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[Sticky] Upcoming features for The Sims Online

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by MaxisKyle, Sep 23, 2004.

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  1. MaxisKyle

    MaxisKyle Guest

    Up next, over the coming months, are the following features:

    [*]The holiday season: gifts, snow, and more

    [*]"Second birthday" gift for long-time players (Mystic Tree)

    [*]The "Free Will" prototype (more details coming soon in the Backstage forums)

    You'll notice that the above list does not include Advanced Skilling. That's because we realized that the Free Will prototype could be far more important to the game, so we shifted gears to make it happen sooner. Advanced Skilling is still on our list, and once the prototype is successfully launched, we'll be able to work on it again.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thank you Kyle for keeping us updated! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    You used the "p" word.
  4. Walt Peep

    Walt Peep Guest


    There's nothing one likes hearing better from a representative of TSO than that wonderful word "promise." /php-bin/shared/images/icons/laugh.gif Thanks Kyle!
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm most excited for Advanced Skilling.... I really really hope this means no more AFKing in front of a mirror or chessboard! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  6. Ultrapopy

    Ultrapopy Guest

    This is wonderful Kyle. At least we know what to expect, and are going to get my sim ready for the new interactions and items.

    Bibi in Alphaville & Dragon's Cove
  7. SweetSkye

    SweetSkye Guest

    Thanks Kyle, so much to look forward too!
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Hey, i think this is the first time they actually "promise"... i dont know how people automatically enter that word when they didnt say that in beta....

    Im happy to see advanced skilling!
  9. Better than any of all, we're now promised!

    Thanks Kyle.
  10. mortality

    mortality Guest

    AFK while skilling is soo useful. I actually get housework done then, =)~
  11. deadtoaster2

    deadtoaster2 Guest

    WOO HOO! awesome kyle thanks /php-bin/shared/images/icons/laugh.gif
  12. dedzz

    dedzz Guest

    And that answers my questions! Thanks again, Kyle! You're great!
  13. Eliza'beth

    Eliza'beth Guest

    <font color=3A5FCD> Thanks Kyle. Seeing as how this all has to do with skilling not as excited as I could be, But still very pleased about it /php-bin/shared/images/icons/laugh.gif
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well, we're promised, all right, and he very much intends to keep his promises, BUT . . . just in case something should go wrong (nothing in this world is certain), I hope everybody would go easy on the dev team.

  15. AWESOME can't wait!

    Are you still working on the thing before that tigger has posted?
  16. Billy Blue

    Billy Blue Guest

    Well Kyle,Will we be getting anything this Halloween this year and a thing for the 2 year thing??????
  17. ~IceAngel~

    ~IceAngel~ Guest

    Kyle I really want to take this time to say.... you are nothing short of awsome.
    I have never felt more updated on things, and no matter even if you have just a little bit of an answer to give, you still seem to want to keep us informed. Even just seeing you post is wonderful to see because I in the very least am starting to really have the impression that .. YES you ARE listening.

    WTG Kyle and those behind you =)
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <font color=purple>YAY, Thanks Kyle!
  19. realwiz2005

    realwiz2005 Guest

    Ty Kyle so much for all the info lately!

    You are the best! =-D
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest


    *faints now*
  21. JBroo

    JBroo Guest

    I wonder if when this skilling comes out, if it won't bring people back to their old cities. I know tons of people who have 40 locks right now and with this advanced skilling or whatever it's called, it sure would be nice being able to lock at least one complete skill. In DC, people would only be able to lock half a skill. I guess I'm just a skill ***** so I know I'll certainly be back in my old city when this comes out /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  22. whoopiedoo

    whoopiedoo Guest

    For some reason i dont see the move avatar feature there.
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Yea, I remember that from Tigger's post. Maybe its down the pipeline? Then we can finally all move out of Fancey Fields and East Jerome, lol..... and Calvin's Creek and Jolly Pines and Dan's Grove and Interhogan...
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Whoopie, those were POSSIBLE up comming features and may come. Kyle posted the features that ARE going to come SOON.
  25. I like what Kyle did. Told us just the things we are going to get, for sure.

    We shouldn't completely think that the Avatar Move feature is completely scratched, it's probably still on their list of "want to adds," we'll just have to wait and see after we get what we've been promised.

    I can see it coming, I bet Maxis would like to consolidate cities just as much as we do, and by doing this feature it allows us to do it ourself.
  26. Wow, this is becoming real amazing, I can see the game just becoming alive again!
  27. Kyle, Tigger's old list of upcoming features included moving a sim to another city. Is that off the table now?
  28. themrs

    themrs Guest

    "We also wanted you to get your hands on the new interactions and objects as soon as possible, rather than having to wait until the advanced skilling feature is ready. "

    Oh realy such as??
  29. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Themrs, if you read the design here there is a list of the objects and interactions.
  30. Thanks, Justin. That link was really helpful. I'm excited about making smoothies and cookies hehe
  31. Now we have better communication, clearer goals, and just generally cooler stuff coming up; all with a smaller staff. If this team had been runnig TSO from day one, I think we would be kicking **** by now!

  32. I agree Cherry.
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Kyle, Tigger's old list of upcoming features included moving a sim to another city. Is that off the table now?

    Alli, what I got from Kyle's post is that he listed upcoming features he can guarantee with near-certainty will make it into the game. Not being on that list doesn't necessarily mean the feature is off the table; just that it can't be guaranteed yet.
  34. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Oh geez and I thought I was about done with the skilling process. Oh well!! thanks Kyle for the updates. Always in appreciation of whats to come...!!
  35. tsoangelique

    tsoangelique Guest

    woaaa the *P* word hm. anyhoo ( he he ) how bout those crafting items eh? A better success rate with maxed skills of course ( lol ) would be nice as well :p
  36. Romeo Love

    Romeo Love Guest

    Advanced skilling sounds great ! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  37. Romeo Love

    Romeo Love Guest

    Extended skills? Can't wait, perhaps more rewards, yet a harder challenge? hmmm
  38. Guest

    Guest Guest

    alright kyle so we're getting all of these items.. whens our custom content? lol jk
  39. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If this has been asked already, sorry, and please show me the answer.

    Will the higher level of skills allow you to make more money in single/group objects?
  40. Guest

    Guest Guest

    all questions should be asked in the backstage design area in the thread indicated. That is where they will be answerd by kyle


    Q: What happens to payouts? Higher? Lower?

    Payouts for all activites through skill 10.99 will remain unchanged. Payouts for higher skills will be higher.

  41. realwiz2005

    realwiz2005 Guest

    Hey Kyle? WHat ever happened to the Avatar Move?
  42. I always had a feeling they would just sweep avatar move under the rug, that's why I went ahead and deleted. Thank god I did! I would still be waiting.
  43. I hope the new crafting items will have better odds of actually making something. Then I am thrilled and excited !
  44. junebugmoo

    junebugmoo Guest

    Thanks for the update, but I was hoping for something a little more fun sounding.....

    The crafting items are expensive to make, but eventually they will flood the market and not be worth the money they cost to craft.
  45. Kandi Kiss

    Kandi Kiss Guest

    My sim in dg is 600 or so. DG was the best city because it was a lil wild and crazy back in it's day. I had some of the best fun of the game with her there. I still love DG because of the memories but I'll never play there again probably because it's deserted and the human just gets sad seeing the few bookmarks I still have there all darkened. I hate to kill my sim because of her history. That sim lived at the first (as far as I know) Fight Club in the game. So much more has happened to her it'd be too much to list. Suffice to say she deserves to sim live but I've been waiting and waiting for the opportunity to move her. Will we ever get to move an old sim to a new city?
  46. any word on how dial ups will do with these changes??
  47. realwiz2005

    realwiz2005 Guest

    Sings *anticipation*
  48. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Kyle updated his first post in this thread.
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