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STAT gain bug?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Guest, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have a char with 240 total stat points when naked.
    The char has a stat cap of 255. (+25 stat scroll, +5 AoS reward)
    All three STAT arrows are pointed up.

    The current STAT are 105 - 30 - 105

    The char will not gain any STAT above 240 -- and the displayed cap is 255.

    Is STAT gain currently bugged? After two days with over 40 skill points gains I should have gotten 24 STAT gains....
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Awhile back they made Stat Gains associated with Skills again, like Macing's Primary Stat is STR, that each time you gain in that skill you have 5% chance to gain in the Primary Stat. However, i've heard a rumor that shortly after that, due to people doing the Sesaw Trick to max stats in a few hours like we used to do a long time ago, EA tweaked it a bit. From what i've heard on Stratics and other people, once you gain a Stat, you have to cross a server line to gain in a Stat again. I haven't had to train Stats on chars in a long time, so i don't exactly know if it's 100% true, but have had several people tell me it is.
  3. Pick up a weapon you have no skill in and attack training dummies at least for str, there is a chart floating around what actions gain what stat.

    But that may only work if you are maxed out in your skill points.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sesaw Trick. Max out your skillcap (700.0 - 720.0 total skillpoints) by buying skills from NPCs that you're not gonna use for gaining Stats.

    For STR, set a skill to lower, set Macing to raise, equip a Mace, and beat on Practice Dummies until 10.0 in Macing. Lock the skill that you set down, set Macing to lower and set Wrest to raise, gain that to 10.0 and set it to lower and set Macing to raise again. "Juggle" Macing and Wrest until you achieve the amount of STR you want, best done if you have 3 Practice Dummies around you so you can hit all 3 of them for faster gains.

    For DEX, switch between training Fencing to 10.0 on Practice Dummies and training Snooping to 10.0 by releasing a Packhorse and attempting to snoop it (Don't lose karma this way, if it matters to you).

    For INT, "Juggle" between Animal Lore and Eval INT.

    If you already have one of the skills i listed, there are other skills that work as alternatives (Although most not as fast), or you could just soulstone the skill if you have a Soulstone or Soulstone Fragment, then buy up worthless skills and train any of the mentioned skills.

    When they changed the way Stat Gains worked a little while after SE or ML i think, the Sesaw Trick worked perfectly like it did before, especially now that you can choose what stats to gain and you can lock them. Before they changed it, it was that you could only gain a Stat Point once every 15 mins, and only up to 10 Stat Points in a 24 Hour period (RL).
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    a Trick I used to gain Dex is to buy a npc instrument and set a macro to play music until I gained 30. Then I would use a soulstone and remove that skill,discard it, and start all over again. You gain the max stat in the first 30 of a skill. So rinse and repeat until you get the amount of Dex you want. SS frags don't use any uses to just remove and discard a skill.