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~ Stories of The White Stag Vol. I ~

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Guest, Oct 2, 2004.

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    Guest Guest

    <ul>The walls of The White Stag echo the words of tales told over the ages.

    Be it stories of bravery and conquest or histories of notable Sosarians, anecdotes or accounts of adventure,
    these legends are what make the fire warmer and the company better�.


    [​IMG]<font color=red> -11/30/04!<font color=black> Illwinds at the Shattered Skull � by <font color=006400> CrimsonRose</font color=006400><ul>
    <ul><font color=00008B>This is the story of sisterhood and family. How the diversity of these young women
    affect the world around them and how the past can easily catch up with them. The fight
    to protect one sister from evil and ill will to the discovery of a history that none of them
    ever knew. Come join the Rose sisters and their cousins on a whirlwind tour of their past,
    present and possibly their future.
    </font color=00008B>[/list][/list]

    The Ancient Warriors Tale � by <font color=006400> Lady Faelyn Rose</font color=006400>
    Prologue - The Ancient Warriors Tale - <font color=8B0000> 11/03/04</font color=8B0000>

    Book One : The Traveler
    <ul><font color=00008B>�The Traveler is the story of a young warrior, Bronson, making his way through the new land of Malas
    to visit his older brother Seamus. As he follows his daring brother on several adventures
    he learns much about life, love and the wickedness of those without honor.�</font color=00008B>
    <font color=purple>~ Lady Faelyn Rose</font color=purple>

    [/list]<ul>[*]<font color=8B0000> Chapter One</font color=8B0000><font color=8B0000> � 05/07/04</font color=8B0000>[*]<font color=8B0000> Chapter Two</font color=8B0000><font color=8B0000> � 05/12/04</font color=8B0000>[*]<font color=8B0000> Chapter Three</font color=8B0000><font color=8B0000> � 05/23/04</font color=8B0000>[*]<font color=8B0000> Chapter Four</font color=8B0000><font color=8B0000> � 06/08/04</font color=8B0000>[*]<font color=8B0000> Chapter Five</font color=8B0000><font color=8B0000> � 06/28/04</font color=8B0000>[*]<font color=8B0000> Chapter Six � 07/18/04 [*]<font color=8B0000>Chapter Seven � 10/16/04</font color=8B0000>

    [/list]<font color=black> Book Two : The Bard
    <ul><font color=00008B>�As nimble as a deer, the young woman darted through the woods until she came to a fallen tree.
    Gracefully she vaulted over the log and landed on the other side with a crunch of dried leaves.
    Her breath misted the cool air as she turned to look back along the path which she had just traveled.
    The woman�s steady gaze searched the horizon. And then she saw them.�</font color=00008B>
    <font color=purple>~ Lady Faelyn Rose</font color=purple>

    [*] <font color=8B0000>Chapter One - 11/04/04</font color=8B0000>
    [*] <font color=8B0000>Chapter Two - 11/14/04</font color=8B0000>
    [*] <font color=8B0000>Chapter Three - 11/21/04</font color=8B0000>

    <ul><font color=black> Recoveries � by <font color=006400> Lord Kishkuman</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B> A wonderful continuation of <font color=191970>� Some people like the lull..�</font color=191970> started on 02/21/04<ul>~Last updated <font color=red>11/22/04</font color=red></font color=00008B>[/list][/list][/list]

    <ul><font color=black> The Mercaerin War � by <font color=006400> sablestorm</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B>Submitted 10/16/04</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> The Book of Leafsta � by <font color=006400> Angst Fretting</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B> �This is the story of the founding by the House of Fretting of the fortified ironworking village
    of Leafsta in the Deep Forest. Agnes Fretting, who foresaw its doom, fled the impending disaster,
    taking with her to settle in Trinsic two of her nephews, Jern Fretting and Smaed Fretting. I have
    tried to create a detailed background with chronology, genealogies, and descriptions of events.
    The tale continues in-game.�<font color=purple> ~ Angst Fretting</font color=purple><ul>~Last updated 12/06/04
    </font color=00008B>[/list][/list]

    <font color=black> What may come � by <font color=006400> Merka�Cartel</font color=006400><ul>

    [*]<font color=00008B> �Merka, Mistress and Noble Paladin of "The Irrelevent", finds herself face to face with a minion of
    Lord Vecna, the lord of the liches. She posseses a weapon he (Ezorn) wishes to return to his Lord,
    a small axe forged by the Power of Vecna. She had spirited it away and crossed many lands to
    escape their hunt. Will this be the end?

    This is an event story, leading to the festivities of LA's fall festival.�<font color=purple> ~ Merka�Cartel, 10/02/04</font color=purple>
    </font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> Edlynn the Gold � submitted by <font color=006400> sablestorm</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B>Submitted 09/28/04</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> The House of Pendragon � by <font color=006400> Janos Pendragon</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B>Submitted 9/26/04</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> The Dead Assassin � by <font color=006400> Azzazzin</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B> Submitted 09/25/04</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> A Dark Tale � by <font color=006400> I Need Coffee</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B>Originally submitted on 08/24/04</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> An Imp Story � by <font color=006400> Lord_Zeromus</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B>"When an eccentric imp takes his master's robe, all sorts of bad luck can befall him."</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> A story on Friendship � by <font color=006400> Newman</font color=006400><ul>

    [*]<font color=00008B>Originally submitted on 05/29/04</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> Karma Debts � by <font color=006400> sablestorm</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B>Originally submitted on 04/19/04</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> The Shadow � by <font color=006400> Minotaur2k</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B>Originally submitted on 04/05/04</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> The Thief, The Fool, and the Hero � by <font color=006400> Cody McCourt</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B>Originally submitted on 03/23/04</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> The Solen Quest � by <font color=006400> MaddMatt</font color=006400><ul>

    [*]<font color=00008B>Originally submitted on 01/30/04</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> Passage To Trinsic � by <font color=006400> Lochlyn Macduff</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B>Originally submitted on 01/09/04</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> A Whale of a Tale � by <font color=006400> Lochlyn Macduff</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B>Originally submitted on 12/30/03</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> Eyes Forward � by <font color=006400> Will414</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B>Originally submitted 12/10/03</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> Disruption of Ether � by <font color=006400> Will414</font color=006400><ul><ul>
    [*]<font color=8B0000>Disruption of Ether : Prologue � 12/10/03</font color=8B0000>[*]<font color=8B0000> Disruption of Ether : Chapter One � 12/17/03</font color=8B0000>[*]<font color=8B0000> Disruption of Ether : Chapter Two � 12/23/03</font color=8B0000>[*]<font color=8B0000> Disruption of Ether : Chapter Three � 01/03/04</font color=8B0000>[*]<font color=8B0000> Disruption of Ether : Chapter Four � 01/13/04[/list][/list]

    <font color=black> Hidden Cities � by <font color=006400> Lord Kishkuman</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B>Originally submitted 12/08/03</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> Two Eternities � by <font color=006400> Quiby</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B>Originally submitted 11/24/03</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> The Story of DanGarion, General of the Order of True Wolves � by <font color=006400> dangarion</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B>Originally submitted 11/23/03</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> A Celtic Haloween Story � by <font color=006400> Aelfgar</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B>Originally submitted 10/30/03</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> Chalice of Power � by <font color=006400> William Wolf</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B>Originally submitted 10/28/03</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> The Hunt For the Lenmir Anfinmottas : The Ancient Citadel � by <font color=006400> sablestorm</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B>Originally submitted on 09/29/03</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> Story of a smith that used to roam the land � by <font color=006400> Dern_Ironskull</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B>Originally submitted on 08/27/03</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> A Report on Skara Brae � by <font color=006400>[email protected]</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B>�These are the Journals of the Scribe Ione, Librarian of Jhelom, concerning the event's surrounding
    the mysterious curses afflicting various Nobles of Britannia, seemingly centered on Skara Brae,
    beginning in the year 370.�</font color=00008B><font color=purple>
    ~ From A Report on Skara Brae - 08/19/03</font color=purple>

    <font color=black>The Adventures of Luigi Vampa � by <font color=006400>Luigi Vampa</font color=006400><ul><ul>
    [*]<font color=black><font color=8B0000>The Adventures of Luigi Vampa � Episode I � 07/15/03</font color=8B0000>[*]<font color=black><font color=8B0000>The Adventures of Luigi Vampa � Episode II � 07/16/03</font color=8B0000>[/list]

    [/list]<font color=black> The Legend of Burilgi � by <font color=006400> Berke</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B>Orignally submitted 07/14/03</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> Some people like the lull� � by <font color=006400> Quiby</font color=006400><ul>

    [*]<font color=00008B>An adventure began on 06/07/03. Be sure to read the continuation, <font color=191970> �Recoveries�</font color=191970></font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black> The Priestess Vision � by <font color=006400>Salt FoamBreaker</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B> �...the Tillerman gripped the tiller harder and gave a slight push to port as the great warship crashed
    through the next bloodstained wave. The sea exploded in an eruption of red mist and spray, a thousand
    tiny red lights in the moonlight night. Peering through the mists searching for the next huge wave the
    tillerman paused a moment and blinked�.�</font color=00008B>
    <font color=purple>~ The Priestess Vision - 05/31/03
    </font color=purple>[/list]

    <font color=black>The Log of Golden-eyes � by <font color=006400>Goldenblack</font color=006400><ul><ul>

    [*]<font color=black><font color=8B0000> The Log of Golden-eyes � 05/02/03</font color=8B0000>[*]<font color=8B0000> The Log of Golden-eyes II � 06/01/03</font color=8B0000>[/list][/list]

    <font color=black>The Future King of Karue Gomis � by <font color=006400>Kritterly</font color=006400><ul><font color=black>
    [*]<font color=00008B> Originally submitted 04/06/03</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black>The Drums of War � by <font color=006400>The Hamburgerler</font color=006400>

    [*]<font color=8B0000>The Drums of War<font color=8B0000> � 01/07/03<font color=black>[*]<font color=8B0000>The Drums of War Part II � 01/10/03</font color=8B0000>[*]<font color=8B0000>The Drums of War Part III � 01/16/03</font color=8B0000>[/list][/list]

    <font color=black> Come Dance With Me</font color=black><font color=black> � by </font color=black><font color=006400>DrDolittle</font color=006400><font color=black>

    <ul>[*]<font color=00008B>�There are those, in the land of Sosaria, who have chosen to prey on the very lives of there fellow man.
    What ultimate price might be paid for such a life style? The cost is high, indeed, as a man named Mord
    once discovered to his eternal horror...�
    <font color=purple> ~ DrDolittle</font color=purple>
    </font color=00008B></font color=black>[/list]

    <font color=black>A farewell�s beginning � by <font color=006400>Valiant Frost</font color=006400>
    [*]<font color=00008B> RP adventure at it�s best, from 11/05/02</font color=00008B>[/list]

    <font color=black>The Adventure Begins � by <font color=006400>Torr Jerlein</font color=006400><ul>
    [*]<font color=00008B> A classic RP adventure thread started 04/18/01.</font color=00008B>[/list][/list][/list][/list]

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