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Stealth stuck at 95.2

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by Ziane, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. Ziane

    Ziane Guest

    My stealth is at 95.2 and won't budge. :wall:

    Last time I did this a few years ago was on a boat in full studded. Has anything changed or does gain slow to a complete crawl at this point?

    I checked the FAQ but the info seems a little...outdated...

  2. from 95% you will gain very slowly.
    best is you wear a gm crafted bascinet, and train in crowded places, like the npc-inn at vesper-west.
  3. Ziane

    Ziane Guest

    Cheers, much appreciated - I'll give that a bash!

    And thanks for the quick reply :)

  4. not that you misunderstood me..

    you have to wear your complete gm studded leathersuit and the gm crafted bascinet.

    be sure, that none of theese items is "Magearmor", this means that the item is classified as medable leather, which did not let you gain in this skillregions.
  5. Black Sun

    Black Sun Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Mar 19, 2003
    Likes Received:
    NPC's around you make no difference in my experience. Here's what I did.

    Put on a set of GM studded leather armor, and a GM close helm. Make sure none of it is marked mage armor, otherwise it won't work right. Then if you have a house, set yourself up a treadmill.

    Customize the house so you have a teleporter on the east side of the house, and one directly in line from it on the west side of the house with a clear path in between. Hide, and start walking towards one of the teleporters. When you hit it, it will teleport you across the room to the start of the treadmill again. Now, while holding down your right mouse button to walk, left click your mouse. This will cause you to follow your cursor. So now you don't need need to sit there holding down your mouse button, but you won't be able to move your mouse, otherwise your character will walk off the treadmill path. Now, just get comfortable at your desk with a magazine and keep an eye open for failures so you can hit your hide macro when necessary. A few hours of this and you should be set. If you don't have a house, ask around, I'm sure someone on your shard would have one set up that they'd be willing to let you use.

    I used this method to take my stealther from mid 80's to 105 this way. Just as long as you stay attended at all times you're not doing anything illegal. Good luck.