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[Story] This Present Danger

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Lady_Rachel, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. Lady_Rachel

    Lady_Rachel Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Dec 18, 2004
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    This is an evolving story, written by you, the people of Sosaria.
    Add your tales. How does your household feel regarding Lord Casca?
    How are they reacting to the events swirling about us? Feel free to jump in at any point. We enjoy reading the tales of those who grace our lands.

    " James is that you in that tree? " She squinted against the sunlight.

    " Shh....Don't give me away." Carefully he dropped to the lower branches then to the ground...
    " He's after me again! "

    "Blighter!!!....find 'em Blue! "

    " Oh gods!! Got ta go sis...see you later I hope! " Adjusting his quiver he leaped into the jungle, disappearing into the wilderness.

    As she approached the shop she stepped aside as the growling, clicking Beetle made his way though the double doors. Lowering it's massive head it barreled into the foliage in hot pursuit.

    " William? What did he do this time? "

    " I leave him arrows..but is that good enough for him..NO!...he is forever pilfering me private stock! I slave all day, fletching the finest for the lads in need and he runs me out in record time! Blighter!! " He struck the blazing metal laying across his forge for emphasis.

    She sighed and nodded to the patient vendors standing ready to show their wares to any that came to view them.

    " Now don't be sighing and fretting all over the place. Blue won't hurt him none..just tackle 'em a bit. And I have plenty of stock ready...just in case. " He nodded to the teleporters and followed her up.

    " Is Clainin's Memorial done yet? " He asked once they were upstairs.

    " No. We all went. It was a lovely turnout. And most everyone gave flowers. But nothing has been done yet. He was a fine, brave man. It is such a....mystery. "

    William snorted and walked to the fireplace.

    " No mystery there..Melissa killed him sure as I am standing here. Oh she had her minions there..no doubt. But it was all smoke and mirrors. They fight over us like a herd of mongbats over a rib. They will tear us all asunder again. Mark my words lass."

    " Clainin was safe with the healers in New Haven. He shouldn't have been moved. It would have been better for him if he had not had the protection of our ruler. " She rubbed her forehead.

    " Ruler...aye...that he professes to be. He will play his true hand yet. Wait and see. Then those that are ready will oppose him. There is talk..whispered about. Many are preparing. "

    " He comes, as an unknown, the prosecuter of Ricardo. Then the Council, of which all conveniently die, 'cept him. To pronounce himself ruler over all. It does not sit well with folks. " He turned to face her.

    " Rachel. What is holding you back from going to view him? You have not seen this man yet have you?"

    " I...No. I have not. I fear what I will feel in his presence. "

    " His soul is dark, tis said. " He answered watching her.

    " That is my fear William. " She pulled her robes tighter about her shoulders. Her eyes met his with a fire blazing from their depths.

    " When we meet. I fear I will feel his darkness. His disregard for those in this land.....and that I cannot abide."
  2. Lady Aalia

    Lady Aalia Atlantic's Finest
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 13, 2003
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    The sun was finally setting over the ancient Yew Trees.
    Aalia was sitting on the Balcony of her Library enjoying the last warm Rays of sun. Schneeball was frolicking around the grass downstairs…too long had he been locked inside.

    The winter month had been unusually long and gloomy, and so much had happened.

    While the dreading invasions where finally defeated, Aalia still had this feeling of darkness in her heart.
    Oh yes Britannia had a new King…and everything should be getting better, but it just didn’t seem right to her.
    Aalia had watched Casca take the claim to Lord British’s throne and seen the crowed react to his claims.

    And then there where his proclaimed Victories… but who was this man.
    She got up from the balcony lost in thoughts; she walked into the big Library hall heading for her office.
    All the new faces she had met in the last weeks, the new Allies she made … It all had to mean something.

    She shuffled her papers, trying to clean up and prepare for the tasks ahead in the morning, but she could not shake it.
    It all felt so wrong…

    Even the nobles she had met in Britain, the Fair Lady that was so beautiful and wise seemed to be cautious of the situation.
    Yes something had to be done…
    Aalia grabbed a Quill and a stack of papers; she sat down at her desk and wrote several letters…
    She rolled them up tightly and walked to the small balcony of the Library where she kept her currier Birds.

    She whispered some instructions into their ears and watched them fly out.

    Aalia was very worried….
  3. Miss Ghost

    Miss Ghost Guest

    Ghost wandered round the house not really noticing anything there, lost in thought holding some parchment in her hands that she would glance at again and again and *sigh*. She knew who had sent the fine bird that had delivered it to her not half an hour ago and, like Aalia, Ghost too was worried about events that had happened.

    There were wispers on the wind of wrongdoing and she had noticed people glancing furtively at each other, slight nods and huddled gatherings of people talking earnestly yet quietly, careful not to be overheard.

    And this Casca ... *sighs* ... what of him?

    Ghost had been there when he proudly, or was that smuggly, proclaimed that he had been 'elected' as the new King. She for one would never acknowledge him as her ruler. There were too many unanswered questions about how the Council had been massacred, and under what threats were the new Council acting? Though polite and friendly they seemed ill at ease, as though under careful scrutiny, or was that just Ghost's imagination running away with her again ...

    Shortly after Casca had made his proclamation Sherry had appeared, creeping carefully out of the mousehole under the throne. She was unhappy about the events and I know Casca wishes her dead. What deeds and words has she witnessed that threatens his plans? I like Sherry, there is something genuine about her, unlike Casca! I shall listen carefully to her words.

    And now Clainin ... I cannot believe he has gone, something in my mind and heart tells me that this isn't so. I was there like many to offer flowers, yet it all seemed surreal, like and Act in a play. The truth is shrouded, cloaked by lies and deceit, how many layers must we unravel to discover the truth and if we do ... what then?

    All these thoughts and many other flew round Ghost's head and sighing again she looked out over the clear blue sea, looked once more at the letter from Aalia, then headed inside to take up a quill.

    My dearest friend Aalia ....
  4. Cear Dallben Dragon

    Cear Dallben Dragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 17, 2005
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    Cear Dallben stood atop his home on the Isle of the Avatar, gazing across the sea to the Shrine of Humility. Everynow and then thoughts of the new King came across his mind. Should he care?

    There were to many mysteries surrounding the Elf King to count. Very distracting. Why hold up in Blackthorns castle? Maybe it was to not look like he was taking British's throne directly.
    Maybe... it was because, he symbolizes chaos.

    All in all, the question is, will this man be good or bad, for the Zog Cabal.

    Cear does wish for peace upon the earth. Chaos can bring both peace and destruction.

    *Flips a Coin*
  5. She wrapped the book in black cloth, regarding it one last time before she locked it away forever. It had been a gift to her on her thirteenth birthday, given to her by Clainin himself. Abigail allowed her fingers to trace the raised surface of the front of book, and was lost in thought. She never heard the knock on the door.

    "Abigail? Are you alright?" she heard from behind her.

    "Uh...I'm sorry, I was just..." she managed, wiping the tears from eyes.

    Morgana approached her, and placed her arm around her from behind.

    "I can't believe he is gone" Abigail said, fighting back the tears.

    "I can't believe that murderous son of a pancake elf had him killed" Morgana spat, trying to control her rage.

    "I know you think it was Casca, but we don't have any proof" Abigail said.

    "Abi, look at what has happened. It is obvious. Casca is in league with the Shadowlords" Morgana responded.

    "I wanted to go to the memorial. I should have been there" Abigail said, her breath heavy.

    "You know why you could not. There was no way we could have secured you there. The last time we grew careless, we fell into Casca's, and the Shadowlords', trap" Morgana said. "Now that Casca's assassins have the Enlil'nishar, we cannot be too cautious."

    "I know, but I think Lord British would have wanted me to be there. And I think that father would have too" Abigail said.

    "Come on, let's take some air. The sun is going down, and the sky is so beautiful tonight" Morgana urged.

    They made their way to the top of the tower, and just as Morgana had said, the sky was ablaze with color, as the sun was slowly disappearing behind the horizon. In that moment, they stood together, two sisters that had seen more pain and conflict and strife than any two others ever could, and they watched as the shadows grew long, in silence.

    "What is that?" Abigail asked, finally breaking the long silence.

    "Where?" Morgana asked.

    "There. It looks like ... a bird approaching" Abigail said.

    Morgana squinted to try and make it out, but her eyesight was not what Abigail's was. It was a bird, a messenger bird.

    "I still don't see it..." Morgana began, and then she saw it.

    "You need to start sleeping more sis, your eyes are failing you" Abigail jested.

    But it was not a lack of sleep that was wearing Morgana down. It was the sudden whirlwind of events. The Guild was growing again, she had taken on all of the responsibilities of the ArchProtectors in their absence, and was spreading herself too thinly.

    "No! I see it" she said, realizing that her sister was right.

    The messenger bird arrived, and Abigail untied the note from it.

    "It is for you" Abigail said, handing Morgana the note.

    Morgana quickly read the note, and then looked up from it, taking in the image of her sister against the backdrop of the fading sunlight.

    "What is it?" Abigail asked.

    "Something from a dear friend" Morgana replied. "Come on, let's go inside. I need to visit someone."

    "Do you want me to come along?" Abigail asked, knowing what the answer would be.

    "I think it would be best if I make this trip alone" Morgana said.
  6. Lady Aalia

    Lady Aalia Atlantic's Finest
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 13, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Aalia was waiting on the Balcony of any sign of her birds returning.
    The night had not been good and after lots of tossing and turning, she had gotten up und and returned to the Library to wait on news.

    She was not even sure if any of her allies would reply and if the felt the way Aalia did….

    Maybe she was just imagining things…
    Fog was rising over the meadow in front of the library; it looked as if the clouds had swallowed the big marble Building. The Sun was not up yet but you could see dim rays creeping their way out of the blackness of the night.
    The night seemed to turn into another beautiful spring day; Aalia just could not bring herself to enjoy the many colors the sky was turning. Schneeball was trotting sleepily towards her, his head bumping his Mistress hand in hopes of getting a good ear scratch.

    Too long had she been gazing out at what seemed nothing at all and the Cu Sidhe felt like he finally deserved some attention.

    Aalia brushed through the silky hair of her Companion, still lost in thought.
    What would the new Day bring… hopefully some reinsurance from her friends…?
    Aalia sighted…. That would be a good thing.
  7. Miss Ghost

    Miss Ghost Guest

    … My Dearest Friend Aalia …

    Ghost paused, letting the feather of the quill drift lazily across her brow. She unfurled the parchment, she had received from Aalia, once more and read the words with a little frown furrowing the brow the feather was tracing. Looking back at her own letter, barely begun, thoughts of what would happen if she wrote what was on her mind down and the letter was intercepted, filled her head. After several minutes she sighed deeply, put the quill to one side took up the piece of parchment with those four words on it, held it over a candle and watched the paper curl and burn to nothing. This done she got up and headed up the cold stone stairs to her rooms at the top of the house.

    As Ghost carefully packed a few belongings into a beautifully woven bag her mind was wandering off again.

    How many months was it now that her friend Zotar had left? The house had been his, when one day, without any prior warning, he had begged her to see him. On arriving she had found him hastily packing some clothes and other essentials into a holdall and on looking round she noticed the house had been stripped of all his favourite possessions. Questions filled her head but Zotar pre-empted them all tumbling out when he started to speak. Ghost would never forget those words, spoken in a harsh whisper whilst the terrified look in his eyes had filled her with dread, “I have to go Ghost, I haven’t the time to explain fully, all I can say is that I saw what happened to …”. He stopped short, trembling and looked frantically out of the beautiful stained glass window towards the sea. “I can’t stay, I must leave now, I have already said too much”. He pushed a ring full of old keys into my hand, opened his mouth as if to speak once more, then looked once more out of the window. His face became ashen and he ran towards the stairs, almost falling down them in his haste. As I called to him to stop, to tell me what was going on he cried out to me, “don’t follow me Ghost, don’t ever try to find me”. Then he spoke ancient words and was gone …

    Ghost sighed again and looked up from her packing and out of that same beautiful window towards the sea. Where had Zotar gone, what had he witnessed and what had he seen, that day with me, through the window that had so terrified him? She had no answers to any of those questions yet, but she would not stop searching despite his warnings not to …

    Her bag packed Ghost walked round the house carefully making sure all the windows were secure and locked the door. Ghost quickly walked to where a ghostly creature, who's shape shifted as though made of gossamer, waited patiently for her, tossing his magnificent head from which a single shadowy horn protruded.

    The fears, that Ghost guessed Aalia had, were hers too. Change was coming on dark wings and shadows.

    Taking one last look out over the calm sea Ghost turned the head of her ethereal unicorn and set off …
  8. The heavy iron door clanked shut as Morgana made her way out of her bedroom and into the hallway. She had scarcely gotten out of the door when when she heard her calling.

    "Morgana? Where are you off to?" It was Katie, one of the new Protectors.

    "I am headed off to see Lady Aalia. She has an urgent matter to discuss with me, and I her" Morgana responded.

    "You should not go alone. Casca's assassins are all over the place, and we have not seen MoonlightMyst in some time. We don't know what she could be up to" Katie interjected.

    "Moon and I have put the past to rest. She means me no harm. And I can handle Casca's Drow" Morgana said, but she knew there was no talking Katie out of going.

    The two shared a look for a moment...and then Morgana said with a smirk "Okay. Pack your things, you may come along."

    Katie's young face brightened as she hurried off to gather her supplies. It had been so long since Morgana had felt this way. There were young Neophytes and Protectors coming and going at all hours. The Guild Tower, which had grown stale and dusty, like a museum to the past ... or maybe a crypt, had become as lively as the market in Luna. She made her way downstairs, and there she saw several new guild members having a meal, and laughing and talking. It warmed her heart, like waking up on a cold winter's morning to a large, hot, breakfast with one's family.

    "Morgana!! Come and join us!" she heard one of the say.

    "I would love to, but I am afraid I am need elsewhere" she replied with a smile.

    "Are you ready Mi'Lady?" she heard from behind her.

    "Yes. I am all set. We should make haste" she responded.

    They made their way into the stable, and Morgana strapped her pack on to her faithful companion, Rayder. He was looking rather tired, and showing his age, she thought, as she climbed into the saddle.

    He's not the only one showing his age she thought to herself as she watched the young woman she was traveling with climbing on to her horse with envy.
  9. Ahuaeyjnkxs

    Ahuaeyjnkxs stranger diamond

    Nov 16, 2008
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    *Ahu was lying miserably asleep over a pile of books in Halisters Library, he was obviously growing impatient as to if it was possible that what he seeked was here, somewhere. He had spent 7 days reading without stopping and sleep had finally reason of him on the 8th. The air had turned murky and humid, somehow this made the books a comforting thing to lie on. Half consciously he pulled his extra kimono out of his belongings to serve as a blanket and fell in a very awkward position, probably dreaming of understanding the purpose of all his story, or that he had friends to assist him in his quest for truth.*

    A shadow slowly crept up the stairs and soon leaned over him, Ahu's dreams soon turned to a nightmare and he exclaimed outloud :

    "Captain, I have a big feeling about this place... perhaps we went in too deep, some things are better left buried, lets blow up this place !" *turns in his sleep*

    "Captain Johne ! If this is a creature's lair, I doubt my magic can get us out this time, the only way out seems to be the way we came in. Captain ?"

    *screams in a most terrified way*

    Captain is that you ? *backs off shoving the books aside and hits the wall with strength, without waking up* Captain ! No, please, don't !

    *looks terrified and screams for his life*

    *a black arrow pierces Ahu's left shoulder and deep through into the towers granit, ahu wakes up in a whirlwind of emotion, he starts to sweat profusely as he sees a dark figure holding a small gem, swirling it around between its fingers to make sure he sees its no ordinary rock*

    You wont corrupt me ! I am stronger than you !

    *a wave of unfathomable pain is sent through Ahu's nerve and he convulses and starts to cry but in vain*

    *Ahu takes his good hand and picks up a book to throw it at them, as he does so he sees the figure separate into three distinct shadows ; his eyes flare with a fire he had not felt in a long while as he pushes himself up slightly, defying the pain ; he makes himself salivate and spit at the figures which lean over him side by side*

    *the figure utters a magic incantation and drops the dark gem in ahu's left hand which instantly clings to it, his fingernails digging deep into his flesh and black blood starting to flow from the wounds, slowly his hand turns dry and blackens*

    *the pain being stronger than his will Ahu shakes in terror and is obviously overwhelmed ; he screams :*

    I have friends ! They will come for me ! *the fever makes Ahu delirious shortly after but he keeps a straight face in challenge and stares at them with a chill going up his spine as he can feel them smiling*

    *the infection creeping up his elbow the figures seems satisfied and leave the place, the one with a female voice casting a spell that makes Ahu very sleepy*

    *Ahu fakes to succumb very fast and when the creatures are gone he gets out his war axe and with one strong swing chops his own hand off ; the infection creeps up in his veins sending a shockwave of terror in Ahu's mind but stops, he immediately looses consciousness and lays there loosing much blood*
  10. Ahuaeyjnkxs

    Ahuaeyjnkxs stranger diamond

    Nov 16, 2008
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    Ahu woke up over 2 hours later, it was perhaps a little more since the sun was nowhere to be seen anymore. A wave of pain had brought him back to consciousness like a strong burn that tingles the mind. He grasped the arrow in vain, trying to break it but it somehow fused to the tower itself at such an angle that he did not have the strength to push himself off. His belongings were lying all over the floor and the guild communication crytal was far out of reach ; he could however hear them. They went about their day to day business, talking of smithing and crafts, of hunts and glory ; something about a new alliance also.

    Usually he would log on and his friends would inquire about how he was, invite him to the hunts, but not today ; and he was pretty sure they knew he was there as they always periodically check the crystals. Ahu was so weak that he could barely stay awake and he knew that if he didn't eat something he would pass out and never wake up again. Happily he had the reflex while sleeping to wrap his newly amputated hand in his kimono and press it under one of his thighs, clotting the wound before he ran out of blood. He knew he could not move much however, as the clot was huge and not very solid yet. Leaning over he took a gobelet and scooped some of his own blood which had mysteriously had separated itself from the black blood that flowed earlier forming a donut about the red. Drinking the blood with much reluctance he found himself in such a fever that his perceptions were all distorted, he was engaged with the most displeasing toughts about lust, greed and death ; he seemed to hear it through the communication crytal now too.

    Ahu couldn't stand the taste of blood for long, even though these few cups gave him energy to remain awake a bit, so he managed to collect some of his own urine and wash the blood out of his mouth. "This isn't the best" he tought, but at least he knew it was cleaner and healthier. Pain waves soon got reason of him and he snapped into unconsciousness again.
  11. Ahuaeyjnkxs

    Ahuaeyjnkxs stranger diamond

    Nov 16, 2008
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    Ahu woke up in the early morning due to a cold wind which came from the front door and made the arrow searingly painful again, he looked around and suspected that his horse had decided to wander around on his own, and knocked the doors open. Since he could'nt do much else, ahu started to ponder about the events of late. He had met that Casca when he shattered the blood crystals and to him it raised more questions than answers. He had followed him around unconspicuously and looking at how he reacted to the other players who asked him, why didn't you help us fight (he answered I am a king I don't need to fight), where were you during the fight (he answered I am a king I don't need to answer your questions) then I took the little moment of silence to ask him :

    "Sir, a great mage like you can surely gate us back to the Abbey"...

    He looked at me dropped his shoulers as if he was too weak and tought a fitting reply : "I am afraid we will have to use the gate at the entrance, please follow me Milord." He stood there, trying not to show he lacked the power to make a proper gate, and started running. All the while Morgana was trying to have him acknowledge her identity, which he also did with a simple "Indeed". So what is it with us that deserved an answer from a king ? Again more questions... Prosecutor Casca, Ambassador Casca, King Casca... Is there a title this man has not had yet ? How did he climb so fast without anyone even knowing about him ?

    Ahu shook the toughts off his mind for a moment and listened in the distance. Hearing a crane he had a marvelous idea since he could not move (his shoulder had stopped bleeding as well) he thus called the bird and it came. Ahu managed to point out some breads in his belongings which the crane eat with much pleasure, he then managed to convince the bird that he was hungry as well and asked the bird to go get some for him in exchange. Being who he is Ahu was sucessful and soon many cranes came back with berries and... insects too. Ahu ate it all without complaining and felt much better, the tought crossed his mind that this would be a wonderful morning if he had not a darned arrow planted in his shoulder, he seemed to notice at that point that the arrow gave him pain by feeding on his grudges.

    Ahu had been thinking alot before he joined the PoV, he felt it was something special which only a few people could access by gaining the trust of its fine guildmistress. But he had failed his friends, he had been gumpy and sometimes even out of line. He had been killed by his own guildmistress for a comment that many felt was sladering woman, but of course was not intended that way. But then he was allowed to join again, keeping his honorary title that recognised that he was the avatar of legend, the life (or water) bearer.

    But then the guild had grown, his comments about quality being better than quantity were utterly laughed at, and as the whole guild structure changed, there was no room for Ahu anymore. He was downgraded to protector supposedly not to make the others jealous and noone ever talked to him anymore, even if he had only a few days left on this realm. Ahu did not know how he would be pulled off this world yet, but he knew he would since he was a companion. And right now it would seem that fever and illness would take him down as his wounds were starting to infect badly, especially his wrist wound.

    Ahu had never felt so lonely in his entire life... and hearing the chatter over the crystals, a joyful and camaradry tone made him feel even more excluded. He tried to think of nothing and prepare to die, sorting his good memories from the bad ones to make sure he brought with himself only what is sharable. Waves of pain came back and Ahu was knocked unconscious once again.
  12. Ahuaeyjnkxs

    Ahuaeyjnkxs stranger diamond

    Nov 16, 2008
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    Ahu woke up for what looked to be one last time in the middle of the night, he didn't really know, his emotions were pathos and 10 fold ; but he was unable to feel them anymore, his body was drawing all the energy off his mind, something in this arrow was pulling him towards another realm, or was it his infected arm which crept up his mind ? The sheer terror of the tought sent more jolts of pain in his being, ahu fought hard against it but it had reason of him once again, he was about to die and he knew it. He knew also that if someone came to see him while he was unconscious, he would not be visible to them, due to the planeshifting. He focused hard and started writting in a book, so that he would not leave without a trace... but the pain and sickness eating him finally got reason of him, he went numb due to all the mandrake he had eaten and passed on.

    "Thats what I call hitting the bottom of the barrel" were his last words.

    Ahu woke up but the feeling crept up to him in an unpleasant elightenment ; he was in the heart of the abyss once again.

    "Will I ever leave this place for good ! It even seems a bit presomptuous of me to be stucked here again, I should write now and see if I can transcend myself again and deliver those books in the middle plane."

    Ahu had this habit of talking to himself, this way he knew that this reflexions were not too shallow to convey some sense to his soul, the longer the phrase the better ; within a certain limit he often tought and laughed out : perseverance is also a virtue. So he went on and wrote, knowing that if someone found the exact spot where hie body was lying and managed to convince the gods that he could hear a direction and get out of here, and deliver his books. But he would not count on that, it was his nightmare, his heavyness, and he would let noone carry even a bit. He knew that some gifted avatars would see what happened to him this time, he had learned to love again and was not so invisible anymore, fame he had not but he liked to think he had trust.

    Ahu seemed to suit himself at home in this hostile space, he has total control of his immediate vicinity, but the sounds of chaos outside always work on his nerves ; it is sheer horror to be submerged in this so called white noise he tought. Pondering on his own death and realising how futile he was again ; that discouraged him greatly of ever learning to die properly. After all he could have the whole abyss for himself, never die... but really what good is this, if noone is free : what he want to see, it's right here when he wants it, and it feels more real that real, the enigmatic contradiction of feeling like you are burning yet completely frozen water enhance all senses. Ahu was no better than any other human in that respect, he was definately not a saint. He cared for the humans and of course all living things, he was born in the semblance of a human for a very good reason ! He was being made to be a living lie, which would focus the power of the whole galaxy in one nexus where the queens would be able to birth stars, of their own will ; their goal was to defy god and be able to create life. Thus they needed a genetic continuity of earth life force : human lifeforce to accomplish their goals, this was the greatest population and ease of seizing that existed. Thus he felt miserable for the way he even let his friends. He made himself more and more distant because he was hesitant and corrupt from the beginning, but he would not acknoledge it, there had to be some good in him ; some good drop of water who would feel like a human. Here he was, in the womb of his mother again, trying to make a puzzle which was close to undecypherable to perhaps allow someone somewhere to grasp his holographic potentials and fight for Sosaria's survival.

    "I always seem to think when I wake up, if the first moment I woke up was truely the moment of awakening ?"

    "I was born in this darned place, the technomancers call it matrix, the gargoyles call it the stygian abyss, I call it, bliss ! Am I delirious to think it now links everything ? it seems to extend in all directions like a vast web in which I now find myself equal with all Avatars."

    "Through here I can see them all how they are withering, their fears, their darkness and their incoherences is my mother."

    The last time he recalls waking up is in the void (the realm of authentic emotive pain), which mirror is the abyss ; where his mother whom he calls the Orion queen left him alone to see if he would imagine somethings on his own from knowledge alone. He was not a creation of god... He was something unknown animated by a form of desperate love, but love nonetheless. His mother never allowed him to go anywhere, his manifestation was a dark cave, with small holes which diffused a very low light in the egg shaped place. There statues abounded, books, and even magical ones.

    Ahu soon began doubting that those who wrote the books might not have his best interest in mind, or that he was writting them himself at the same pace he was reading. He would cross from the void to the abyss ina breath however, and find himself pondering what a world was like.

    Being a companion Ahu also would dream that he lived on Earth, there he also lived a similiar kind of fate, albeit less drastic and with alot more positive elements, but notheless the same. He was one of the lucky ones down there, even if he owed more than he ever had, he was not one to complain of his situation, he ate and had pure water, which seemed like a miracle in itself. Work seemed such a blessing in this light. Yet he was compromised here, fully exposed to all those "channels" there as well.

    He licked his fingers and realised his numbness, flipped the page and tought about pleasant memories.

    "Balance my friends : balance in virtue, balance in alchemy, balance in philosophy and balance in astrology. Never forget about balance"

    Ahu exaclaimed himself when he remembered that the last thing he had seen was his darkened hand closed in a tight fist and balancing in the wind towards the stone of the last guild he had partaked on before the great cataclysm which split the world in two : The Order of the Ebon skull. He chuckled at his own chidishness and kept writting, haveing so many bright faces and strong characters populating his memories, he was not about to lack inspiration.

    "Blessed they be by the love of my soul."
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    Morning had turned into noon and Aalia was finally finished with the Guide she had been working on.

    Books and scrolls where scattered all across the table and floor and it seemed like a hurricane had rushed through her little study.

    She was exhausted... the long night and hours that she put into the document finally started taking their toll.

    Schneeball was still dozing in the Sun that blazed through the windows.

    None of the birds had returned and Aalia was wondering if she may have been imagining things... none of her Friends had replied nor had any of then stopped by yet.
    She was wondering if she overreacted....

    The young woman untied the ribbon holding her hair together hoping for some relief on the pounding headache she was nursing, but it didn't seem to make any difference.

    Aalia gathered her things, and opened her book to chant the familiar spell of travel, when she heard footsteps on the stairway leading up ....
  14. "Don't be so difficult Rayder..." Morgana said, as she attempted to hitch the powerful nightmare.

    Katie was half way up the steps, and turned to see Morgana having trouble and said "What's wrong with him? He never misbehaves?"

    "I don't know...he seems irritated" Morgana said as Rayder rared back slightly, pulling against the reigns. "Stop it Rayder!"

    But it was no use, he refused to be hitched.

    "Fine. Wander around out here. See if I care!" Morgana said, dropping the reigns. But this was not enough, Rayder then pushed himself between the steps and Morgana.

    "It's like he doesn't want you to go in. You don't think something is wrong here do you?" Katie asked.

    "That is a possibility. Can you scout it out Katie?" Morgana asked.

    "Of course" Katie replied with a grin as she ducked into the shadows.

    Katie was an extremely skilled scout, and was very stealthy when she needed to be. This proved to be a source of endless amusement for her around the Guild Tower, where doors would suddenly open or close for seemingly no reason, or a hooded figure would be visible for only a moment. More than one plate of food or drink were spilled by startled victims, and there was much giggling on the part of the stealthy little sprite.

    A few moments passed, and Rayder continued to struggle. Suddenly Katie appeared from no where "Morgana!"

    Between the sudden start of Katie's re-appearance, and a well timed brush by Rayder, Morgana found herself flat on her behind.

    "You have to stop doing that!!" Morgana said, half jokingly.

    "It looks all clear. The only person around is Lady Aalia. Everything looks normal, but she might want to consider tidying the place up a bit" Katie said with a smile as she helped Morgana to her feet.

    With this, Rayder was off like a shot.

    "Where is he going?" Katie asked.

    "Crazy horse!" Morgana shouted after; he was almost out of sight already.

    They stood there for a moment, watching Rayder disappear into the distance, both puzzled, then made their way up the steps.
  15. As they approached the door, it opened.

    Lady Aalia greeted them...

    "Is everything alright? I heard a clamor" she asked.

    "Yes, I am sorry, but my mount decided to run off" Morgana said, rubbing the sore spot on her back side.

    "I am sorry to hear that. He seems like such a loyal companion" Aalia said.

    "He normally is" Morgana said with a shrug. "I will find him in a bit."

    Aalia smiled "Where are my manners, please, come inside."

    The trio entered the library.

    "I received your note mi'lady" Morgana began. "And I share your concerns. You know that it is my contention that Casca is not only false, and a usurper, but that he is in league with dark forces from beyond our world. And I know that you are aware of my sister's claim to the throne."

    "Aye" Lady Aalia replied.

    "I have never asked you confirm support for my sister. I know that her claim may seem outrageous, but I would never lie to you" Morgana said. "But we have a bigger problem than Abigail at the moment. Something must be done about Casca."
  16. Meanwhile, at Halister's:

    Ahu lay fading from life, slipping in to permanent death. He never heard the door being trampled down by the powerful black steed.

    Rayder approached him, sensing that he yet lived. A healing spell was cast to slow Ahu's descent into oblivion, then the powerful horse gripped Ahu's kimono firmly in his mouth, and he began dragging him from the library.

    The destruction of the front of the library had caused a stir, and on lookers were astonished to see Rayder dragging the mauled figure out of the library.

    "That animal has gone wild and has killed that man!!" one onlooker shouted. "Someone do something!!"

    "Call the guards!" another said.

    But no one dared to approach the black beast, as he continued pulling the body along slowly.

    They watched, in horror and awe as Ahu's seemingly dead body was dragged through the street.

    Then a voice was heard "Rayder?! What are you doing?"

    It was Abigail LeFay. She dismounted her horse, and ran over to Ahu's body.

    "Oh gods Ahu! What happened to you?"

    But there was no answer.
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    Aalia felt exhausted, she had been sitting in the office for hours now.
    Morgana and Katie where still in there examining scrolls and documents that Aalia had collected over the years.

    So much was at stake and it just felt all wrong. For years the citizens had been patiently waiting for their rulers return. Wild stories had circulated and rumors spread…

    Nothing had seemed important or urgent then until the council was slain.
    She still hadn’t received word from many of her friends and that worried her deeply. If there was anything to be done she wouldn’t be able to do it on her own.

    How could she….
    The air outside was nice and warm, the sheep peacefully grazing in the paddock.

    Aalia sighed and walked back up the stairs to her office.
    Both women raised their heads when she walked in. Morgana pointed to a stack of books that she had set aside.
    “I found some very interesting stuff in these” she said.
  18. Miss Ghost

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    Ghost sat relaxed and comfortable on her ethereal mount as it made it’s way through the trees. Looking at the beauty around her and listening to the birds and small creatures it would be easy to dismiss the doubts and fears that had caused her to embark on this journey. Were they just being fanciful and imagining the darkness and subtle threats … Ghost shook herself from her daydreaming … no sadly she believed that soon Casca, she would never call him King, would show his true colours, and then he and his minions would demand the people to acknowledge him or suffer the consequences.

    This would never do, her dallying like this. Aalia would be wondering why she hadn’t replied to the note her bird had brought. Though she would have preferred to travel slowly and enjoy the journey Ghost pulled out her tome of spells, spoke the words only those with arcane knowledge would understand and vanished from where she had pulled her mount to a halt. A few moments later she reappeared, but outside the house where she knew Aalia would be waiting for her.

    Getting off her mount Ghost patted him and as she turned to walk up the stairs he slipped from view back to the ethereal plane that was his true home, until Ghost would call on him again.

    Walking slowly up the stone stairs Ghost heard the sound of soft pads as Schneeball, Aalia’s huge Cu Sidhe bounded down to greet her, nearly knocking her back down the stairs as he did so. Laughing Ghost hugged the huge shaggy beast, as pleased to see him again as he was her. Schneeball turned round clumsily on the stairs again almost knocking her over and they both headed to the top.

    Hearing the commotion Aalia came to investigate smiling happily as she spotted Ghost. Though returning the smile Ghost was shocked at how tired Aalia looked. Her dear friend looked exhausted as though she hadn’t slept in a very long time. Pushing those thoughts aside she wrapped her arms round Aalia in an affectionate embrace saying, “I came as quickly as I could.”

    The voices of two other women could be heard and Ghost looked questioningly at Aalia … “I am guessing this is going to be a long visit my friend…?”
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    Ahu looked in the distance and barely had time to disembody before rayder caught his foot in his mouth. He shrieked with an uncanny voice trying to keep his books close as a vortex opened behind the nightmare, using telekinesis he threw stuff at the stallion trying to discourage it from taking his body since it would also take his feelings and all his senses with it, leaving him without his heart to put into his writtings. He was rarely surprised, but he was not prepared for this !

    Barely being able to write a few final lines as he felt the books slip from his control, the 6 volumes all going into his body's hands. He looked terribly upset but his mind was tickling at the same time !

    "Where did he learn to do that !" He exclaimed himself...

    "Wait I can still talk ? What is this magic ! Morgana !!! You will never cease to amaze me..."

    He giggled and laughed uncontrollably as his body was pulled back through the vortex, the feeling soon passed but a lingering tickle kept him questioning the situation.

    "I should be senseless and without power now !" He stood there trying to hide his giddyness in vain, was he even visible ? He could still use his telekinesis on the objects nearby, but he had no substance, and seemed to have lost all his inspiration.

    "I was about to write that even if I am far away, my heart will always be with the PoV... thats ironic. I hope they take care of that body... it was a nice one for a change !"

    The ground opened below his feet and he felt his soul being ripped apart in the most painful fashion. He felt nauseated and crippled in a way he had never experienced before, as if his heart would bleed infinite blood ; the tickle was more like a torture right now in mixing with the pain and nausea.

    "Gods ! Dragons ?! in the abyss... ? What is going on..."

    He shrugged and after a moment humbled himself nonchalantly and tried to get himself heard :

    "My... queen, is that you ?"

    Ahu was upset at calling a woman he did not love his queen, it made him even more nauseous as noone seemed to hear him. The gods and dragons were all pretty busy down there, building and tinkering, it was a vast and seemingly very organised endeavor. Ahu was not used to see such happenings in the abyss, having spent thousands of years here he was used to see clueless trapped consciousnesses, suicided people lost in their own illusions, endless pain repeating itself everyday, he was not so sure if this was a welcome change. Even if the abyss was chaotic beyond beleif, challenging the imagination of even the most gifted, one thing was for certain : it always had a bottom, if you walked on the ground you could be sure it was always solid and flat ; this is what attracted him in this place at first. This transcient certitude that he could always focus his mind on "higher reasoning centers"... this sense of freedom from the mundane and bestial is why he seeked to own this realm in the past.

    But now it had all changed, on who's authorithy ? The mystery deepened for him and he was seemingly helpless to interact with it anymore, his room was still there with all his books, his potions, his baubbles... But he could not use any of it dynamically, and he was definately trapped in a kind of bubble, hovering over this volcano crater meteorite looking thing, into which gods and dragons were seemingly working hand in hand to build tunnels to reach... something.

    "The gargoyles !!!" Ahu motioned to slap his forehead and found himself rolling over multiple times, hitting the side of the bubble which enhanced his nausea tenfold.

    "This is bad, this is really really bad !!!" He could not even puke to releive his nausea...

    He started to test the boundaries of his prison systematically, frantically walking in circles and thinking of a way out, there had to be one !
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    "...therefore extended furlough will be granted for all warriors effective immediately. Signed King Casca. "

    Whooping and huzzah's were cut short as commanders wheeled to glare.

    "When the call is put out to return you will be expected to answer. No matter what shape you are in. Is that clear!! " The general's face reddened as his voice rose.

    " Sir Yes Sir!!" Hundreds answered in unison.

    Throwing the parchment he had been reading from in the direction of his clerk he barked, " Dismissed! "

    Sterling stood stunned as her troops poured around her heading for the barracks to grab their packs.

    ' Cheese races??!!...we are being given mass furlough to enjoy cheese races? '

    Slowly returning to collect her things she was greeted by a group of her men still milling about the barracks.

    " M'lady, begging your pardon. A few of us would rather stay about if that would be ok with you? Just to kind of keep an eye on things."

    A slight smile lit her face as she met the eye of each man that had choosen to stay. Training would tell after all, she thought.

    " It is your furlough to do with as you wish. And as I am not one much for long furloughs, I will think I will be returning after a quick stop home. See you in few days then men. "


    Kneeling before the chest she ran a hand along the top of it. Collector of Souls he had been, said the young Samurai who had gifted it to her. He had tried to collect hers but had failed and lost his instead. The chest had been one of the many things he had carried. He would be spinning in his grave, had he one, if he knew what treasures his chest now harbored.

    Unlocking the heavy lid she pulled out a delicate golden necklace, with a filigree cage dangling from it. Light radiated from the orb captured in the cage as she dropped it over her head.

    " Why are you taking that out! "

    " Sterling! You scared the life out of me! " She turned quickly, catching the orb in her hand and tucked it into her dress.

    " You said when you got it, only in the most dire circumstance would you ever wear it. Why now? Is not all at peace? "

    " I cannot explain Sterling. It is no one thing I can say.. see there it is..the danger. It is a feeling. A premonition of things to come. Unsettling things and events. Mysteries and falsehoods swirling around cloaking the truths. I saw Ahu drug through the streets today. He was alive and being tended, but his eyes. It was as if he was not there. And I heard that all the militia were given furlough? Is that true? "

    " Yes by order of our illustrious King. " She snorted.

    " So just like that? All the troops have disbanded and we are unguarded? "

    " Well not quite. Some of the troops have remained and I am returning also. I just stopped to let you know that the roads may not be safe and to be on guard. "

    She gave Sterling a hug.

    " I will be. Thank you. I am just on my way to Aalia's. She sent a message while I was out. I came back to find Boris entertaining a wren with a message tied to her leg. "

    " That old fossil isn't dead yet? " Sterling looked to the corner of the room.

    " OLD FOSSIL! " Boris squawked, green feathers ruffling.

    They shared a laugh for a moment.

    " I'll be careful Sterling. You know I will. "

    " Oh yes I am sure you will...right up until the moment that danger rears it's ugly head..then all care will fly away as fast as Boris in his youth. Then you will place yourself right smack in the path of something you shouldn't. " She shook her head.

    " Just promise me one thing? Please? "

    " Certainly..if I can. What is it? "

    " Promise me Rachel. Whatever it is you end up facing. You don't face it alone? Even with this to protect you. Don't face it alone. "

    She smiled into her sister's eyes.

    " I promise. I won't do it alone, unless it can't be helped. "


    The light streamed out of the windows of the library as she arrived.

    ' Oh good, I am not too late,' she thought catching the sound of voices from within.

    " Flick go find a mongbat to trounce for a bit...but don't go far. "

    Lifting the hem of her dress she ran up the steps into the building.

    " Aalia!!!...I made it..."
  21. "Dear Gods!" Abigail said as she examined the remains of Ahuaeyjnkxs. "Someone, please, get a healer here! Quickly!"

    But even as she said the words, she knew that it would be useless. The black liquid seeping from Ahu's wounds were evidence. He had fallen into shadow...and there was no easy way to resurrect him, at least, no way in this world.

    "What in the name of the King is happening here?" Abigail heard as she stood up from examining Ahu's body. It was one of the the Royal Guards. "Speak!"

    Abigail turned and faced him.

    "Do not speak to me in that tone" she said flatly, as her eyes met the guards.

    "Did this animal maul this man?" the guard asked, changing his tone to a more quizzical one.

    "No. It did not. It attempted to save him" she replied coldly. "Which is more than I can say for you."

    "I am sorry mi'lady, we had no idea that anything was wrong..." the guard clumsily explained.

    "Right" is all Abigail said.

    "Someone called for a healer?" she heard a woman say behind her.

    "Yes I did" she replied, as she turned to face the woman that had spoke.

    The woman was beautiful, with long hair that had once been as black as the night, but was now streaked with silver. Her features looked vaguely familiar, like someone out of a dream. But it was the eyes that caused Abigail to become speechless. The moment seemed to last forever. It was a feeling that Abigail had never known before. I like staring into one's own eyes.
  22. Ahuaeyjnkxs

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    Ahu was fighting an intense battle with his inner daemons as life continued below, something felt wrong, and his isolation made him even more dizzy as the days passed and he could not sleep, for he had no eyelids to close, no brain to rest.

    Thinking and pondering about the nausea, yelling at himself, he was on the verge of a breakthrough ; it was or that... or he would go mad.
  23. GFY

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    A cool breeze blew a frothy briny spray into the air as the ship continued on course.

    "Were making good time." Fiver thought as he looked at the mid day sun. We should be back at Arx Draconus with the morning tide 2 days hence.

    "There there boy have a peach." Fiver worked the simple cantrip and a peach appeared in his hand. Fiver reached out and scratched his faithful companion's ear as he gave him the fresh fruit.

    The Cu Sidhe named Brutus relaxed a bit as he ate.

    "I know you hate traveling like this, but were still too far out of Sosiaria for me to open a gate or to recall. At least we seem to have good weather this trip."

    It had been a few years since Fiver and Brutus last roamed the Realm of Britannia seeking fame and fortune, but all these strange happenings and raised much concern for his old friends. Dragons and the Syndicate would be able to make some sense out of it he was sure.

    "I'm afraid there's something bad coming this time. Something to make the recent invasions seem small in comparison. I just hope we arrive in time, I'd hate to see any of our friends get hurt."

    Concern was in his voice as he stroked the huge hounds shaggy main, as much to comfort himself as his dog. "At least some of our most powerful friends will be coming back about the time we arrive," he said more to himself then Brutus. "I'd rather have Vino by my side then just about anyone else in Britannia. There's also been word that some of our other old and dear friends may be able to join us if there's going to be trouble. There's always strength in numbers."

    Fiver pulled himself deeper into his cloak as another large wave broke over the bow, covering everyone with spray and causing Brutus to shake his coat sending another round of spray flying everywhere.

    "Dang I wish I could remember that old wind control spell I used to have before we defeated that terrible Exodus machine. We might get there a bit faster and with a bit less tossing about. Ah but that was so long ago, a long while before the Gem of Immortality was shattered creating all the shards. We'll get there soon enough old friend, even if we're a bit worn from the journey." Fiver added as the swiftly moving ship's bow broke over another swell.
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    Rachel followed the voices she heard in the hall. They lead her to the office where she saw the 4 women standing at the desk.

    “Rachel! I am so glad you could make it!” Aalia said in relief.
    “We can’t wait any longer she said, if any others respond to the messenger birds we will just have to fill them in as we can…”

    Aalia walked over to one of her chests and collected documents, notes and scrolls she had written over the past years. All the little scraps of paper and reminders she had hastily scribbled down in the past finally came in handy.
    She lit the torches on the wall while the others settled in; they could tell it was going to be a long night, since Aalia was still grabbing books. Finally Aalia took her seat at the desk and looked at her friends.

    “I have called you, because I feel like something is very wrong here in our land. It all started about 15 britannian years ago… you all may remember how the Lyceum was overran by whisps? Well sadly it’s nothing unusual that the creatures of the forests try to take over some of their original homelands. So I didn’t think too much about it back then. As you can see here I just took some little notes about the vents that unfolded.”

    Aalia sighed. Lady Ghost took the paper from her hands and studied it careful. Rachel looked at her and said: “I never did realize how long things have been different…has it been 15 years already? Seems like just yesterday we were all battling those whisps.”

    Aalia then continued, she went over the Blackrock detector, the appearing of Inu and Ricardo, the candle of love, the showing of the strangers and finally the destruction of the once so beloved city of Haven. Shortly after Magincia fell into the hands of daemons and madness continued after the Blackrock detector blew up in Moonglow creating a parallel Moonglow filled with evil creatures.

    The strange Man Andrew that appeared for a short while after Moonglow was save once again, the 6 strangers that where so powerful that they even brought the world to a shortstop and then the raging war of shadows that kept Britannia on its feet for the longest time!

    Magincia was lost in the battle, both in Felucca as in Trammel, our beloved Clainin gone forever killed by traitors…. Ghosts still haunted the Ruins of Magincia…

    And in the midst of all of this one man has emerged, one that was not well known before simply a part of the council. The old folks that had lived well under Lord British’s rule can’t recall their King ever mentioning this man and still he made it to the throne of Britannia… how could that be?
    The woman looked at themselves, all of them had battled for their kingdom during those hard times, they had tended to the injured, trained their beasts to defend at their side and even given out provisions to the brave warriors that fought to defend our freedom.

    Rachel remembered the many hours she had spent on the Magincia Dock…..
    Katie was very unsettled; Morgana was trying to calm her.
    They had sat for many hours now trying to make sense of things and putting the Events in order. They each had offered advice and their stories ….

    Aalia looked at her friends; she knew she could depend on them no matter what.

    She was waiting what they had to say….
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    Ahu laid down on the surface of the bubble and was starting to get extreemly thirsty... that was about the only thing he had not a reserve of in his little workshop. Tons of potions and mixtures more dehydrating than the other, but being pure spirit here, it was an oddity he was thirsting. So he started to get sad, looking at the work being done down there, amidst the starving people and the youth we steal innocence from.

    That teared Ahu apart... because in truth there was no such thing as innocence, from a very early age those days kids catch that some faces and looks give them favors. But how soon is this all intertwined with our sexual energy in such an intricate manner that often the most mature forget that oblivion is not only a term in a book, that entropy erodes the spirit much more than the body.

    All seemed lost once again... "this is just like everyweek" he tought, unable to shrug off the implications of his philosophy ; but somehow being trapped here made his eyes dry up and burn. He passed his hand through his head with animosity, frustrated and exhausted. His eyes filled with stigny tears, and he forgot where he was and who he was for a moment.

    "I am stucked in a tear and nothing but my love can go through..." he let his focus get lost and his eyes relax as a tear flowed down his cheek, as it hit the surface of the bubble as he dissolved himself and passed through the membrane, the strange impression of being formless was familiar to him and he "turned around" to look at his prison.

    "Tears of the lotus... how ironic of you Xorinia... the nature of the guardian is forever replicated through ancestry. I can appreciate your vision now. Love is geometry in water, I am water in the geometry of my mind. Order in Chaos and Chaos in Order, an illusive space for growth."

    "I will have to ask of your tolerance once again my androgyne relative... It isn't what its cut out to be it seems, so this time I am taking the reins. Some would still have us beleive the timelord is singular, and would rather not speak of demonology as something demystified. So with the flow we shall go..."

    Ahu concentrated until the shape of his body manifested out of the water of his own love, he hung there by his belly button his back arched, drinking his prison droplet and becoming pregnant looking in the process. Finally with the smoothness of lava, he let himself drop straight into the abysmal sea, plunging into the only place he never dared to explore, into total darkness and unknown, the place where nothing comes and goes. His body melted with the black waters as he hit the surface, and a strange replica of himself got projected out, he felt the ground with his foot carefully, in a kind of disbeleif ; shouldershrugged and looked at his hands to test his lucidity. His hands seemed pretty stable and clearly defined, he looked human, much weaker than what he used to be, but the pregnant look made him feel fulfilled and "tall". He looked down at the sea and the construction lights imitating constellations in the sky, it was all so clear now. He took a deep breath and looked at his own reflection : somehow his skin was pitch black with a gold tint and his hair turned silvery white. His eyes stared back at himself through his multiple layers of being. Hourglasses, lion eyes and moonstones.

    No magic... no strength. Ahu walked knowing he was only revealed to himself that way, that he looked completely normal to other people. He needed to find the exit and take a deep breath of pure air... one step didn't wait for the other.

    "Cubes and spheres huh... we'll see."
  26. Ahuaeyjnkxs

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    Ahu barged in at Aalias, his legs cramped, he had no eaten in days it took him to get out of that damned hole which connects to the abysmal depths ; exept a few cockroaches that resist the stench and foul in the air... but you can only eat so much of those before your tongue refuses to swallow.

    Ahu waves but did not seem to get noticed, they were all looking at each other like they had seen Lord British on his throne for once, seemingly distracted or something. He cramped up on the floor with a loud stump and kept his screams inside with some courage, falling unconscious from the pain in his lungs.
  27. "I don't believe it..." Abigail said looking upon the woman's countenance. But before she could complete her sentence, the woman cut her off, saying...

    "This is not the place" as she looked around carefully "nor the time."

    Abigail understood what she meant...and she also understood what this woman's presence meant. A warm feeling went through her body, and she could not help but smile.

    She thought to herself And so it begins.
  28. Ahuaeyjnkxs

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    Ahu stood up with a gasp... his saliva had turned so thick from the thirst that he almost suffocated from his own phlegm in a stunned breath.

    He walked on 4 feet to the cu sidhe water plate and drank it all, stared up at the group who still did not notice his presence. A sudden sense of urgency took him by the neck and he sighed ; with no second tought he turned back and went down the stairs, heading towards Casca's castle. He walked hurriedly and thinking outloud : "I have seen this woman before... why does she appear so ghostly, ...Clanin ; I am getting carried away. He shook his head in disbeleif and brushed his robes.
  29. Ahuaeyjnkxs

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    Ahu ran like he never ran before, and god knows he ran alot, from and thence to the isle of forgiveness. There was people saluting him, somehow grasping his sight to high and brittle emotions, but more overpowering than the strongest cheer.

    He stopped in front of the castle and obviously a guard arrested him : You are not allowed here sir please turn back. Ahu sat down on the side of the gates, folded his legs in a lotus and started meditating. He drifted off to a distant place in his mind, when he first had his alchemical discussions with the great schoolars of our land. This mirrored for him the first time he received a sound opposition to his theories about the amanita mushroom ; it did not oppose it because of its arguments, but rather because of its toned inceptions which were aimed to create doubt...

    Opening his eyes he realised the guard was staring at him right in the eye, he exhaled in a murmur :

    "Tell Casca I won't drink until he receives me."
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    "....a distraction to keep the citizens busy while these Manifestations go about looking for whatever it is they are after. If the Empress wanted our help she usually asks herself. It just seems odd that she asked through Casca." She shrugged.

    " They have in some way or another torn up almost every part of our lands. Vanguard in Nujelm, Serpent's Hold, Cove. Their armies have invaded Britain, Trinsic, Vesper, Skara Brae, Moonglow and Yew. We have run across their minions in the Dungeons, and the lands of Ilshenar. What ARE they looking for?...that is the question here..they are looking for something. Unless...." She looked at each of the ladies present.

    " Unless?? " Aalia prompted..." unless what? "

    " That doesn't make sense though..it wouldn't be them that would look for..." She got up and began pacing, her skirts swirling about allowing glimpses of the armor beneath.

    In her mind the battles that had ravaged the lands replayed. The destruction of Magincia, the rift in Moonglow. The Void Shadow striding across the virtues in Ilshenar. Melissa's mocking voice as she held her captives. Inu's prophecies. She felt hands grip her shoulders and gently shake her..

    "What?...share now...what is it you are thinking? " Aalia stood before her. Concern in her eyes.

    " Okay..I could be way off here." She glanced at the others.
    " It seems there are two plots playing out here. There are the Shadowlords...for it surely must be them behind it. Invading our lands, testing our strengths and weaknesses...for what? The only thing that one can think of is..they plan to ultimately take over all of Sosaria. Now Casca...he is another story. He is looking for something..or someone. He has risen fast, cloaked in mystery, and people are uncertain if to trust him. If another with a claim to the throne came forward, they may turn from him. That would foil his plans to rule the lands if the Shadowlords are victorious. "

    She faced Morgana.

    " Your sister, as many others, were raised and taught with the thought in mind that if needed they could ascend the throne. But only one was declared ruler in the Lord's absence. Casca looks for Dawn..and or her heirs. If she or they would emerge his grand schemes would be in jeopardy. Actually the fact that Abigail still lives is a sure sign that Dawn or her heirs must be somewhere in the lands. Easy friend..."

    Morgana's eyes blazed.

    " Think on it..if there were only Abigail and the others that had been under his teaching, Casca would have done all in his power to imprison or destroy them. If he felt threatened by them nothing would stop him. A spy in your house, a potion in the food, a distraction as you walked the streets then a knife in the ribs. None of us would be safe from his minions..unless we were in hiding. The only reason Abigail and the others have not been attacked most viciously is almost proof in itself that Dawn or her heir must be somewhere in Sosaria. "

    Aalia looked out over the quiet lands of Yew.

    " So you think that the Shadowlords mean to take this all from us. Enslave us, and place their puppet ruler over us all? "

    Rachel stood next to her.." Exactly. "

    A chair scrapped on the floor.

    " Over my dead body! " Morgana stood.

    " And mine! " Katie rose from her chair.

    " Count me with you. " Ghost added her voice.

    " There are places to look that Casca may not have searched yet. But if they wish to be hidden...they will remain so until they feel the time is right to emerge. We must be vigilant, and thwart the Shadowlord's minions wherever we find them. I am off to the Islands to see what I can find there." Rachel hugged Aalia..

    " Be safe my friends. "

    " Wait!. ..what was with Ahu? He looked like he had been to the Abyss and back. " Ghost asked.

    " Ahu? He was here? " The ladies looked at each other.

    " You didn't see him? That is odd? He waved at us..then he left. I wonder where he went." Ghost pondered as the ladies left one by one.
  31. As they all began to leave, they noticed someone approaching the steps.

    Standing there was Abigail LeFay, the crimson spatters of Ahu's blood staining her pure white armor.

    The ladies stood silent for a moment as Abigail looked upon them with a wry smile on her face.

    It was Katie that spoke first "Good gods Abi, what happened to you?"

    "I just saw someone that no one has seen in many years" she replied. "And I think you will all be very surprised to find out who."

    Immediately Morgana knew of whom Abigail was speaking.

    "So it is true then. She remains in Sosaria...and she is alive!" Morgana said.

    There was all at once simultaneous discussion as each of the ladies present figured out who it was that Abigail had seen.

    "Yes. It is true. Lady Dawn has returned" Abigail said with a smile.

    "So where has she been all this time?" Katie asked. "Why does she come back now?"

    "I am certain that these questions will be answered in due time" Lady Rachel said. "But for now, I think it is obvious what must be done."

    As they pondered the meaning of it all for a moment, suddenly Katie spoke up.

    "Hey. Where is your horse Morgana? Didn't we leave him right here?"
  32. Meanwhile...

    The heavy iron door opened to the top of the tower. He was standing there, as he had been for hours, peering into the black water in the clay bowl upon the altar.

    "It still does not change Mi'Lord?"

    "It does not" was all he said.

    "Will you come inside? The hour is growing late, and the shadows grow long. Soon it will be nightfall..." but he never finished his sentence.

    The blood spread quickly across the stone roof as he reached down and retrieved the black dagger from the freshly slain body.

    And he once again peered into the black water.
  33. Ahuaeyjnkxs

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    Noone seemed to mind that Ahu was slowly dissecating on the porsh of Lord Blackthorne's castle. Happily he had now the ability to recycle his own water, his body stopped producing urine alltogether. But sadly the temperature was hot and dry, he was sweating to his death.

    He stood there looking at the people coming in and out of the castle, every person seemed to make him feel more or less dried up, it reminded Ahu of the quantum type physics he had studied with Tiffric the wise. Hydrogen and interferance patterns...

    It all seemed to make more and more sense to him ; he was not sure how long he could take the errie faces scorning him as he sat in the very provocative lotus posture.
  34. Lady Aalia

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    So much had happend over the past weeks.

    Aalia had been pondering over the meeting...

    Dawn had returned? still to unreal to belive...
    Guess time would tell

    She picked up the old documents and books she had been gathering, trying to find stuff.

    Dust had collected over the bags of Runes she still had sitten in the chest...they needed sorting

    Aalia felt drained, but tonight , the townfolks where allready whispering about it, Dawn was suppose to apear....

    She sunk on her chair..."I will just rest my head on the desk for a little while" she thought while she slowly drifted of to sleep...
  35. Lady_Rachel

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    " Aalia!....She has come! I will take you to her! "

    Her dress swirled around her as she stopped at the door of Aalia's office.

    Seeing her friend dozing at her desk she smiled.

    " Ah...there is time yet. You are perhaps the wisest of us all. Rest while we can. "

    Settling herself in a soft chair she closed her eyes, and protectively lay a hand over her necklace.

    As she drifted off she felt the presence of a nearby wisp. It would wake her in plenty of time.
  36. "Abigail, what happened? Why are you covered in blood?" Morgana asked as she and Katie and Abigail made their way back to the PoV tower.

    "Your horse, Rayder, rescued Ahu from ... something" she said. "But I am afraid he didn't make it."

    "He was resurrected, right? I mean, we saw him at Aalia's, didn't we?" Morgana asked.

    "I am not sure. Rayder dragged his body out of the library, and he was in really bad shape" Abigail answered. "I was trying to get a healer, and that's when Dawn showed up, in disguise."

    "We need to find Ahu. I think whatever it was that attacked him may prove to be important in all of this" Morgana said.

    "That explains where your horse went" Katie said.

    The three ladies had just arrived at the Moongate when they heard the crier calling out.

    "Hear Ye! Hear Ye! A Call to Arms! The Lady Dawn has returned to our land! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!"

    Abigail asked "A call to arms? Surely she is not assaulting Casca's fortress yet!"

    "No. I think you are right" Morgana answered as she made her way over to the crier.

    After receiving an explanation, Morgana made her way back to Katie and Abigail.

    "Luna is under attack. Dawn is calling for aid" she said.

    "Of course the PoV will respond...right?" Katie asked.

    Morgana and Abigail shared a look.

    "This could be a trap" Abigail said.

    "Or a diversion" Morgana added.
  37. Ahuaeyjnkxs

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    Ahu shrivelled up in a little ball that evening, his mouth was getting dry as the compassion desert, his lungs sticking together. The heat was really getting to him today, it seemed like the worse he ever felt sicne he would have died much sooner if not for his new found ability, yet he was content, he remembered.

    His heart even felt like signing... so with all the voice he had, he sang, and cried ; tears came out surprisingly ; eating all the fear that was left in his being, all the pain.

    "Long ago ran the sun on a folk who had a dream
    And the heart and the will and the power:
    They moved the earth; they carved the stone; moulded hill and channeled stream
    That we might stand on the wide plains of Wiltshire

    Now men asked who they were, how they built and wonder why
    That they wrought standing stones of such size
    What was done 'neath our shade? What was pray'ed 'neath our skies
    As we stood on the wyrd plains of Wiltshire

    Oh what secrets we could tell if you'd listen and be still
    Rid the stink and the noise from our skirts
    But you haven't got the clue and perhaps you never will
    Mute we stand on the cold plains of Wiltshire

    Still we loom in the mists as the ages roll away
    And we say of our folk, "they are here!"
    That they built us and they died and you'll not be knowing why
    Save we stand on the bare plains of Wiltshire."

    Ahu's skin sagged like an old rose. He laid his head down by the bridge, looking at his own reflection in the water, he exhaled his last breath and died, the weight of his body pulling him in the water.