts
    Ingeniously Drawn Treasure Map--1,000pts
    Vanquishing Weapon--1,000pts
    Skull of Power(Rikktor)--1,500pts
    Skull of Venom(Mephitis)--1,500pts
    Skull of Pain(Semidar)--1,500pts
    Skull of Death(Neira)--1,500pts
    Artifacts Level 6--2,000pts
    Stats Scroll +15--2,000pts
    Mystic Weapon--2,000pts
    Obsidian Blade--2,500pts
    Chaos Shield (from Vanguard)--2,500pts
    Ophidian Journals--2,500pts
    Staff of Pyros--2,500pts
    Vorpal Blade--2,500pts
    Artifact Level 7--3,500pts
    Powerscrolls 120--3,500pts
    Stats Scroll +20--3,500pts
    Ophidian Weapon (Power)--3,500pts
    Ghoul Statuette--5,000pts
    Artifact Level 8--5,000pts
    Fabled Fishing Net--5,000pts
    Ancient SOS--5,000pts
    Cursed Artifacts--5,000pts
    Ophidian Weapon (Vanquishing)--5,000pts
    Stats Scroll +25--7,500pts
    Artifact Level 9--7,500pts
    Ophidian Weapon (Mystic)--7,500pts
    Skull of Enlightenment(Oaks)--10,000pts
    Anti-Virtue Dungeon Non-Artifact Items--10,000pts
    10th anniversary sculpture
    10 anniversary map
    Ankh pendant
    Gorget of Honesty
    Legs of Honor
    Sollerets of Sacrifice
    Breastplate of Justice
    Arms of Compassion
    Artifacts Level 10 and 11--10,000pts
    Major Tokuno Artifacts--10,000pts
    Berserker's Scythe--10,000pts
    Gold Sovereign--10,000pts
    Artifacts Level 12--25,000pts
    Sea Horse--25,000pts
    Ghost Anchor--25,000pts
    Ophidian Berserker's Bardiche--25,000pts
    Inavlis's Burchete--2,000,000pts

    ~~~ REWARDS ~~~

    Shirt: "I survived the Ophidian War"--1,000pts
    Shirt: "I survived the snakes on the plains"--1,000pts
    Shirt: "I saved the day and all I got was this fancy shirt"--1,000pts
    Shirt: "Free Ricardo!"--1,000pts
    Shirt: "Hang Ricardo!"--1,000pts
    Shirt: "Magincia Pride"--1,000pts
    Shirt: "Minax is #1"--1,000pts
    Shirt: "Council of Mages are #1"--1,000pts
    Shirt: "True Britannians are #1"--1,000pts
    Shirt: "Shadowlords are #1"--1,000pts
    Nocturne Earrings--5,000pts
    Virtue Tiles (each)--10,000pts
    honesty west
    honesty north
    compassion west
    compassion north
    justice west
    justice north
    valor west
    valor north
    spirituality west
    spirituality north
    honor west
    honor north
    humility west
    humilty north
    sacrifice west
    sacrifice north
    Sherry the Mouse Statue--10,000pts
    Yucca Tree--15,000pts
    Horse Barding--20,000pts (each)
    **Scroll of Alacrity--20,000pts
    Snake Skin Boots--20,000pts
    RBG Sash (Blue)--30,000pts
    RBG Sash (Yellow)--30,000pts
    RBG Sash (Red)--30,000pts
    RBG Sash (Green)--30,000pts
    RBG Sash (Orange)--30,000pts
    RBG Sash (Purple)--30,000pts
    RBG Sash (White)--30,000pts
    RBG Sash (Black)--30,000pts
    Dragon Head--50,000pts (each)
    Nest with eggs--50,000pts
    Mouse Hole--60,000pts
    Fire Pit--75,000pts
    Archery Butte--80,000pts(each)
    Knight's Close Helm--100,000pts
    Knight's Norse Helm--100,000pts
    Knight's Plate Helm--100,000pts
    Knight's Bascinet--100,000pts
    Knight's Gorget--100,000pts
    Knight's Gloves--100,000pts
    Knight's Arms--100,000pts
    Knight's Legs--100,000pts
    Knight's Breastplate--100,000pts
    Knight's Breastplate (Female)--100,000pts
    Sorceror Armor (each piece)--100,000pts
    Scout Armor (each piece)--100,000pts
    Luck Ring--150,000pts
    Luck Bracelet--150,000pts

    ~~~ LOCATIONS OF NPC'S ~~~

    Community collection box (where to put your tickets/claim rewards)
    Located with Onoe the Soldier Britain

    ~~ Makiko the Samurai
    Zento, Rokuon Cultural Center, 1st Floor
    Ophidian Journals
    Ophidian Orders

    ~~ Lozat the Numismatist
    Britain (Trammel), East Britain Bank
    Copper Shilling
    Silver Crown
    Gold Sovereign

    ~~ Calaid the Soldier
    Britain (Trammel), North guard tower at Castle Britannia entrance
    Siege: Guard tower southwest of West Britain Bank
    Ophidian Rations
    Slippery Snake Skins

    ~~ Onoe the Soldier
    Britain (Trammel), South guard tower at Castle Britannia entrance
    Siege: Guard tower southwest of West Britain Bank

    Cursed Artifacts
    Magincia Rubble
    Staff of Pyros
    Vorpal Blade
    Magical Weapons (Power, Vanquishing, Mystic)
    Ophidian Weapons (Power, Vanquishing, Mystic)
    Berserker’s Scythe
    Ophidian Berserker’s Bardiche
    Invalis’s Burchete

    in front of the Jeweler's shop in Britain.
    Skull of Greed
    Artifacts Level 3 and 4
    Recipe Scrolls
    Paragon Chests
    Melisande's Fermented Wine
    Orcish Kin Masks
    Evil Orc Helm
    Tribal Rewards
    Clockwork Assembly
    Power Crystal
    Bag of Sending
    Trammel/Felucca Moonstones
    Music Gear
    Resolve's Bridle
    Hag Quest
    Legacy Stealables
    Item Identification Wand/Staff
    Glacial Staff
    Book of Truth
    Plague Beast Cores
    Daily Rares
    Full Jars
    Golden Skulls
    Peerless Boss Rewards
    Skull of Power(Rikktor)
    Skull of Venom(Mephitis)
    Skull of Pain(opps )
    Skull of Death(Neira)
    Skull of Enlightenment(Oaks)

    EVERYTHING ELSE: Yonns the Collector, behind West Brit Bank by the Artist's Guild.(holiday,Anniversary Gifts,Crystal and Shadow House Deco Items,etc.. )

    hope this helps someone
  2. SeaCaptain

    SeaCaptain Guest

    Is this with the 3rd release of the spring cleaning? If so have any stats on the new armour pieces?
  3. Lord Kynd

    Lord Kynd Guest

    yah, my bad i saw the pub release notes and got excited and jumped the gun a tad bit.

    The Sorceror Armor has the following per-piece stats:
    Intelligence Bonus 1
    Lower Reagent Cost 10%
    7% Each Resist
    When the entire set is worn, Sorceror Armor gives the following total stats:
    Lower Reagent Cost 100%
    Lower Mana Cost 5%
    Mana Regen 2%
    Defense Chance Increase 10%
    Intelligence Bonus 12 (total)
    70 each resist (total)
    The Scout Armor has the following per-piece stats:
    Dexterity Bonus 1
    7% Each Resist
    When the entire set is worn, Scout Armor gives the following total stats:
    Hit Chance Increase 10%
    Damage Increase 10%
    Mana Regen 2%
    Hit Point Regen 2%
    Dexterity Bonus 12 (total)
    70 each resist (total)
    Scout Armor is a Studded Leather set and does not allow Meditation