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Starter Story...Please add to this!

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Crystal Canyon, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. The War of Yew Forest

    Brisk winds rattle the tree tops of Yew Forest, seeming to warn anyone that dares to enter, of the warfare that lies within. But, the beauty of this enchanted forest is far more tempting than most curious beings can resist, and lures the unsuspecting…even against their better judgment.

    Upon entering, and at first glance, one would swear they are alone, engulfed in the solitude of pure nature. Little do they realize that amongst the trees, dwell the woodland elves, known to their enemies, as the FFBz Woodland Defenders.

    Young, but aggressive warriors they are, soundlessly stealthing the forest they claim as their own, ready at any moment to inflict torture and bloodshed on anyone who would dare trespass on their beloved ground. Their blades are sharpened, their bows strings drawn, and they lay silently in wait of impending intruders.

    Humans, by nature, heed no warnings when in pursuant of their desires. Nothing is unattainable. Nothing sacred. Life is possessions to them and war promises all possibilities.

    On this dark night, to the north of the Yew Forest, an army of Humans, dubbed the LSN Warriors, gather to layout their plans of destruction. They will seek the FFBz Defenders with vengeance and a blood thirst never before seen in these woods. Seeking their relentless greed of ownership, nothing will be beyond the imagination of this fight. They are well trained, brave… and determined.

    Unbeknown, to either party, on the south side of the forest, a gang of ruthless warriors calling themselves the GTC Scouts, have descended upon Yew, promising to own this land in the end. They reign from a shard far away and have been sent by their King, Lord Thorigan, to devastate the area with malice and mayhem. Their orders given, were to return home victorious, or not to return at all. To these unholy warriors, this is more than just a command, it is their life’s mission, and no amount of bloodshed will detour their quest.

    Even the creatures of the forest seemed to sense a powerful urgency to gain protection on this evening, and only the sound of the wind in the trees continued in the vast darkness. A snapped twig breaks the silence of the night, as an A.V. Warrior steps into the thicket of gnarly vines and wind bent trees.

    What is his mission here? Is he friend or foe and what other warriors are lying in wait to defend…or to destroy?
  2. Hi_im_from_atl

    Hi_im_from_atl Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 20, 2008
    Likes Received:
    With eyes focused on the young inexperienced AV, Hi im from Atl makes his presence known. The AV turned around quickly to meet the mighty warrior. His stomach sank as he took in Lord Atl, in all his malevolent glory. As handsome as he is deadly the young AV was petrified due to fear or the sheer ambiance that exuded from Atl. Suddenly the AV broke from his trance reached for his mystical communication device and uttered OMG OMG!!!111 ATL MY LOCATION NEED HELP ASAP O! M! GGGGG!!… His cries for help were in vain because Lord Atl had advanced on him and with strikes so precise the poor AV only made three steps in retreat. Lord Atl felt a tinge of mild remorse for the poor AV but with the arrival of four more AV he had little time to reflect. Knowing he was outnumbered he mounts his mighty ethy ki rin and takes off in an effort to split some of his attackers apart, they give chase. The mighty Lord ducked into a near by meadow and only Shot was left. Shot, haled as the fastest runner in all the land suddenly realized that he was faced with a one on one situation; just Lord Atl and himself in a duel to the death. Blows were exchanged and Shot soon realized he was no match for the Lord and true to his reputation he turned tail and ran. Atl knowing he would never be able to catch the fastest in the land gave up the chase.

    The Great Lord now took a second to clean his godly kryss and re arrange his beautiful golden locks, when he returned his glance to the horizon he could see galloping horses. From what he could make out it was an army of FFBz apparently the AV had been successful in his cry for help. The Lord quickly turned around only to spot and army of FL advancing from the other direction. “How can this be” he exclaimed “FFBz and FL in cahoots?” The two allies circled him; things are not looking good for our hero. From somewhere in the back of the pack Soldevi yelled something, unfortunately his voice was too raspy from yelling “All Kill”all day and Atl was unable to understand him. Atl scanned his adversaries staring each of them in the eye, he noted a new FFBz member Brenda the Minter, it appears that now all of Luna is in FFBz. As they advanced on him they asked if he had any last words, the magnificent Lord took a deep breath, gathered his thoughts and replied, Kal Ort Por.

    Based on a true story.
  3. Morgaine

    Morgaine Guest

    FFBz looks around at each other, wondering how they could have just lost Atl when he was there in their hands, however with FL running around, it didnt take long to figure out that there would be another time and place to deal with Atl. He will be hunted down and taken care of in time.
    The FFBz Defenders mount up and take off after FL. Running around the dungeon, there were dead AV, dead FL and dead FFBz warriors everywhere. The spells were wizzing over everyone's heads as they rode by the fighting. Everyone scattering trying to avoid certain death. You could hear the screams and swords clashing from everywhere in the dungeon, they echoed off the walls and then it got quiet. Looking around I realize everyone is dead and a few remaining FL run though the sparkles to get away.
    Not wanting to give up and give into FL, people from all guilds run to get rezzed and come back, but the dungeon was now clear. Disappointed, beaten, and bloody some start to leave. As they approach the sparkling exits of the dungeon, a stealther shows up and tells them there is still fighting to be done and she leads them through the sparkles.....
  4. gunneroforgin

    gunneroforgin Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    May 21, 2008
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    gosh ! crystal, you'd think you want someone to continue the story,

    *clears throat*
    The steather is leading the crew to the unground lair of the the acient wrymm. It seem she has given birth to the hundreds of baby dragons. Each seems to have the same nasty characteristics as ther their mother. as the they leave their unground liar they take flight ,circle the the opening and when they get 20 or more in a group, they break off and head towards our fair cities. "We are going to have to kill the dragons one a time as they come to the entrance to the lair." The stealther said.

  5. Intoxication

    Intoxication Guest

    As ancient wryms start to come close the FFBz fighters realize that the stealther was nowhere to be seen. “Where has he gone?” said the leader of the fighters. “I do not know but I fear there are to many wryms for us to take on and this is starting to feel like a trap.” Replied the fighter at the rear of the group.

    They all turned to try to find a way out of this hole that smelled only of death. The air was growing think and it became harder to breath with ever second that passed. Drawing a deep breath the lead of the group felt his way back to where they had came in. In a few steps they were in utter and impenetrable dark. It seems that the sparklys that they had use to enter were now gone. All light had been cut off as the only way out faded away. The air was still, stagnant, heavy, and sound fell dead. Fear was ever heavy on their hearts. Beaten from the fight they had just endured the group knew they either die cowered in the corner or die fighting.

    Not ready to give up, even though death seemed very cretin at this point, they stood in line. Shoulder to shoulder with swords drawn they pushed there way into the wryms. As the large beast stood over them they could feel their breath running down their backs. It was hot and had a stench none of them had ever beheld in their lives. Then one of the smallest of the fighters charged from behind to the front of the line stabbing upwards. The Blade of his mighty sword pierced through the hide and went deep into the vitals of the wrym and his black blood came gushing out. He toppled forward and came crashing down like a falling rock, burying those beneath him. Blackness and stench and crushing pain came upon the small mighty knight, and his mind fell away into a great darkness.

    “So it ends as I guessed it would,” his thoughts said. Then as all hope had left him he felt the great weight lifted off him. Still unable to breath he lifted his head to see that his mighty craw had killed off many of the beasts. The room was still filled with dread and fare as he felt the dead bodies of his fellow men lying beside him. “Are they all dead?” he called as his breath came back to him. “I am not sure it is still to dark to know anything for sure.”

    “We must get out of here.” The small worrier cried as he pulled himself to his feet. “Do we have anyone still alive that knows the arts of magery? Could someone please give us night sight for us to find a way out?”
    “I think they have all been killed. Our numbers have been cut in half but I do have a torch we can try to light to find a way.”
    With the lit torch the remaining of the group found their way over all the dead that lay slain on the floors. Their hearts sank at the thought of leaving their friends dead in this horrible place.

    Spirits lifted high as fresh air could be felt upon their faces………….
  6. Stussywear

    Stussywear Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 13, 2008
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    As he stepped through the glowing blue moongate he looks around at a familiar place. This is Britian, he thinks to himself as he looks around noticing the terrain as he's been here many times before. But for some reason, the houses look much different, as does the smell to the air. He takes a few steps, to try to remember what had happened moments before, to understand where he might be. Just then he remembered. Iwillpoisonyou, a fearsome warrior member of the FFBz from another realm had gotten word that a thug group of trash talking villians had allied to fight his brotheren.

    Cracking his knuckles, and checking the poison on his blade he decided to take a walk around. Just then, 2 members of the dispicable alliance by the names of Sir Pimpz and DemonicWeed rush at the newly arriven warrior as hes taking a few steps from the moongate. Now due to his new arrival, lets just say Iwillpoisonyou is a little jet"lagged" from the trip, and decides to hastily make a retreat to his homeland of Moonglow.

    After taking a moment to recooperate from all that has gone on, DemonicWeed and shortly following him Sir Pimpz come rushing out the gate, with one mission, and one alone... to kill.

    Anger explodes throughout Iwillpoisonyou's entire body as he targets down Demonic.. With critical strikes of percision and brute strength the warrior drops as his Magician friend tries to slow down the new FFBz foe. With well timed bandages and potions to heal throughout the dump of Sir Pimpz, the mighty warrior turns and deals two critical blows, sending the Sir Pimpz running trying to cure himself of the lethal poison. Channeling the spirits to heal him work temporary until he gets a cure off.. he tries to turn to go on the offensive, but Iwillpoisonyou already had another Lethal dosage of poison sending its way back to the bloodstream of Sir Pimpz, and as he stops to attempt a cure, a roar of the blade rumbles past his armor and drops him to the ground.

    Iwillpoison you wipes the sweat off his brow as he looks at the two corpses, but then to his surprise sees Demonic back,who quickly reequipped his items from his previous corpse, as a Mondain Healer has already brought him back to life. He charges at Iwillpoisonyou, surely angry of the defeat of him and his friend... Embarassed that 2 of the lands self proclaimed elite have been dropped by a single soul. He rushes with a lethal strike against him.. Iwillpoisonyou's crafty knowledge of every poison simply shrugs it off as he chugs himself the remedy, quickly returning a blast of deadly nox into Demonic. The familiar sound of his blade ripping through the armor of Demonic, drops him lifeless at his feet.

    A smile creeps onto his face as he looks at now 3 bodies laying near his new home. But all of a sudden Sir Pimpz and both Demonic return for a third time. The jet"lag" starts to return as Iwillpoisonyou can hardly move a step.. But due to crafty healing and use of his potions that he carried handily, he makes it into the saftey of his home. At this time a friend and fellow FFBz Soldevi Arcane shows, and the two exe dissapear without haste.

    Iwillpoisonyou strips his armor off and takes a seat, making himself comfortable hoping that maybe some more of this clan exe will show itself soon, but after a few minutes of waiting, and then of even searching, none were found. Until another day, I suppose, he thinks as a grin sits confidently upon his face.

    *This...Just...Happened.. :)*

    A message from Iwillpoisonyou (FFBz)