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Stamina Regen a must?

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by jakkson, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. jakkson

    jakkson Guest

    Is Stamina Regen really that important on a Paladin since Divine Fury pretty much takes care of it?

    What is the minimum a Paladin Dexxer suit should include in regards to stamina regen?
  2. keeping your stamina high ranks pretty high in survivability. as it governs your attack speed and mobility, you want to not let it fall below 80% ideally.

    relying on divine fury works if you have very high mana regen, otherwise it means you'll be casting it over any other ability, and you'll always be low in mana, not to mention at a defensive disadvantage due to lowering your defensive chance.

    a stamina leech weapon is probably the best option, as it does return a large ammount of stamina, it's only disadvantage is fighting high resist foes, you won't get any decent leeching, and will put you in your place unless you have a backup. mobs generally have a low resist, players generally don't.

    stamina regen properties are a good backup to a stamina leech weapon, albeit slow. however, stacked beyond 12 is pretty noticable, and you will rarely need divine fury to refresh when complemented with a leeching weapon when fighting high resist foes.. there are more vital armor properties like resists and defense chance, and i'd prefer stamina increase over the regen. mana regen is a better choice too.

    focus isn't a great option, as there are many more effective use of skill points, however, it will regen stamina and mana passively, and works well in conjunction with non-med armors. i wouldn't recommend it much, though i have a character on siege that uses it, and it is vastly underrated given limited equipment ratings.
  3. jakkson

    jakkson Guest

    Thank you for your help...more questions arise from your posts:

    As you seem to think focus is a waste of skill points (and I am currently running with 120 focus) is meditation a better option when using meddable armor?

    My suit currently stacks 6 SR and 4 MR; should I drop SR and opt for more Mana regen?

    What is the minimum acceptable level for DCI?

  4. The minimum DCI for me is max DCI. Getting hit less is good.

    Focus isn't a bad skill to have if you have non medable armor, but with medable armor, I'd stick with meditation and use the other methods for stamina regeneration.

    Myself, I have focus on my template because I use the darkwood suit and focus makes a great "what do I do with these extra skill points?" skill. I'm still thinking about changing my suit to make it medable or increase the mana regeneration to higher levels. But for now, focus wins for me.