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store/recall current target & 1 key provoke macro

Discussion in 'UO Enhanced Client Discussion' started by Diggity, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. Diggity

    Diggity Guest

    The command script action and the sticky thread here have been quite useful. One function that I've wanted is the ability to store and recall targets on the fly. Using the following command script bound to a hotkey, I can store the current target.

    script zz1 = WindowData.CurrentTarget.TargetId

    Then even if I lose/change the current target, I can recall this stored target to the target window/current target with the following command script bound to another hotkey:

    script WindowData.CurrentTarget.TargetId = zz1
    script TargetWindow.UpdateTarget()
    script TargetWindow.OnLClick()

    I can create additional command script/hotkeys to be able to store/recall additional targets (zz2, zz3 etc). These additional hotkeys greatly enhance my ability to target switch using SA.

    Even the ability to macro store/recall 1 target is quite useful, particularly for provocation which requires 2 targeting actions. I've used the above command scripts to create the following 1 key provocation macro to use on critters such as the Dark Father. With this macro, there is no need to cursor target or use the mouse to drag the bar of the critters you are provoking. It does assume you have already stored the DF as the saved target and are hotkey cycling targets to find what you want to provoke.

    [Provoke - current target]
    [Gildar's command script to pull current target's mobile health bar and position it above the mob (3 commands)]
    [wait for target]
    [above 3 command scripts for recalling a saved target to the target window]
    [cursor target current]

    Used this a bit yesterday in doom. Using only hotkeys to cycle target and provoke on df makes moving around while provoking quite easy since there is no need to cursor target. Having the bars automatically pulled up per Gildar's command scripts is the added bonus.

    Now if there were just a way to provoke nearest non-trivial target onto the next nearest non-trivial target...
  2. *scratches head*

    Okay, I am not sure that I understand which function does what... get a bit of a headache. Just for clarification:

    The first script stores your target in zz1?
    script zz1 = WindowData.CurrentTarget.TargetId

    Then this script recalls the target for zz1?
    script WindowData.CurrentTarget.TargetId = zz1
    script TargetWindow.UpdateTarget()
    script TargetWindow.OnLClick()

    And I can create new stored targets by replacing zz1 with zz2 or whatever for the next macro? Sounds way to nifty!

    Further - can use this to target friendly or unfriendly players? And what happens to the target if a player is within range but goes invisible or hidden?

    I think I'm going to like this one.