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Still an RP community?

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Mortaneus, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Mortaneus

    Mortaneus Guest

    Back in '99 when I first started, I was always active in the RP community, mostly on Great Lakes and Europa. I find that it's been difficult to find people to RP with now that I've returned. I mostly play my paladin on Great Lakes, but I'd be willing to start another character elsewhere, if there's still any intriguing RP out there. I miss it horribly. [​IMG]
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If you wish to have a look at Pacific Roleplaying, I suggest you visit http://www.theprc.com

    You can connect to IRC and chat with the roleplayers, who usually are most active in the afternoon. Also, we have tavern nights on Monday at 8 PM PST so that's a good place to find the roleplayers. Just drop us a message at the PRC and we'll make arrangements to gate you or give you directions.
  3. Dellucius

    Dellucius Guest

    Europa is the role playing capital of UO. And the biggest and most active guild at the moment is the baronship of Cove, found here: http://cove.fantasyworld.nl/
  4. laurlo

    laurlo Guest

    admittedly on Cats it is best if you go to the rp ring and introduce yourself via back stories or simply an ooc "look for me" post if you want to be found, but the rpers abound, and there are many player towns now that from an ic standpoint are well known - enough that anyone can stumble upon them.

    *copies and pastes for convenience*


    S^S - The Solantavo Syndicate (a Vampire Guild)

    Rose - Freehold of Roses (a fae/changeling guild)

    Onyx - Covenant of the Onyx Flame (a Vampire Guild)

    Drow - Qu’ellar D’Szith Szithrel Solen

    LBRS - Legacy of the Black Rose

    ROH - Rangers of the Heart

    EKoC - Emerald Kingdom of Connemara

    AV - Avernus

    Und - The Undead

    Clt - The Celts

    KE - The Kingdom of Everthorne

    These are not all the rp guild on Cats, only those I had the web addresses for, but as is apparent I think, there are many guilds, and much variety. If you look at the guild warfare ranking on Catskills, currently all of those are rp guilds and can give you an idea of the numbers on Cats.

  5. Blackstaff

    Blackstaff Guest

    I remember back in the day when Atlantic had a strong GM/Seer supported RP community. The Nostur'yl events tooks place over a couple of months I belive.
  6. Dellucius

    Dellucius Guest

    I believe those existed in most populated shards that had some kind of role play community. While they're good to have and add something we manage anyway. Whatever happens to UO we always manage to hold our own events and plots.
  7. anubis_NDC

    anubis_NDC Guest

    I bought an account in Jan 06 as a returning player, Atlantic only available. Lag is bad and RP non-existent although I have an elf princess for RP purposes. I started up a character on Europa as a dungeoneering adventurer for lag free gaming. 2 months later I have a character (soon to be 2) in one RP guild and a third in another. 2 ATL characters will be moved over.
    There is always something going on, players RPing (Try Trinsic) and LOTS of very active RP guilds on Europa.
  8. RPG Freak

    RPG Freak Guest

    I am also considering returning to the game after being gone for about 3 years. I started playing back in '99 as well and still remember fondly all of the fantastic roleplay, PvP, and general fun I had with my friends on Catskills. I left not long after the Age of Shadows expansion as did about 99% of the people I played with. There were just too many changes that made it not the game we loved.

    I did try to come back several times, but only found leet kiddies running around acting like idiots. After reading these forums, though, it's starting to sound like roleplay is making a comeback. However, I have to ask, just what kind of roleplay it is. Let me explain just what made roleplaying great when I played and then, perhaps, a few of you could share some experiences of your own to help me decide if and where I should try once more.

    Back in the day I can honestly say anything went in regards to roleplay. We had the quintessential good guys, the shining knights and noble maidens, and then we also had our fair share of adversaries, people who embodied evil and cruelty so very well in their characters. The creativity and storylines between them both was always fantastic, there were no boundaries unless one party involved spoke with the other and expressed a genuine discomfort with something. The roleplayers respected each other and happily worked with everything put out there be it a 'nice' plot or a very 'dark' one. No one was ever insulted or ignored for their choice in roleplay.

    What I have found in other games since leaving is the complete lack of antagonists. I am a firm believer that having both 'bad guys' and 'good guys' is what makes and keeps roleplay interesting. I do not want to come back to a world where all I have to look forward to is romance RP and weddings. I want to come back to a blend of intrigue, tension, and captivation along with those roleplayed moments of happiness. I want to rejoin a community of roleplayers who aren't afraid to walk the other path and stray away from the Utopia of everyone getting along and playing nice with each other while roasting marshmallows and singing Kumbaya.

    Is this possible once more in UO or am I clinging to a memory never to be relived?
  9. Honestly, there is a lot of that going on, on Cats now.. But there are starting to be more people that are trying to get away from it.

    ICQ me at - 453887063. I'll be blunt and honest with you, no sugar coating, and you can decide what you want to do from there.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Is this possible once more in UO or am I clinging to a memory never to be relived?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    That's the million dollar question isn't it? It's something I strive for in my Roleplaying, I remember those days fondly. Things are a bit different now, but can still be quite enjoyable. Especially if your willing to work with people... *impish grin*

    So my answer to you would be... bring it! *big grin* I know I'm game. If you would like a better feel of the current Roleplaying Community on Catskills, I highly recommend checking out the RPRing Community, it tends to be where most do congregate. http://unsertech.com/rpring/catskills/

  11. jarok

    jarok Guest

    "New" Catskills Roleplayer's Ring?

    What the heck is wrong with the old one, you know, that's like been around forever? And why would you call it the same thing? That will just confuse and frustrate people. That's not your intention, is it?
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Actually, Sutton, the "original" forum is not the original. Before that there was UOTC, or Tao Circle. Forums, like communities, evolve and develop different tastes and prefferences. And having choices has never been a bad thing.

    There have been many, and are many sites called "rings" that the many guilds of Catskills use.

    The Catskills Roleplayer's Ring is called new because...well it is new. *shrugs and smiles*

    As for the "Catskills" part of the title...well..It has Catskills in the title, right up on the main index page to specify which shard we play on.

    Feel free to register as whatever character you are playing now, if you are, and check it out.

    There is very little out of character content, no rant section, and the whole site is dedicated entirely to events and stories and in character guild histories. It is flame free and carefully moderated.

    This is not Highlander, there does not have to be only one. As stated before, some guilds use both sites. Hopefully this is not taken as a competition, division, or as a threat to the other board, that clearly was not the intention. Each board has a right to exist and to publicize.

    It is just a different style of board, with a different style of management.

    But it is still the same community using both, assuming that we are welcome at both. We didn't have to choose between those boards and Stratics, now did we? [​IMG]

    Now to put the topic back on topic...YES! There is a thriving role playing community on Catskills, growing with new players and old returning playes to join those of us that have been there for 10 years. Feel free to check out the above link for some of the guilds of the community, or if forums aren't your thing and you want in game immersion, a good place to start is the player-ran village of Aegis, easily found by running south-east from the Yew moongate in Tram.

    Hope you give us a chance, and see you in game!
  13. jarok

    jarok Guest

    Can't check it out... Sadly.
    Maybe you should work on getting that on a dedicated server or something?
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

  15. RPG Freak

    RPG Freak Guest


    Actually, Sutton, the "original" forum is not the original. Before that there was UOTC, or Tao Circle. Forums, like communities, evolve and develop different tastes and prefferences. And having choices has never been a bad thing.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Absolutely correct! I remember writing and posting on UOTC...and now wishing I had copies of what I'd written. Ahh, well.

    To get this back on topic and away from the blah, blah, blah about the hierarchy of forums that may well end up with this thread getting locked as well, I would like to say I have been impressed with the roleplayers I've come across in my time back on Catskills. Everyone has been more than friendly (OOCly that is. ICly, well, let's just say I'm happy to see some antagonists!) and I've been enjoying trying to get back into Giselle's head. Soon enough her sister, Trinity will make a reappearance.

    My head has been absolutely spinning with ideas for future plots I intend to kick off once I'm caught up on everything going on around me ingame. It's been a long while since I've enjoyed roleplay to this extent and I want to thank all the people who've helped instill it in me again. I look forward to meeting and interacting with even more of you as time goes on!
  16. I've played on Atlantic for years. And the roleplaying community is still alive and kicking. Check it out at:

  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The Catskills Roleplayer's Circle forums has a new home with a new look and a stable server. Check us out for the latest events and stories. Some of the forums is still under construction as we get everything moved from the old site. Please register and enjoy.

  18. Halister Marner

    Halister Marner Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 2, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Atlantic has a large and growing roleplay community, aye. Our boards are here if you need more information: Atlantic Roleplay Community
  19. pikon198

    pikon198 Guest

    if your looking for the nostalgia and danger of old uo look no further then siege perilous, its as close to the old ways of uo as you can get [​IMG]. I made my move here 4 months ago to siege, and man i have never been more thrilled about playing uo. Never know when a red will pop up and stab ya in the back while out exploring a dungeon or such. The rp here is light, but hopefully if i can recruit a few pirates it will pick up harhar!
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I would deff say check out CoRE on Europa and DOT more specifically

    Been RPing on Europa for 6-7 years, not as good as it was but still great!
  21. Alagos Galadrim

    Alagos Galadrim Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 28, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Atlantic has an excellent balance between good and evil - and guilds to offer just about any kind of play style you are looking for.

    Check out the Atlantic Community Boards
  22. Halister Marner

    Halister Marner Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 2, 2006
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  23. Luna Rossa

    Luna Rossa Guest

    Yes, if you are looking to RP on Pacific, SAGE is about to embark on a new journey of becoming an RP Only guild. We are part of the Pacific Role-playing Community alliance and plan on heading out on an RP excursion to Dungeon Rock this coming Feb. 5th. as an alliance event.

    If you are interested in joining us, or even just meeting some of us and seeing what we are all about by all means, the more the merrier.