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{Sticky Post} «»POST PUB 21«» Tailor Cloth Hues/BOD Descriptions & Rewards List!!! «»POST PUB 21«

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Zodiac_, Jul 20, 2002.

  1. Zodiac_

    Zodiac_ Guest

    Your chart shows only 20 different Hues. There are MANY more than 20 hues, as I've received about 30 myself and still don't have some... For example, your chart shows 6 or 7 different shades of blue/green, while I have 11 different shades of blue/green cloth alone. So, this chart is VASTLY incomplete. Anyone have a real chart of all the hues?
  2. MandyM

    MandyM Guest

    I heard somewhere that some of the colors may look different but are actually the same, use materials and then combine and you will see they are the same cloth /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  3. Zodiac_

    Zodiac_ Guest

    Ok, the more I look at my colors compared to the chart I guess you're right. I was thrown off because sometimes similar colors don't stack, and sometimes they do. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. slavegirl

    slavegirl Guest

    *chuckle* many........including myself have made that mistake. Like stated above if you use the sewing kit and then go to Materials and then select Combine Cloth you will find you have less colors than you thought. I, myself, went from 36 stacks of soooooo many blue-green-like colors down to 13 stacks! Boy! As a veteran did I feel silly.

    That is when I made that chart above. Placed on a black background it should be easier for people to identify their cloth colors.

    Good Luck!

    Stratics - slavegirl
    Deedfinder - BODslave
    KoR BOD Exchange Forum - BODslave
    ICQ - Kira/Devil 56201447
  5. Seashell

    Seashell Guest

    I got brownlight, and man does it look good! Your chart is helpful because it names the LBOD's farmer, pirate, etc.
  6. Dazen

    Dazen Guest

    Will this chart continue to be more up to date than the one at Deedfinder? Can I just post here rather than at the other board?
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    My chart on Deedfinder will stay more up to date... I am really slow on stratics so I don't like to visit more than 2-3 times a day... Where as I check deedfinder about 10-20 times a day... and unless they make this thread sticky, I can't update this chart, so I suggest posting at deedfinder... There is a link in my first post of this thread... Of course, I will eventually see any posts made here as well... My chart will be much more complete by the end of next week... The only reason this chart was more up to date than the one on deedfinder was because I didn't post this one until a few days later, and I have to wait for Chew to get back before I can get mod status on the Deedfinder Tailoring rewards board and update the thread regularly...
  8. tingle

    tingle Guest

    Farmer {Consists Of A Straw Hat, Tunic, Long Pants, & Boots}

    Rewards For This BOD Include:
    -15/Normal/Farmer{LBOD}: Fire-Blaze Sandals.<<< i got the lime green looking sandals
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well, the chart has been updated... Oh, and btw, I have been given mod status on Deedfinder for the tailor's reward forum, so that chart will remain updated at least once a day /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sorry I can't be of more help, but until I have more time to add results this is the best I can do... I am still only interested in LBODs, so I am not accepting any SBOD rewards... I'll have the chart a little more updated within the week, and then I'll start on Blacksmithy next week...

    <font color=red>Check Out </font color=red>UO-TRADE.NET <font color=red>For Your Trading Database Needs!!! This Site Covers Both </font color=red><font color=purple>Blacksmithy &amp; Tailoring</font color=purple> <font color=red>BODs &amp; Even Has The </font color=red><font color=purple>UO Assist Import</font color=purple><font color=red> Feature!!! The Whole Deedfinder Crew Has Migrated To This Trade Site, So There Are Tons Of Members!!!</font color=red>

    <font color=blue>You Can Also Check Out This Reward Chart As Well As My Blacksmithy BOD Rewards Chart On My Home Forums At: Tower Of Roses Forums</font color=blue>

    <font color=blue>Thanks To Lord Iron Chew of Europa For Sending Me A Very Nice Hue Chart To Use For Tailoring BOD Colors, &amp; Be Sure to Check Out His</font color=blue> Tower of Roses <font color=blue>Website For Bulk Order Deed Info &amp; More...</font color=blue>

    <font color=green>Lev 1 Cloth</font color=green> --- <font color=green>Lev 2 Cloth</font color=green> --- <font color=green>Lev 3 Cloth</font color=green> --- <font color=green>Lev 4 Cloth</font color=green> --- <font color=green>Lev 5 Cloth</font color=green>

    <font color=red>Update: ALL REWARD INFO POSTED ON THIS LIST IS DATA COLLECTED AFTER PUBLISH 21! </font color=red>

    <font color=blue>All 4 Count Clothing LBODs:

    </font color=blue>
    <font color=blue>Gypsy</font color=blue> {<font color=purple>Consists Of A Bandana, Shirt, Skirt, &amp; Thigh Boots</font color=purple>}
    <font color=blue>Pirate</font color=blue> {<font color=purple>Consists Of A Scullcap, Doublet, Kilt, &amp; Shoes</font color=purple>}
    <font color=blue>Fisher Girl</font color=blue> {<font color=purple>Consists Of A Floppy Hat, Full Apron, Plain Dress, &amp; Sandals</font color=purple>}
    <font color=blue>Hat Set</font color=blue> {<font color=purple>Consists Of A Tricorne Hat, Cap, Wide-Brim Hat, &amp; Tall-Straw Hat</font color=purple>}
    <font color=blue>Farmer</font color=blue> {<font color=purple>Consists Of A Straw Hat, Tunic, Long Pants, &amp; Boots</font color=purple>}
    <font color=blue>Wizard</font color=blue> {<font color=purple>Consists Of A Wizard's Hat, Body Sash, Robe, &amp; Boots</font color=purple>}
    <font color=blue>Lady</font color=blue> {<font color=purple>Consists Of A Bonnet, Half Apron, Fancy Dress, Sandals</font color=purple>}
    <font color=blue>Jester</font color=blue> {<font color=purple>Consists Of A Jester Hat, Jester Suit, Cloak, &amp; Shoes</font color=purple>}

    <font color=red>Rewards For These BODs Include:</font color=red>
    -10/Normal{LBOD}: Sm Stretched Hide.
    -10/Exc{LBOD}: Flower Tapestry.
    -15/Normal{LBOD}: Md Stretched Hide.
    -15/Exc{LBOD}: +5 Powerscroll, Flower Tapestry.
    -20/Normal{LBOD}: Spined Runic Sewing Kit.
    -20/Exc{LBOD}: Brown Bear Rug.

    <font color=blue>5 Count Town Crier Clothing LBOD</font color=blue> {<font color=purple>Consists Of A Feathered Hat, Surcoat, Fancy Shirt, Short Pants, &amp; Thigh Boots</font color=purple>}

    <font color=red>Rewards For This BOD Include:</font color=red>
    -10/Normal/Town Crier{LBOD}:
    -10/Exc/Town Crier{LBOD}:
    -15/Normal/Town Crier{LBOD}: +5 PowerScroll.
    -15/Exc/Town Crier{LBOD}:
    -20/Normal/Town Crier{LBOD}: Brown Bear Rug, Polar Bear Rug.
    -20/Exc/Town Crier{LBOD}: Clothing Bless Deed.

    <font color=blue>Leather Footwear Set</font color=blue> {<font color=purple>Consists Of Sandals, Shoes, Boots, &amp; Thigh Boots</font color=purple>}

    <font color=red>Rewards For This BOD Include:</font color=red>
    -<font color=orange>10/Normal/Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=orange>10/Exc/Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=orange>15/Normal/Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=orange>15/Exc/Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=orange>20/Normal/Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=orange>20/Exc/Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=green>10/Normal/Spined Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:</font color=green> Clothing Bless Deed.
    -<font color=green>10/Exc/Spined Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:</font color=green> Brown Bear Rug.
    -<font color=green>15/Normal/Spined Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:</font color=green> +15 Powerscroll.
    -<font color=green>15/Exc/Spined Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=green>20/Normal/Spined Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=green>20/Exc/Spined Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=red>10/Normal/Horned Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=red>10/Exc/Horned Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=red>15/Normal/Horned Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=red>15/Exc/Horned Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=red>20/Normal/Horned Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=red>20/Exc/Horned Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=purple>10/Normal/Barbed Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>10/Exc/Barbed Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>15/Normal/Barbed Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>15/Exc/Barbed Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>20/Normal/Barbed Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>20/Exc/Barbed Leather/Leather Footwear{LBOD}:[/color]

    <font color=blue>Leather Set</font color=blue> {<font color=purple>Consists Of A Leather Cap, Leather Gloves, Leather Gorget, Leather Leggings, Leather Sleeves, &amp; Leather Tunic</font color=purple>}

    <font color=red>Rewards For This BOD Include:</font color=red>
    -<font color=orange>10/Normal/Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=orange>10/Exc/Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=orange>15/Normal/Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange> +10 Powerscroll.
    -<font color=orange>15/Exc/Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=orange>20/Normal/Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=orange>20/Exc/Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=green>10/Normal/Spined Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=green>10/Exc/Spined Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=green>15/Normal/Spined Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=green>15/Exc/Spined Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=green>20/Normal/Spined Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=green>20/Exc/Spined Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=red>10/Normal/Horned Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=red>10/Exc/Horned Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=red>15/Normal/Horned Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=red> Horned Runic Sewing Kit.
    -<font color=red>15/Exc/Horned Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=red>20/Normal/Horned Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=red>20/Exc/Horned Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=purple>10/Normal/Barbed Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>10/Exc/Barbed Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>15/Normal/Barbed Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>15/Exc/Barbed Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>20/Normal/Barbed Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>20/Exc/Barbed Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>

    <font color=blue>Leather Female Set</font color=blue> {<font color=purple>Consists Of Leather Armor, Leather Bustier, Leather Shorts, Leather Skirt, Studded Armor, &amp; Studded Bustier</font color=purple>}

    <font color=red>Rewards For This BOD Include:</font color=red>
    -<font color=orange>10/Normal/Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=orange>10/Exc/Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=orange>15/Normal/Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=orange>15/Exc/Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=orange>20/Normal/Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=orange>20/Exc/Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=green>10/Normal/Spined Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=green>10/Exc/Spined Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=green>15/Normal/Spined Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=green> +15 Powerscroll.
    -<font color=green>15/Exc/Spined Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=green>20/Normal/Spined Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=green>20/Exc/Spined Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=red>10/Normal/Horned Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=red>10/Exc/Horned Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=red>15/Normal/Horned Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=red>15/Exc/Horned Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=red>20/Normal/Horned Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=red>20/Exc/Horned Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=purple>10/Normal/Barbed Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>10/Exc/Barbed Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>15/Normal/Barbed Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>15/Exc/Barbed Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>20/Normal/Barbed Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>20/Exc/Barbed Leather/Leather Female Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>

    <font color=blue>Studded Leather Set</font color=blue> {<font color=purple>Consists Of Studded Gloves, Studded Gorget, Studded Leggings, Studded Sleeves, &amp; Studded Tunic</font color=purple>}

    <font color=red>Rewards For This BOD Include:</font color=red>
    -<font color=orange>10/Normal/Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=orange>10/Exc/Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=orange>15/Normal/Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange> Flower Tapestry.
    -<font color=orange>15/Exc/Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=orange>20/Normal/Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=orange>20/Exc/Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=green>10/Normal/Spined Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=green>10/Exc/Spined Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=green>15/Normal/Spined Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=green>15/Exc/Spined Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=green>20/Normal/Spined Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=green>20/Exc/Spined Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=red>10/Normal/Horned Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=red> +10 Powerscroll.
    -<font color=red>10/Exc/Horned Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=red>15/Normal/Horned Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=red>15/Exc/Horned Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=red>20/Normal/Horned Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=red>20/Exc/Horned Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=purple>10/Normal/Barbed Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>10/Exc/Barbed Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>15/Normal/Barbed Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>15/Exc/Barbed Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>20/Normal/Barbed Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>20/Exc/Barbed Leather/Studded Leather Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>

    <font color=blue>Bone Set</font color=blue> {<font color=purple>Consists Of Bone Armor, Bone Arms, Bone Gloves, Bone Helmet, &amp; Bone Legs</font color=purple>}

    <font color=red>Rewards For This BOD Include:</font color=red>
    -<font color=orange>10/Normal/Leather/Bone Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=orange>10/Exc/Leather/Bone Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=orange>15/Normal/Leather/Bone Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=orange>15/Exc/Leather/Bone Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=orange>20/Normal/Leather/Bone Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=orange>20/Exc/Leather/Bone Set{LBOD}:</font color=orange>
    -<font color=green>10/Normal/Spined Leather/Bone Set{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=green>10/Exc/Spined Leather/Bone Set{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=green>15/Normal/Spined Leather/Bone Set{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=green>15/Exc/Spined Leather/Bone Set{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=green>20/Normal/Spined Leather/Bone Set{LBOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=green>20/Exc/Spined Leather/Bone Set{LBgOD}:</font color=green>
    -<font color=red>10/Normal/Horned Leather/Bone Set{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=red>10/Exc/Horned Leather/Bone Set{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=red>15/Normal/Horned Leather/Bone Set{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=red>15/Exc/Horned Leather/Bone Set{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=red>20/Normal/Horned Leather/Bone Set{LBOD}:</font color=red> Clothing Bless Deed.
    -<font color=red>20/Exc/Horned Leather/Bone Set{LBOD}:</font color=red>
    -<font color=purple>10/Normal/Barbed Leather/Bone Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>10/Exc/Barbed Leather/Bone Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>15/Normal/Barbed Leather/Bone Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>15/Exc/Barbed Leather/Bone Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>20/Normal/Barbed Leather/Bone Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>
    -<font color=purple>20/Exc/Barbed Leather/Bone Set{LBOD}:</font color=purple>

  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I've also fixed the link in the first post to the chart that I have on Deedfinder... Here it is so you don't have to scroll back up: Tailoring Rewards Chart
  12. Soliae

    Soliae Guest

    I've completed two lbods in the last two days, one for a 15 gypsy set and a 15 farmer set, both normal. For both, I recieved the red-blue cloth and a check for 4500.


  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    For the 15 Normal Gypsy LBOD I got some orange cheesey sandals *Fire Blaze*, and a check for 4,500 gold.

  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Normal or Exc gypsy? And without a pic I cannot be certian, but was it orange like the blaze in my hue chart? Which color does it match closest to? I know they can look diff sometimes when in different forms...
  15. Puppy

    Puppy Guest

    I managed to fill and turn in three LBODs yesterday. The farmer outfit, 15 normal, I received blue-red cloth and 4500 gold for. The hat set, also 15 normal, I received dark blue cloth and 4500 gold for. But the 20 normal girl outfit I filled out netted me 6k and BLAZE sandals!! Woot! I sold them for a whopping 2.5 mil and probably could have gotten more if I'd had more time, but it was getting late.
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I shall be giving this chart a major update sometime within the week... Lord Iron Chew of Europa has PM'd me on Deedfinder all of his Tower of Roses Submissions and I shall be updating this chart little by little throughout the week...
  17. flatscan

    flatscan Guest

    That's blaze? Thought they were birghter yellow/orange like the cloth. How disapointing.
  18. flatscan

    flatscan Guest

    Actually, i was looking at a pic from a while ago about the new colors, and those like like "fire" and not "blaze". I don't have anywhere to upload it, if someone does i can e-mail it to you.
  19. Cicada

    Cicada Guest

    SPINED: 10 normal: Leather cap, gorget, tunic, sleeves, gloves, leggings &gt;&gt; 5k + Stretched Hide East Deed.
  20. slavegirl

    slavegirl Guest

    small or medium stretched hide?
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    There is actually no Blaze Color, it wasn't used in the bod system... Whenever you hear blaze, it means fire...
  22. that one guy

    that one guy Guest

    10/Normal/Wizard{LBOD}: Darkness cloth
  23. 15 normal town crier gave me a +5 tailoring power scroll
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    KK, Updated Again... Please View the new &amp; improved hue chart, and post your rewards accordingly with it...

    thanks /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Also, thanks again slavegirl for allowing me to use your hue chart, but since me and chew both have a home at deedfinder, it helps me a lot to be using the same naming system as he is...

    Please, Keep em comming /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    10 exceptional normal leather bone armour LBOD --&gt; +10 tailor scroll of power
  26. Dazen

    Dazen Guest

    20/normal/normal leather/bone set=RedBlue Sandals!!!
  27. Dazen

    Dazen Guest

    15/normal/spined leather/studded armor set=ice blue cloth
  28. I did a 20/normal/lady/lbod and got neon green cloth.
  29. Deepwood

    Deepwood Guest

    10 normal leather set-ice white 5 cloth and 5k
    15 normal spined leather set-ice white 5 cloth again and 7.5k(was expecting at least a scroll)
    20 normal Lady set-charcoal cloth and 6k
    15 normal Jester set-dark blue cloth and 4.5k
  30. mrh216

    mrh216 Guest

    15/norm/wizard lbod 3k and ice green cloth
    10/norm/ horned leather, leather set lbod 5k and a +10 tailoring scroll (I'm so happy, was worried I'd get cloth, hehe)
  31. Guest

    Guest Guest

    10 exceptional tower crier bod-fire cloth+5k
  32. Guest

    Guest Guest

    10 Norm Gypsy-3k &amp; dark blue cloth
    20 Norm Lady -6k &amp; dark blue cloth
  33. Darkholme

    Darkholme Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 27, 2004
    Likes Received:
    10/Normal/Spined Leather/Female Armor Set = 100 Yards of Ice White Cloth.

    Just doing my part! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
  34. Bandito

    Bandito Guest

    20 norm pirate outfits = neon green cloth
  35. Orim

    Orim Guest

    10/normal/leather/leather armor set(6 sbods): small stretched hide(south) and 5k gold.

    and i have a question: can stretched hides be redeeded once they are placed or is placement permanent?
  36. Deepwood

    Deepwood Guest

    it's permanent placement
  37. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Aye, Tis Permanent...

    Chart Updated yet again /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Thanks all for taking the time to contribute /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  38. Soam Azing

    Soam Azing Guest

    charts for these tailor things are useless....I seem to get a different reward every time(i have handed in the same LBOD 4 times and gotten 4 different rewards) so right now it appears to be really random /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  39. 10 and 20 normal town crier outfit....+5 scroll on each one
  40. Guest

    Guest Guest


    charts for these tailor things are useless....I seem to get a different reward every time(i have handed in the same LBOD 4 times and gotten 4 different rewards) so right now it appears to be really random


    Well, I must admit that they are a bit tougher to use than smithy charts... but the more data ya'll bring me, the more accurate they'll be, right? Hehe, so lets keep up the good work... I know they seem really accurate when I compare them with my rewards or people I know...
  41. Soam Azing

    Soam Azing Guest

    10 spined bone LBOD normal : 105 tailor scroll and 4k check

    disapointed *shakes head*
  42. 15 normal fisherwomans outfit &gt;&gt;&gt; dark-blue sandals /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  43. Dazen

    Dazen Guest

    20/exceptional/normal leather/female leather set=a flower tapestry deed facing south and 15k check!!!
  44. Coal

    Coal Guest

    15/Normal/Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}: 7.5k&amp; Small Stretched Hide deed
    20/Normal/Leather/Leather Set{LBOD}: 10k &amp; +10 Exalted tailor scroll
    15/Normal/Farmer{LBOD}: Charcoal cloth
  45. Atsu-Ra

    Atsu-Ra Guest

    10 normal fisherman - Darkness Sandies, check for 3k
    20 normal Leather Suit -- +10 Tailoring Scroll &amp; Check for 10k
    10 normal cloth(cant remeber type) Ice Blue Sandies &amp; check for 4k
  46. Guest

    Guest Guest

    LBOD: 20 normal bonnet, fancy dress, sandles and half apron= Shadow
    LBOD: 15 Normal bandana, skirt, shirt and thigh boots = Dark Blue
  47. Dazen

    Dazen Guest

    10/normal/pirate set=ice white sandals!!!!
  48. Dazen

    Dazen Guest

    20/normal/Fisher Girl (Floppy Hat, Full Apron, Plain Dress, &amp; Sandals)=charcoal sandals
  49. Dazen

    Dazen Guest

    15/normal/Gypsy (Bandana, Shirt, Skirt, &amp; Thigh Boots)=Charcoal Sandals
  50. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Updated again...

    <font color=red>Bad News /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif</font color=red>

    The Tailoring Bulk Order Deed System has in my eyes lost it's integrety due to a current exploit /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
    As you can see since just my last update the decrease in "colored cloth" rewards, I really have no will to continue in tracking rewards recieved by means of this exploit...
    Of course any rewards yielded through the means of this exploit are still valid rewards, and can be recieved through more honorable measures...
    I shall still however give osi a little more time to fix this, and therefore shall be updating the charts for a couple more weeks... If the problem isn't dealt with by then, than I have no respect left for the Tailoring BOD system, &amp; regretfully must discontinue this rewards list /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif

    I apologize to you all, Hopefully this problem shall be resolved withing the next couple of weeks...