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[Necromancy] Starting up a PVP necro mage - have questions!

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by EliteEmpire, May 28, 2015.

  1. EliteEmpire

    EliteEmpire Adventurer

    May 18, 2015
    Likes Received:
    So i decided to make the jump from pure PVP mage dueling to necro mage. Gold isnt an issue, I have set aside 3 billion for the suit and can add more if some super nice pieces come along. So with that said, Id like to ask about necro mages in general and in some specifics.

    120 Magery
    120 Evaluating Intelligence
    120 Necromancy
    120 Spirit Speak
    120 Resisting Spells
    120 Meditation

    That is the last necro mage temp i tried years ago, and i sucked at it. (-15 mage wep for defensive and +15 magery somewhere) BUT my gear also sucked and i wasnt as skilled as I am now with pure mage.

    Is this temp still whats being used? Is there some kind of fancy tech now that incorporates something flashy or useful? Poison or inscription or something? Anatomy so i can go without the mage wep? With all the intensities of the new global loot legendaries, i imagine it would be super easy to knock meditation down to 60ish and put something else on there with some skill mods. I spent a few hours today stalking popular players on myuo, haha, and couldnt find any necro templates, all myst mages or some kind of tamer variant.

    How does it play? Like i said im a pretty good pure mage, not the best by any means, but i outperform your average pvper. Still learning. Without sounding too much like a noob, lol, i should be using omen and poison? Does this make it deadly no matter my poison skill? I mean, what specifically should i be casting in the place of whatever? I guess what im asking since there are different strategies for different foes is what are my mainstay necro spells? I looked at them, they SEEM to be pretty universal in interacting with magery. Maybe someone has a guide or a video i can look at.

    As always, i genuienly appreciate the help, you guys rock.
  2. Lord GOD(GOD)

    Lord GOD(GOD) Lore Master

    Dec 7, 2014
    Likes Received:
    I used to have a huge guide on Necro but no idea where it is now.

    That was the old basic Necro/Mage template yes, however you can get more bang for your buck, for example my current Necro/Mage template (which btw is also 4 years out of date):

    120 Magery
    120 Eval
    100 Resist
    80 Med
    100 Inscribe
    100 Necro
    100 SS

    With 20 Magery & 20 Resist on suit. The reason for this setup aside from the 5% Casting Focus you get from Inscribe is the spell damage boost, FS/Omen combo doing 50 damage against a Cursed target. However, and it may just be because I'm fairly out of practice, I recently duelled two old friends both of who play Nox/Mages and both of who I would consistently beat, and they had a big advantage and won fairly easily. I think this is because over the last few years they seem to have pushed towards classic/pure/old school templates such as the Nox and Parry Mages, etc.

    Before/while you're setting up consider stoning on Taming and bonding a pair of Bake Kitsune's as you can use them with your Summon Familiar - Dark Wolf, you can only give commands while the wolf is up, or after three commands they (probably) go wild.

    I'm a bit torn on this next point... Corpse Skin, I personally don't think many people bother building corpse proof suits anymore due to the rise of Mystics and therefore reduction in Necros, but, by that same measure if people are running legendaries they may be overcapped on all resists anyway.

    Vs casters, try to get them to apple early (use stuff like Mind Rot/Oath), then get Strangle on them. Typical combos Strangle/Corpse Skin/Pain Spike, Omen/Poison, Omen/Mana Vamp, Omen/Parra, FS/Omen (practice this to get the timing right), you can also use Omen after Chain Lightning and get the bonus. Poison Strike for splash damage you can also reveal Stealthers with it. These are JUST the Necro side of it, you should of course mix this up with your already good Mage spellplay. Macro wise I'd recommend keeping the majority of your Mage spells where they normally are and fitting Necro around it.

    Vs dexxers, use everything you can to tip it in your favour because it's pretty skewed. My personal tactics include: standing in a Poison Field so they have to Poison themselves to hit you, Protection (sometimes), Bakes/Bola/Parra spam, Summons, Blood Oath, Mana Vamp (w or without Omen), 100 RPD (a strong favourite), Mind Rot, then standard combos Curse/Corpse, Explode/FS/Poison when their bandage is about to work, Pain Spike to finish, Omen with almost everything.

    Be careful not to Omen/Curse on casters as it'll mean you can't use Weaken/Clumsey/Feeblemind to interrupt. Do use it on dexxers.

    Don't forget you can pre cast Greater Heal while Mortalled/Poisoned and use SS without cancelling the cursor. You can use a Cure pot while casting Greater Heal without it cancelling the cursor.

    Template wise you could do any number of things, Anatomy for no Mage Weapon, Parry because dexxers are ridiculously OP, personally I'm going to be trying to rebuild mine as Parry/Nox.

    There's probably a million other things but that's all I can think of for now. Necro/Mage is very versatile.