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[sticky] Missing Objects

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Mr Bo Jangles, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. How bout a place to put overdue rewards. Such as my Mystic tree due Jan 13th.

    I already posted it on the bug boards.


    Your glue isnt working
  2. Maxis Sahara

    Maxis Sahara Guest

    Have you been one of the unfortunate sims to have a rare item missing, and received a Missing Objects message?

    The Maxis policy is that if we can't prove it, we won't replace it. A rare is an object that is not available from the catalogue. We log deletions and trades of rares. Unfortunately, because pets are available from the catalogue, we do not have logs of them missing. Because of its immense size, we cannot log every single object in the game. Our servers would combust! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif

    If your rare is suddenly missing, please go to the Bug Boards. Post in the current version forum with your sim's name, the city it happened in, the object lost, the time it was lost, and any other information you have. Remember, the more information you give us, the chances of us finding that information from our end, and returning your lost object, is greater.

    Thank you, everybody!
  3. Maxoid TSO

    Maxoid TSO Guest

    Nothing for people who arent recieving their rare items?
  4. brainleech

    brainleech Guest

    I posted long ago about my missing cheetah and the reply I received is sorry but we cannot replace it I even gave the date and tiem because I knew exectly when it disappered
    so ever wonder why I feel the bug boards are a waste and are like talking to the wall I have asked and asked about my lack of a Tree my missing cheetah and a few other objects I am missing I do not have the dates I jsut know what I am missing
  5. mikale

    mikale Guest

    oh yeah they read the bug boards....scoufs

    If a rare pet isnt rare enough for you to log..then what IS?
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    She explained very clearly. Rare pets cannot be logged because they are for sale in the catalog unlike the other rares such as mystic trees, pet statues, cannons, gnomes, and I would think all crafted items because they are not for sale in the catalog.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If a rare pet isnt rare enough for you to log..then what IS?

    <font color=purple>Pet statues, simmies, cannons, gnomes and possibly crafted items.

    Did you even READ her post?
  8. ~HayHay~

    ~HayHay~ Guest

    Thank you, Sahara.
  9. 2 pet statues disappeared off of 2 different sims. One from inventory and the other was on the lot. Only in IH. I still have the statues in the other cities. This sucks because these were the ones given to me, not bought =o(
  10. I reported the loss of my Mystic Tree and have little hope of ever seeing it again. Property limit bugs have caused numerous items to disappear over the past two years. This is the first time, I've lost anything that I could not replace.

    I feel it is important that I share this information for all to read. If you attempt to place objects on your lot when you have reached the property limit, you will not always get a warning that the lot is full. The longer your property has been online the more unstable it becomes. I took my tree out of inventory to place on the lot and poofed into thin air before my very eyes. I'm sure there was a way to check the data on the house but the time it takes to check that data was apparently not on the top priority list. Now that two days have past since reporting the incident, I'm sure the data has probably been lost.

    And with it, My tree.
  11. Louisa364

    Louisa364 Guest

    My tiger /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif I reported to bug boards a while ago. And sigh, someone offered me a tiger in another city but I couldn't find someone to transfer it for me /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
    It seems though that the missing thing isn't restricted to rares. Objects go missing on a regular basis...wish they could fix this..

    Thanks for all you're doing Sahara /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  12. My Cannon was the very first to be awarded in TSO. this morning is poofed. can we PLEASE get an update as to WHAT if anything is being done about this?

    I HAVE been to the bug board HOWEVER there is NO place to report a missing rare. there is a place for having never recieved a tree and for never recieving statues. where do I post the cannon?
  13. points to above post...
    ok now today I just logged in jp and it shows I now have 2 cannons in my inventory but I can't take them out. I can trade them to Bo, but HE can't take them out out either. are they multiplying in there?
  14. Thanks for the info! I think it would be a really good idea if you start a new thread on the bug boards about Missing Objects. Then you can type in that information under the new thread. It will make so many more people more happy if you do that cause they can include the extra information and hopefully more people will get their pet back.

  15. ::sigh::: today my 2 bouncy balls and my crafted computer were called to join my cannon in that BIG rare item pile in the endless Maxis sky. while I was at the bug boards i couldn't help noticing that there's alot of reports of rare pets and crafted things poofing from inventories.

    PLEASE Limit your trading untill this gets fixed!

    UPDATE : It is March 8 and everything is still missing and there is no word on when or if it has been looked into .

    :::knocks on moniter:: I don't think there is anybody in there.
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hey, I bought a Mystic Tree quite a while ago. I had it until I left for Hawaii for a vacation during March. When I got back the tree was gone. It wasn't anywhere on the property and it wasn't in my inventory. I'm not exactly sure when it went missing becuase it would have anywhere within March 10th, 2005 - March 16th, 2005.

    If you could help that would be great,
    BRad /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  17. Well here it is a new version . I have just been to the bug boards because I STILL have yet to get word from maxis on my missing cannon and crafted things and I know from experiance that with each new version the OLD versions Bugs are wiped off the bug board, fixed or not. but generally NOT.

    Its nice they give us a place to list bugs, but better still if they actually DO something about them.

    I am pretty convinced that no one from Maxis reads these boards
  18. another new version and still no word on my cannon.

    hi ho hi ho its off to the bug boards i go
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I lost a mystic tree a couple days ago, reported it on the bug boards right away. I'm sure hoping I get it back still. Just wondering if anyone ever does...
  20. EJ_Merlot

    EJ_Merlot Guest

    I hope you do because i just tried to take a tree out i bought from a store and it came out of inventory but isnt on property. I posted on bug board...I hope they are reading! :)
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    still no word, or tree back [​IMG]
  22. HoneyBuns

    HoneyBuns Guest


    If we have lost an item (mystic tree in my case), filed another bug report, and new version(s) is/are released, do we file a bug report under the new version if we haven't recovered the item?

    Thanks in advance.
  23. Maxis Sahara

    Maxis Sahara Guest



    If we have lost an item (mystic tree in my case), filed another bug report, and new version(s) is/are released, do we file a bug report under the new version if we haven't recovered the item?

    Thanks in advance.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I log each and every single case of missing objects. Also, I have access to the past bug reports that are hidden from public view (once a new version is published), and log all of those reports too.
  24. HoneyBuns

    HoneyBuns Guest

    Thank you! Didn't want to clutter up the bug boards, but wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing by assuming the report was logged and that it required no more action on my part [​IMG]
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    So Sahara... would it be safe to say you're a Logger? [​IMG]

    *Ducks and runs!*
  26. EJ_Merlot

    EJ_Merlot Guest

    I had posted this in the current verison (same time i posted the previous message here) but i dont see it on the bug board at all now ::(
  27. patrickTC-

    patrickTC- Guest

    ok, I am having this "tree" problem of sorts of you will
    my mystic tree is stuck in my sims tory

    I try to put it out on the lot it either
    a- goes back into the holding area on my sims account
    b- freezes the lot and my sim and makes me error 23
    c- freezes the game for a time and then goes back into its holding area

    This problem for me, has been happening since March and I thought I would just live with it for a time. It really wasnt a big deal for me.

    But now it is.

    Problem 2-
    two weeks ago, my simpage where i can write my bio and other things only allows me 45 CHARS, then it stops.
    No i check there isnt any letters under or on top its just now allowing anymore

    I posted on the OLD Bug boards didnt ever see this before

  28. therealwink

    therealwink Guest

    ok my fairy sim Wink TartanBelle in AV lost her simmy in the Big Simmie Bug soon after beta. i deleted her, a dejected lil fairy, after waiting a LONG time for her simmy to reappear. any hope? lol i bet NOT!

    but it never hurts to ask . . . you said you keep logs?
  29. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I moved from property in Blazing Falls to get my things in inventory a few days ago and today I realized that my gnome is no longer with me. [​IMG]

    Never mind... My rememberer is broken but my forgetter is getting better. Luis M had custody of the gnome when he stopped playing for a while.
  30. well I don't know if i can get it back or not but back around lets say February just after the hoopla about mystic trees I finally got mine put it in the ground let it stay there for a bit then created another sim. Transferred the tree from one sim to another and had the new sim put it in the ground what happened was this

    sim 2 puts tree in ground. tree flashes then pops back in inventory. sim 2 puts tree back out of inventory and back in ground tree flashes again and pops back in inventory sim 2 take tree out of inventory a third time. puits tree back in ground tree flashes and NO MORE MYSTIC TREE....

    No message no nonthing this happened to both of my trees in Fancy Field. I had three accounts at the time and traded them from one sim to another via the inventory now what I need to know is what happened to my tree and please look through my REAL NAME ACCOUNT and find it and put it back in my inventory ( strange thats what happened t omy simmies now that i can remember it ) some two years ago back in february

    gotta keep better track of OUR OBJECTS
  31. madkat

    madkat Guest

    Brad M Bliss DC/AV
    DJ Warrior JP

    Its been 16 days since my account has turned a year old, but i am still missing my 1st year statues.
  32. Therese'

    Therese' Guest

    i bought a cannon 2 days ago.. yesterday was playing with it &amp; went to move it &amp; it popped into my inventory, i tried to put it back out &amp; POOF it was gone..
    left the thinking maybe if i reset it it would be there when i got back.NOPE [​IMG] Well bought 2 more yesterday &amp; put 1 out &amp; the other went to put out on my property &amp; POOF!!! [​IMG]I want my cannons,,,,they werent cheap!!! Help please [​IMG]
  33. Kelci-BF

    Kelci-BF Guest

    I sooo agree with you! It's been so <font color="blue"> Many </font> YEARS now...you'd think that they would care about their subscribers <font color="red"> just a little!!! </font>

    It's <font color="purple"> DISGUSTING! </font>
  34. big dave

    big dave Guest

    i just got a sprinkler and then went to lay it down and it would not lay down then it dissapeared. think i can get it back or am i outmy money and item
  35. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Dave, reset your lot. It'll be in inventory. That happens to me all the time with sprayers and sprinklers.
  36. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Still no tree back...
  37. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sahara my mystic tree is missing! I put it on my house and it disappeared! it made me angry!! can you help me?
  38. Guest

    Guest Guest


    ok, I am having this "tree" problem of sorts of you will
    my mystic tree is stuck in my sims tory

    I try to put it out on the lot it either
    a- goes back into the holding area on my sims account
    b- freezes the lot and my sim and makes me error 23
    c- freezes the game for a time and then goes back into its holding area

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Same has been happening to me [​IMG]
  39. Guest

    Guest Guest

    What happened to the place on the bug boards we reported these at? Why have we not received our things back, or at least a sorry you're screwed letter? Needless to say, still no tree or word about it [​IMG]
  40. HoneyBuns

    HoneyBuns Guest

    There's two ongoing threads on the bug boards:
    - Never Received A Mystic Tree ; and
    - Never Received a Pet Statue

    For missing objects, I assume you post it in the current version notes that are appropriate for your city (all cities except Betaville or Betaville).

    I can appreciate your frustration, I lost a mystic tree too (disappearance by poofing). I trust that what I reported was entered into the bug tracker, but I can also understand that the source of the bug may not have been determined.
  41. Andrew Pye

    Andrew Pye Guest

    *Takes a sign of relief after seeing what HB posted in here* I was worried for Cotton Candy [​IMG]

    I'm still waiting for my tree, I posted in the boards. I'm just assuming I'm not due it yet.
  42. HoneyBuns

    HoneyBuns Guest

    Nevah! I superglued Candy Pye to the lot. Let's just pray the lot doesn't pood lol.

    Now, if I had just thought of supergluing my AV mystic tree, I wouldn't be in this predicament :p
  43. JAB

    JAB Guest

    I just lost a silver cat statue, but am not 100% sure where I should post it on the boards, could some1 PM me with some help, it would be appritiated, thanks... now I cant even get on the bug boards :(
  44. Onyx-Jp

    Onyx-Jp Guest

    Hmm.. I lost my cannon as I was trying to put it down on the lot. It dissapeared! I didn't think much of it.. I was upset.. but nontheless.. didn't think much of it. I thought it was something no one would ever be able to fix so I said oh well and baught anoter :p [​IMG]
  45. Guest

    Guest Guest

    just hitting reply

    I lost my tree back in April, still no word....think I should give up yet???

    Now my signs are losing what was written on them :( bug boards are down, oh what fun.
  46. bookiesgal

    bookiesgal Guest

    what if we put our rares in our inventory can they still be lost?
  47. how do u get the bug board report area to work .My Mistic tree just vanished and I'm not to thrilled.I can't get it to open or mabey I'm looking in the wrong place please help
  48. ~HayHay~

    ~HayHay~ Guest

  49. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <font color=9A32CD>I had to close all but one of my accounts so I gave my trees to Niki the main and never unpaid sim since we had to start paying after beta. I had 2 of them on the lot all along as well as Seans 2 trees. Our house is Seashore Estates in IH. Then I was gone for a couple months and the 3rd tree sat in Niki's inventory til yesterday. I opened the tree and she does the little dance and waters the tree but no tree ever appeared. I reset the lot and no tree. I reported it on the bug boards, but I see I may never recover it. I'm most distressed!! Please help me Sahara *cries*
  50. I have a mystic in my inventory that i cant set out. Everytime i attempt to set it out, it vanishes are reappears in my inventory. [​IMG] [​IMG]