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(RP) Starting To Feel Like Home

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Captn Norrington, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. Captn Norrington

    Captn Norrington Stratics Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Stratics Veteran Campaign Supporter The Valorian Knights

    Nov 4, 2012
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    Captain Norrington awoke to the sounds of construction, still quite tired from the stress of the election. He noticed the young Soldier standing before him, then motioned the man to speak with a hand gesture. "Captain, I really do hate to disturb your slumber sir, but Sergeant Lambert sent me here to inform you that the plan is nearly finished" Norrington sat up on his bed with a confused look in his eye, "The Plan?" the soldier replied, "yes sir...are you alright sir?" "OH that plan!" Norrington exclaimed. "well, lets go take a look shall we soldier".
    He stepped outside his makeshift tent and saw a large building, made of the same material as the city of Trinsic's Walls.

    Naval Base.png

    In the distance a voice was heard, "greetings Captain!" yelled an approaching middle aged man with dark hair and a weathered face. "Good to see you again Sergeant Lambert, after we became separated in the election night crowds, I feared I may never see you again!" the captain said with a chuckle. "Ah you know nothing could separate me from your side sir, whether it be a hail of cannon fire, a legion of orcs, or some angry protesters." he said with a grin. "So true old friend, now, what have you been up to all day? this place seems quite busy".

    "That it is sir!, by your order we have begun construction on a new naval base, when we arrived we discovered that there was a citizen of Trinsic who had built his home here." a bit puzzled, Norrington asked "But...if there was a man living here...where did he go? Lambert...you didn't...." the Sergeant immediately replied "No! of course not, you know my pirating and murdering days are over, we simply gave him large bags of gold coins till he agreed to find a new home...always thinking the worst of me ain't ya boss, I be no scallywag any longer". "why yee be laughing sir?" with a smile Norrington said, "your Vesperian accent is showing Lambert" "Ack! you really do know how to push a mans buttons sir" still trying to contain his mirth, Norrington asked "so, is this the Fleet?" "that it is sir!...well...most of it anyways, the rest got hit by a hurricane during the voyage from Yew and will be a tad bit late, unfortunately those ships also contained the majority of the bases furnishings...so our decorations are limited for now, thankfully your vessel survived the journey, there she is sir, the crown jewel of the Valorian Fleet."

    Ship 4.png

    "Ahh good to see her in one piece, good work Sergeant" Norrington said while patting his friend on the back.
    "happy to be of service sir, may I also point out that we have stationed a ship for the cities protection, in the bay. it will have a man keeping watch at all times to ensure no citizens of Trinsic drown while taking a swim".

    Ship 5.png

    "A very good idea!" Norrington replied. "well sir, that's about it for now I know you have duties to attend to, and shall keep you here no longer" Lambert said with a smile. "that I do Lambert, try not to attack anything while im gone eh?" Norrington said with a wink. "ahh but sir, we have all these cannons, and such large walls nearby...the walls...they wont mind a few cannonballs....just joking of course sir, I would never fire upon the walls of Trinsic". "Good to hear sergeant, I just hope Lord Lew and King Blackthorn don't mind us setting up base here, there is still room on the north and southeast sides for citizens to launch boats if they wish". said the Captain. "Ack, ye worry to much boss, we be here in peace anyways, if we weren't those walls right yonder would not be standing still, as naught ken stand against our cannons!" "There you go with that Vesperian accent again Lambert, mayhap we should visit Lady Khaleesi so you can rejoin the Justicar Guard and speak at ease, or even better, Minoc, so you can pick up a few of those nifty sayings from Lord Yosef." the captain could barely contain his laughter. "ye do love to poke fun at me dontcha sir, ahh well, I know you mean it in good fun" "That I do Lambert, I must take my leave, but remember....."

    #1 Captn Norrington, Dec 19, 2013
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2013
  2. QMSoar

    QMSoar Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 12, 2008
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    Let me be the first to welcome you to Trinsic.

    We have talked talked often in game, and I look forward to many more discussions. Your efforts, and those of VK, in the few short days you have been around have been very helpful.

    This is going to be a great thing, and I couldn't be happier to have you here.


    On a side note. I'm aware of the rumors and controversy surrounding Captain Norrington. I'd like to take this opportunity to say that in my direct dealings with him, I have found nothing but a helpful reasonable player.
    I don't involve myself with game drama and do not allow it to taint our very new community in Trinsic. So I would like to request that our friends treat him with the same respect as they treat all citizens of Trinsic, for that is what he most definitely is and deserves.
    #2 QMSoar, Dec 19, 2013
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2013
  3. Lord Atlantic

    Lord Atlantic Adventurer

    Oct 4, 2013
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    Great Story! I look forward in hearing more :)
    Captn Norrington likes this.