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Star Wars Galaxies: Game Update 9 - April 30, 2009

Discussion in 'SWG General Discussion' started by BadgerSmaker, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. BadgerSmaker

    BadgerSmaker Guest

    Star Wars Galaxies: Game Update 9 <--- Click here for more info on the update.

    Publish Notes, April 30, 2009


    Structures Trader: Eight new player structures have been added - six redesigned windowed versions of existing structures; two completely new structure designs (one large and one small.) All eight new structures can be colored by the owner when using a Structure Customization Kit from inside the structure.

    Domestics Trader: We added a 50 item wearable container named 'Pouch Belt.' This new item is craftable by all Domestic Traders with Domestic Mastery V. We also added additional colors to many tailor clothing schematics.

    Traders: The maximum crate stack size of several schematics have been increased.

    Collections: Three new collections are available; Square-Cut Green, Round-Cut Red and Round-Cut Purple Gem collections.

    Ships: Tweaked a number of stats for the Y-Wing, Y-Wing Longprobe, B-Wing, Tie-Bomber, Tie/In, Dunelizard, Kimogila, Ixiyan and the Rihxyrk to bring them into balance with other ships.

    Special Community Requests: Increased XP gain for Quests, Combat kills, and Missions.
  2. Edaun

    Edaun Guest

    I like what they did to the increased XP gains...I finally managed to get my main to CL90, after only a two year stint at CL84. :)

    The COMPNOR bonus was increased about 2k (more than the 5% I was getting last week) and the XP for kills went up a couple hundred for kills 1-3 levels below me. It was pretty nice for my last day of grinding, I must say.

    I have yet to try looting some of the various ship components, which seems to have been delightfully balanced.

    Maybe I'll get to that after this weekend.

  3. BadgerSmaker

    BadgerSmaker Guest

    Glad to hear that you liked the XP increase, I thought it was rather minor myself. Were you using the 15% XP increase buff from Entertainers at all?
  4. ClanBeviin

    ClanBeviin Guest

    Where can I find pictures of the new structures? It's hard to picture what they look like when I'm looking at a deed...
  5. RainStar

    RainStar Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 20, 2003
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