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Spring Sprwwwung with Fun at the Festival!!

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Queen Mum, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Queen Mum

    Queen Mum Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 13, 2008
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    *If anyone has pictures from any of the events, please feel free to post them ... :)

    The Spring Festival kicked off on Friday night with a Crafter's Auction packed with handmade items and much needed crafting resources. To the bidders delight many items started with no minimum bids and others were started with 'deep discount rates'. And throughout the evening the wonderful Lady Dame Judi called out for winners with over 20 door prizes to be given away.

    After the closing bid of the "Unknown Contents" box which held 3 checks for 1 Million each it was discovered the Crafter's Auction brought in more than 30 Million in gold and to the delight of all it was announced that the proceeds would go to help support the Royal Zoo in Moonglow! Along with the 30 Million being donated to the Zoo to help maintain full capacity for as long as decaying possible, two rewards from the points that would be earned were donated to the Petting Zoo and are on display for all to enjoy!


    *Gold will be added as needed to the Royal Britannian Zoo contribution box in Moonglow. Considering how fast the decay rate is, it was suggested to add as needed when it is about to drop a Tier. Donations are still needed directly to the box so we will have a full Zoo for a longer period of time ...


    Saturday events were packed with fun from Crafters being on hand to help repair items, and if possible fill special orders, to the special UO Trivia Contest held on the stage area above the New Haven Warriors Guild. The trivia questions were all New & Old Haven related and some left players stumped for the answers! However, everyone did manage to receive a worthy prize check...

    After the UO Trivia Contest, the group headed to the east farmer fields in Old Haven where many thorns were planted and Vorpal Bunnies popped out to play with fighters, mages and pets ....

    Then the Archers Competition got underway where the highest and lowest scores brought together 3 teams to compete for the final best Team Shooters of SpringFest '09 ... Cymoril & Baroness Bor Dom came in 3rd place with 15 points... Stanley & Amber came in second with 55, and Elf Sandy with Thump came in 1st. Each team won gold and earned lots of cheers from the crowd including EM Lubku & EM Brianna.


    After the Archer fun in the distance boat motors were humming and off to the shoreline everyone headed to prepare for the race around the island! 12 boats headed off hoping they would make it back to the starting point first without ramming the others ....

    Thumper arrived first and docked and then ran to the finish line boat where he was greeted with a rally of congrats. Takano rounded the bend and was 2nd to the finish line followed closely by Miri. But for some reason Miri was trapped on the boats and desperately tried to jump and swimg to shore ... she dove quickly but was beaten by Elf Sandy for 3rd place, Miri was awarded a bakers dozen of fresh cookies for all her hard work and patience!


    Sunday was met with Capt'n EM Rumbelly's Deep Sea Fishing Adventure where 6 teams headed off on their boats to catch the heaviest fish of the day. Laughter, music, and lots of drinks were helping the participants enjoy the 2 hours of fishing while trying to catch the best fish of all!! Rumor has it that one of the crew members was being held captive until a fish was caught! Turns out the team that had Alcoholic captive came in 2nd place with a whopping 138lb fish caught by Sirena but, it was one stone lighter then the winning greenishblue fish caught by Sadie which weighed 139lbs!!


    Both fish were mounted by Capt'n EM Rumbelly and are on display at the Museum of Player Rewards in Malas.

    [​IMG] ...... [​IMG]

    After the Deep Sea Fishing Adventure it was time to wrap up the day and SprigFest '09 with the Home & Garden Deco Tour. While touring the homes entered for judging by the three off shard guest judges (from Lake Superior, Baja, & Pacific) the winners were announced ...

    Spring Garden Deco Category...

    1st Place Spring Garden was awarded to Nexus for Spring Has Sprung! Winning 1 Million gold!


    2nd Place Spring Garden was awarded to Zavi Torgal for The Magincia Memorial Gardens. Winning 500k in gold!


    Spring Home Deco Category...

    1st Place Spring Home Deco awarded to Ta'mar for Ta'mar's Place and wins 1 Million in gold!


    2nd Place Spring Home Deco awarded to Leila for KMR Stables and wins 500k in gold!


    The Most outstanding Spring Home & Garden Deco .... awarded to Darkon Riker for KmR Playground. Winning 2 Million in gold!


    Special thanks to our special guest judges, PAS for letting us use the Karns/PAS Community Hall for the Auction and a big thank you to everyone who participated in the Sonoma SpringFest '09. Whether as a helper, a crafter, a buyer, a contestant, an on looker... Sonoma is still the best of the best!