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[Ninjitsu] Stealthing

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Roddy Doyle, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Roddy Doyle

    Roddy Doyle Guest

    I am returning from quite a bit of time off and I have a character here that I cant quite remember what i was doing with it. I do recall I was going to go pvp with it or thieving with it. But that was back in the early part of the 2000 decade. I believe i left around 2003 or 2004 and briefly came back when bushido and ninjitsu was introduced to UO.

    My question is what direction should I go with this character as I am getting myself introduced back in the UO world. I dont think I am ready for pvp nor is the character. I had gm hiding and stealth (is stealth a worth while skill now) considering soul stoning those two skills. I have fencing close to gm, focus to gm and ninjitsu to 90 (not sure what i was doing with ninjitsu when i came back briefly in 2007/08) I also have meditation at gm for some reason..lol...memory went a ways back on what my thoughts where on this character. My thoughts where getting chivalry and fishing mixed into this. Doing away with ninjitsu, med and focus. Right now i have enough magery for recalling, so another skill to work with. Or is this a loss cause character and should i just begin from scratch. Thanks for any input, trying to get myself back into the UO world
  2. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    if you go with any kind of stealthers, ninja for animalform speed and forms will be a must. if you have melee you can deathstrike. you only need 75 stealth if you are in all-mediable armor.

    i view fencing as more of a pvp type skill, as with the stealth/hiding.

    you don't need chivalry as you can get around by runebooks with charges, though if you PVM you will find it invaluable. bush and ninja can also be good in pvm, depending what you are fighting.

    it really depends what you want to do with the toon...
  3. Roddy Doyle

    Roddy Doyle Guest

    Well since my fingers are out of practice for the macros needed for pvp and for pvm for that matter :p I think I want to stay away from pvp for a bit until i get myself back into the swing of things and get a character that can handle himself. That is why i was thinking of soul stoning stealth and hiding for the time being. I also just wasnt sure how valuable stealthing was now in UO. Is it a usable skill. I guess I have to read up on ninjitsu and its purpose and some combined skills with it. I am thinking since im not up to pvp skill levels that i need to go pvm for awhile and would like to go in that direction, while storing some skills in the soul stones. I thought maybe going the fishing route but I wanted to be able to use the same character for fishing to be able to fight the monsters as well.
  4. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    ok well stealth/hiding is pretty much useless for pvm unless you are some sort of stealth tamer just out there loring greater dragons or rune beetles to try to find a good one without having your arse handed to you

    ninja is a good pvm skill for a couple reasons. first off if you make a warrior or sampire/whammy the mirror images will have blows deflected onto them so you dont take damage. which when something is a heavy hitter can save your life. also if you are some sort of tamer its good to tote a greater dragon around and have ninja. but honestly i would just go with a gargoyle if you were a tamer. so unless you plan on using ninja to fight hard hitting stuff you probably dont need it.

    soulstone your hiding/ninja/stealth onto another toon for a future pvp char.

    you might want to come up with a good character with 1-2 soulstoneable skill slots, so he can be a fisher, cartographer, miner, etc depending what you need... and then the rest would be fighting skills.
  5. Klapauc

    Klapauc Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 28, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Did run the following for the last 2 weeks or so to see how it would work and to play something different. Oh and to have something just in case we get a fel bane invasion, as i do not run pvp chars.

    120 fencing
    120 ninjitsu
    100 hiding
    75 stealth ( didnt bother to train to 80)
    110 tactics
    40 necro
    80 spirit speak
    60 bushido

    Suit was not really uber, as i just used 6 imbued armor pieces ,but still somewhat good.
    Char was a gargoyle , and i used shortblades with 35 ssi that need no stamina at all to swing at max speed. Had around 40 stamina and 160 mana.
    Wraith form, curse weapon, spam some mirror images and then its armor ignore until mana gets low.
    Did demon guards faster then my sampire, and some stygian dragons , navreys and para balrons.
    If you put this on a human char (because there are more weapon types available) and use good equipment, that can be a fun char that still can kill some of the big stuff.