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[sticky!] SOULSTONE INFO thread - still work in progress

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by Guest, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I see there are still many doubts and misinformation regarding soulstones.

    Please post here your questions, replies and general information. We will klater sort it all out and place a sticky soulstone FAQ.

    To work, posters!

    Edit: You are the best! Thanks for filling this thread so quickly [​IMG]
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Rough cut ...
    How many skills can I store in a Soulstone or fragment?
    Soulstones and fragments can only hold 1 skill at a time. If you have multiple Soulstones/fragments then 1 skill each.

    A fragment has charges ... can they be recharged?
    Fragments cannot be recharged. Once the charges are gone, it's decoration. A charge is NOT used if you dump a skill into it and then flush the skill off.

    I can't use my soulstone. It says I need to wait. Why?
    There is a 24 hour timer on soulstone usage when a character uses a skill from the stone. This timer does NOT apply if you simply flush the skill from the stone.

    My soulstone disappeared when I customized my house!
    Open your house sign and check the moving crate. Even when locked and secured in a house, customization dumps the soulstones into the crate.

    Can I trade a soulstone to another player?
    No. Only the token for the stone can be traded or sold. Once claimed, the stone or fragment is locked to the account that claimed it. Any character on that account and shard may use the stone or fragment, though.
  3. Perhaps upcoming:

    Ist there a difference between a green and blue soulstone?

    Not in functionality - they work the same. There may be differences in price because the green version came first and may be rarer. (TBC) You cannot tell whether a soustone token will produce a green or blue stone as yet.
  4. ThePict

    ThePict Guest

    I own two accounts, can I use the soulstone to move skills between my own characters on different accounts?
    No, the soulstone is account specific and you cannot move skills between two accounts even if you own both of them.

    I read that you can use soulstones to make your character a blacksmith one day and a warrior the next (ie. switch back and forth between two professions), how do I flip-flop between two skills with a soulstone?
    This is a somewhat misleading statement that was originally put out with soulstones. A soulstone only holds one skill at a time, so to flip-flop between two skills there are two possible methods:
    method one - The Two Soulstone Method:
    Say you want your character to be a smith one day and a fisherman the next, but do not have room for both skills at the same time (if you had room you wouldn't need a soulstone!). You would store blacksmith on one stone and fishing on the other, to go from fisherman to smith you would store fishing on stone A and add smithing from stone B. To switch back, put smithing back on stone B add fishing from stone A.

    method two - The Two Character Method:
    This assumes you have only one soulstone and you have another character with room to hold BOTH skills at once. Remove fishing from character A, store it on the soulstone. Log in character B (the one with room to hold skills) and move fishing to character B. Then 24 hours later move smithing from character B to the soulstone, log in character A, take the smithing skill from the soulstone to character A.

    To switch back, remove smithing from A to the soulstone. Move smithing from soulstone to B. Wait 24 hours. Move fishing from B to the soulstone, then fishing from soulstone to A.

    I only have one soulstone and none of my characters have room to store skills, what the heck good is this thing?
    The main use for soulstones, if you haven't got any room for skill storage on other characters and only have one soulstone is to give you a backup for trying new skills.

    Say that I have a mage with the wrestling skill, and all her skill points used. I want to try swords on her instead of wrestling, but just in case I don't like it, I don't want to have to work wrestling all the way back up again. I can store wrestling and pick up swords. If I like swords I can flush the stone to use it for something else. If I don't like swords after all I can set it to drop, use the soulstone, and be right back to where I was before without having to redo wrestling.
  5. ThePict

    ThePict Guest

    Gosh, soulstones sound nifty, where do I get one?
    Tokens for soulstones came as promotional, pre-order rewards from the Samurai Empire expansion (the green soulstones), and the 8th Anniversary edition (the blue soulstones).

    I didn't pre-order either of these, how do I get one now?
    You can find players selling the tokens for soulstones either at popular banks or on player vendors. They tend to be expensive because they came as a limited-time offer. Note that, as mentioned above, only the tokens will create soulstones you can use, an actual soulstone or soulstone fragment is account specific and if traded would only be decoration and not usable.
  6. ThePict

    ThePict Guest

    Someone gave/traded me a token for a soulstone but I can't use it!
    Your account must be upgraded to the Samurai Empire expansion to use soulstones or redeem the tokens for them.

    (how does this work with the blue ones? Anyone know if you have to have SE to use a blue one? Do you have to have 8thAE to use a blue on?)

    Attempting to answer my own question... I just got my 8thAE box and code, but the UO.com website is messed up and I haven't been able to upgrade my accounts there. I went ahead and used the soulstone tokens, they seem to work fine without my account being registered for 8thAE. I'm kind of guessing that the coding is the same for blue stones as green, so you'll need at least UOSE to use either blue or green soulstones.
  7. ThePict

    ThePict Guest

    I have a character with all skill points used. I want to move a skill to her with the soulstone, and take points from several different areas, how do I do it?

    Say you have a character with all skill points used, you want to move a skill to her. But instead of dropping all of one current skill you want to take 10 points from skill A, 15 from skill B, 10 from skill C, etc. When you use a soulstone it will lower a skill set to go down all the way to 0 before dropping any other skills set to go down.

    So, to take points from multiple areas you will need to make room. The easiest way is to do it one skill at a time beforehand. Set skill A to go down, go find an npc to train you in something you don't have, make sure the skill they train is set to go up. 100 gp gets you 10 skill points in whatever the npc is training you in. Use the menu on the npc to select "train ____", give them 100 gold. Lock skill A. Set skill B to go down, repeat this process with a different npc trained skill until all original skills are at the levels you want.

    Now set the skills you just trained to go down, use the soulstone, they will all drop back to 0, leaving you with the new skill and your old skills dropped appropriately.
  8. Can I store a skill at over GM? Can I reclaim those points with a different character?

    Yes, a skill that is over 100 points but the character you attempt to reclaim those points with must have used a Power Scroll to bring their cap to at least the level that is on the stone.

    If you are not able to get the scroll for the other character, or unable to put the skills back on the original character, the only way to use the Soul Stone again would be to flush away the hard-earned points that were stored there to begin with...

    In short, be very careful [​IMG]
  9. FkWeng

    FkWeng Guest

    Very good and informative posts... Just one thing to add....


    Can I trade a soulstone to another player?
    No. Only the token for the stone can be traded or sold. Once claimed, the stone or fragment is locked to the account that claimed it. Any character on that account and shard may use the stone or fragment, though.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    You can buy a soustone claimed on another account, but it will not work for you except for decoration.
  10. Can I use more than one soulstone one after another?

    Yes, but before using the Same soulstone you must wait 24 hours before reusing. But if you have 6 soulstones, you can transfer 6 skills every 24 hours.
  11. i'm sure they thought of this, but...

    Couldn't someone use a soulstone to easily gm a skill. Gain 50 pt, put on stone. Gain 50 more , add together?
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Nope - the skill pulled from the stone is replacement for whatever is already in the skill scroll. If a char has 45 Resisting Spells and pulls 55 from a stone, they will have 55 not 100.
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Copied from another thread:


    Wilki_EA VIP
    UO Community Coordinator
    Reged: 08/31/04
    Posts: 2257
    Loc: Redwood City, CA

    Re: Soulstone fragments [Re: Greatfellow]
    #6609657 - 05/10/06 11:37 PM

    All tokens and codes should work forever, unless we specify otherwise.

    An exception would be the 8th Age promo CODE. It used to create a blue soulstone token, but no longer does so. However, you still get all the other goodies from the code.

    Any existing blue soulstone TOKENS will work indefinitely as well.

    [/ QUOTE ]
  14. japes

    japes Guest

    Heres one.

    If I store GM Magery on my soulstone does that mean that ALL my characters can just come click the soulstone and get GM Magery?

    I guess another way of asking is, does using a soulstone remove what is on it if not flushed, or is a soulstone with GM magery for example permanent until flushed?
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If you load Magery on a stone (or fragment) any of your characters on that account may pull that skill off the stone (emptying it).

    A skill remains on the stone until flushed - or pulled onto a character.
  16. John-boy

    John-boy Guest

    Is there a soulstone that will work between two accounts?
  17. I have a second account that has rewards left. I see that one of the choices is a Red Soulstone. I assume that they (a) do not have a limited amount of charges and (b) that when I select it I will get a token that I can transfer to my primary account? Is that correct?
  18. To answer my own question, you cannot transfer the Red Soulstones to a different account.
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    No, because it comes as an account-specific stone, not a token.
  20. Spart

    Spart Guest

    The soulstone is in my backpack and says it's blessed. How do I access it with other characters on the same account? Can it be locked down in a house?
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The best way to share a soulstone with other character is to lock it down in the house or keep it in a secure container acessible to owners only (character on same account as house owner are automatically owners too).
  22. 1) If you do not own a house, but have, say, a Red Soul Stone as a reward. I put the skill into the soulstone, place it in a bag somewhere hidden, log out and back in with another character on the same account, can that character claim it? Or does it have to be locked down?

    2) Do Soul Stone Fragements drop, or were they only promotional items?
  23. Thrakkar

    Thrakkar Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:

    2) Do Soul Stone Fragements drop, or were they only promotional items?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I'd really would like to have this one answered...

    To sum it up:
    Green Soulstone . . . UOSE promo code
    Blue Soulstone . . . UO8thAE promo code
    Red Soulstone . . . 1 Year Vet Reward

    Soulstone Fragment . . . ???
  24. AsylumBound

    AsylumBound Guest

    Ok, I have a soulstone...but generally don't use it.

    I haven't used one on an advanced skill (like Blacksmithing or Tailoring), used it on Mining though. And I haven't used one since ML came out.

    So, my question is, if you use a soulstone, and you have the character decked out to the nines with recipes, for say carpentry, or tailoring, don't you lose those when you dump the skill on the soulstone?
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Reply 2 in 1

    - Fragment tokens were gifts (ex. 2 times on Christmas).
    - A character without carpentry will not lose recipes and crafting books he "ate" bur won't be able to use any ability requiring carpentry until he gets it back to required level (I keep swapping one GM carpentry between my tailor-tinker-miner-alchemist-smith and my lumberjack-bowyer).
  26. AsylumBound

    AsylumBound Guest

    Thank you Magdalene!
  27. Mr Mischief

    Mr Mischief Guest

    Does the first year (?) vet reward Soulstone (the red one, I believe) work the same way as the others? IE: Infinite uses on a 24hour cooldown?
  28. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Yes it does.
  29. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Can you overwrite a soulstone? I just want to purge myself of focus quickly. Once the stone has it can another character overwrite the stone with another skill?
  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Put Focus to the stone with Char "A". Right away, double-click the stone and go through the process to remove the skill from the stone.

    Unless you have another character needing Focus, it is effectively gone. That's all there is to it.
  31. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Great news T'Amon now I can make room for the template change.
  32. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Focus is one skill I flush just this way. I have a Scribe that can go from zero to 70+ in only 145 Recall scrolls. &lt;shrug&gt;
  33. Minot

    Minot Guest

    I have moved shards and want to move GM magery from a character on Shard A to another character on Shard B (same account). I do not have a solutstone yet (but I can get one or two using vet rewards). Is this possible, and if so, how do I do it?
  34. Guest

    Guest Guest

    You could ask someone VERY trustworthy to carry the stone for you.
    Acquire stone on shard A, put magery on it, hand it to someone who is going to transfer to shard B, receive stone on shard B and unload skill on that shard.

    If you ask me, it's not worth the hassle. I'd train magery again instead.
  35. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If i buy Legacy Token, i get Green Soulstone from it? Right?

    Edit: No reply, but i bought it and got it.