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Spring Cleaning Items - Artifacts, rares, and more!

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Trade' started by Zolaf, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Zolaf

    Zolaf Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 10, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Huge Item Sale - Artifacts, rares, and more!

    This is stuff I have found in my house and decided that I no longer need or want. All prices are negotiable. I have attempted to match or beat all prices I could find on these items. As they are sold items will be deleted from this list. I check icq far more often than this site so I prefer that method of contact 275-149-026. For your convenience I have seperated these into an expensive (1m+) and a less expensive (<1m) and a deeded item group.

    More Expensive (1m+):
    10magery 10resist spells scrappers - 25mil obo
    ethy swampy - 5mil obo
    "torso of andre" (old item) - 20mil obo
    "green surcoat" - 4mil obo
    coal colored plate sleeves - offer
    nest (thanksgiving item) - 2mil obo
    "spilled flour" - offer
    Palm Tree Gray Rubble - 40mil obo (rarer than normal color?)
    Conjurer's Garb - 8.5mil obo
    dread's revenge - 1mil
    0.6 animal taming SoT - 6mil obo
    The Redeemer – 1mil
    Primer of arms talisman – 2mil
    Talisman of the fey (rep form) – 2mil obo
    Talisman of the fey (ferret form) – 2mil obo
    Midnight bracers – 2.75mil
    Blade of insanity – 1mil
    Staff of the magi – 2mil
    Brace of health – 2mil
    Leggings of bane – 1.75mil
    Quiver of infinity – 1mil
    Keeonean’s chain mail – 1mil
    Voice of the fallen – 1.5mil
    Berserker’s maul – 1mil
    Song woven mantle – 1mil
    Jester hat of chuckles (150 luck) – 3mil
    Blackthorn’s kryss – arachnid – 1.5mil
    Dyrad bow 5+ archery – 1mil
    Farie fire bow – 2mil

    Less Expensive (<1m):
    furny dye tub - 40k
    special dye tub - 40k
    black dye tub - 40k
    leather dye tub – 100k
    black dye tub (anyone can use) – 250k obo
    gold "metal box"es - 250k ea
    travesty remains – 50k
    leggings of embers – 100k
    ancient samuri helm (blue) – 100k
    rubble ferns (gray and regular) - offer
    a codex of virtue deed, Mailbox, silver sapling deed - 90k ea
    stormgrip, carapace, darkened sky, horselord, kasa rajin - 750k ea
    swords prosperity, wind's edge, sword of the stampede - 750k ea
    melisande's corroded hatchet - 700k
    cloaks of corruption (use the threads on them!) - 300k ea
    pumpkin scarecrow, ruined tapestry - 250k
    toku minor dyes (noble gold, deep brown, light green, burnt brown) - 200k ea
    toku minor dyes (silver, chaos blue, pale blue, fresh rose) - 500k ea
    old plants – 600k obo ea
    vampire bats (black or reg) – 400k ea
    Lucky necklace – 400k
    Taskmaster – 500k
    Holy sword – 600k
    Spell woven britches – 350k
    Ornate crown of the harrower – 100k
    Serpent’s fang – 750k

    Deeded Items (make offers on these items):
    bone couch (x 2)
    disturbing portrait (x 3)
    creepy portrait (x 2)
    unsettling portrait (x 2)
    broken bookcase
    hearth of the home fire (x 3)
    Replica of the Lord British's Throne - Museum Of Vesper
    a spiderweb deed
    bed of nails
    fountain (x 2)
    bone throne (x 2)
    bone table
    sacrificial altar
    cherry blossum tree
    haunted mirror (x 2)
    hanging swords
    chaos tile deed 3mil obo
    a brown bear trophy deed