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spring is near kill snakes

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by kalzaketh, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. kalzaketh

    kalzaketh Guest

    :hug: hehe, I love spring but hate ophidians more than I love spring,having acusidhe that is nearing it's baby training, I resorted to alesser camped hunting ground at papua the terathon keep entrance, the snakepeople will share their special little items that can be turned in for spring cleaning points, friday is spring guysbuild piles and points hopefully best of luck to all, I'm still spitting knight errant blood from the invasionI didn't have anice puppy then my thanks to bardies tamer for that gift:bowdown: spring cleaning is near hurry hurry kill the snake ppl.:hahaha:
  2. Deb

    Deb Guest

    Cool...I must have missed the announcement that we are having another
    spring cleaning this year. Kal, can you point me in the direction of it?
    Thanks in advance.
  3. kalzaketh

    kalzaketh Guest

    as yet, the dev's havn't comitted, I found it mildly odd to have killed an avenger, and looted what looked alot like arecurved bow, to my extreme surprise, when moused over it said aslippery snakeskin the higher fame\karma of the kill the more rations you find, to this time no matriarch's as the queen is to fearful to be drawn away from her spawnsite,I thought aword to the wise may help others on any turnins this year afriend managed to get the scout armour last time,I'm hoping we get areturn of the mage suit myself.:)