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Starship terminal??

Discussion in 'SWG General Discussion' started by jadeddragon, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. jadeddragon

    jadeddragon Guest

    Is there a damned Starship Terminal in the starting area? It would really make the fighter quests easier and the rescue the brothers mission is a pain in the ass, I keep killed and/or timed out on the ambush part and have to start it all over again....very annoying.
  2. BadgerSmaker

    BadgerSmaker Guest

    This is the Kallor Brothers mission from the third trainer in the series of quests, correct?

    There are terminals where you can launch your ship in the hanger areas.

    Are you familiar with targetting ship components in order to disable a ship? I understand that with one brother you need to disable his ship by using the [ or ] keys to target the engine or reactor and destroying it.

    The second brother you have to dock with I believe, target him, get within range and press the U button. Then you have to escort him to his hyperspace point.

    Then you have to finish your patrol rather then flying straight back to the station and landing.

    I hope that helps!
  3. jadeddragon

    jadeddragon Guest

    Yes, I rescue the brothers just fine, I escort them just fine, I patrol just fine..but then there is an ambush of 6 fighters as I approach the station. The mission usually times out and has them jump away before I can kill them all. But, none of this answers my original question, is there a Starship terminal at the station...not a space terminal like you use to launch, but a starship terminal where you customize your craft. I have a lot of ship part that would help me kill them all, but no way to put them on my ship. It is annoying.

  4. ClanBeviin2

    ClanBeviin2 Guest

    The terminal that you can use to customize your ship is the same one you use to launch. Instead of clicking on the terminal, call up the radial menu with the ~ key. It's been a while since I was on Tansarii, but using the radial menu will allow you to access the function to customize your craft.