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(RP) Story Time

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by Demon Wind, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Demon Wind

    Demon Wind Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 11, 2010
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    "Naughty Elves "​
    Deep rolling thunder sounded to the western horizon, blades of lightning criscrossed the darken skies as the men and women of Britannia searched the lands for the illussive thieving elves.​
    The rain began a fine gentle mist and grew gradually to a lion's angry roar, the people of Britannia soaked from head to toe. The thieving little elves sat upon their hidden place laughing joyfully and pointing at their silly searching foe.​
    The stolen Christmas Treasures, becoming less and less as elves were confronted by the swiftest of the warriors there, were hidden deep in the forests where only thieving elves dwelled.​
    Would the brave knights and lady's of Britannia be able to save the holiday's deco...well only time will tell. For now this search has ended, the night is cold and grey, the skies are still dark and clouded we will wait for the coming of a brand new Britannian day.​
    The proverbial silver lining rose, crimsons and greys, as the early morning sunlight peeked into the new day and Britainnia was out in force in search of the sighted thieving elves once more.​
    The elves had hidden in the shadows of the darkening forest as winter flurries fluttered on angel's wings to the blanket of snow covering the frozen floor. The gathering of warriors cold and tired almost discouraged sat circled around the crackling fire's warmth as the chilled fingers of the wind bit slowly on exposed skin.​
    A sudden mocking laughter sounded off in the darken night and the and the swirling of snow rose as the warriors were off on the hunt once more.​
    The naughty elves had stolen the all the christmas decor and ran off into the wilds of Ilshenar, but the people of Britannia had followed close behind catching up to most and retrieving some of the decorations. Had enough been recovered to save Christmas? Had the elves won in destroying this once joyful day?​
    Had the people of Britannia really lost anything at all? What was Christmas anyway..Was Christmas about decorations? Was that all Christmas meant now a days?​
    No..Christmas meant alot more and it was safe and sound.​
    The Spirit of Giving was alive in the lands and so Christmas, might be missplaced for a while, but, it would never be lost.​
    (Happy Holidays Legends)​
  2. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 26, 2002
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    A day in the life of a "Naughty" Elf
    Glee'bok hastily made his way through woods around Minoc, eager to make it to the meeting on time... Arriving late was not going to happen, but arriving early was most certainly not an option either! The archway to Buc's Den appeared in the distance, Glee'bok was making good time even though his obsession slowed him down considerably. He paused a second in the open and took a moment to gather his thoughts, then suddenly turned around and slinked back to the rock he just passed, and touched it, a brief sigh escaped his mouth as he continued in the direction of the archway. Glee'bok considered himself lucky he wasn't like Cheernock, who had to lick the north side of every tree he saw. Cheernock always said the splinters were the worst part and would often try and convince Glee'bok that some trees actually tasted pretty good. There was also Joyjaffe who had to deposit 1000 gold, one piece at a time, everytime she saw a bank... She was unfortunately one of the first to be caught. Glee'bok sighed again remembering his fallen friends as he picked up his pace towards the archway. The woods were eerily silent today, adventurers must be out searching for their precious decorations. Well, Glee'bok was not going to be caught so easily, he wasn't going to let the slightest jingle of a decoration or sound give himself away, so each step was expertly taken. The surviving elves had gotten very good indeed at remaining undetected...

    A quick tingle flashed over Glee'bok and he found himself now in Buc's Den, this was sure to be a challenging part of the journey. Glee'bok deftly positioned himself against a nearby building, he could hear muffled voices, groans of pain, and the occasional swear (this was Buc's Den so he wasn't suprised they talked like sailors), he paused a moment when he heard someone come towards the window he was crouched under. "Did you see the pirate in bed number two? I have never seen a tinsel accident that bad in all my life...", "Well did you see the fisherman in bed eight?... Mmmhmm Eggnog posioning...", "But, the adventurer in bed ten is by far the worst. It seems a Naughty Elf must have gotten him alone and he came in kicking and screaming about not using "The mating call". I don't even want to think about it honestly, it gives me the chills... yes naked as a jay bird he was... I don't know if he will ever recover." Glee'bok just shook his head and sneered. The voices from the window started to fade and as entertaining as this all was he still had a meeting to get to.

    There was a quick dash across two bridges, a jaunt past a house with some stew cooking outside that smelled fantastic. A sprint past The Pirate's Plunder, which currently sounded alive with cheers, song, and the drunken revelry of sailors, thieves, pirates, fishermen, and cooks alike. Glee'bok thought that if he wasn't so hated or more importantly otherwise committed to a task, he would surely love to be able to observe the occupants of that building, the stories he could tell... A steady jog later and Glee'bok was in the cover of the jungle canopy. "Ugg", a brief detour to touch a rock he missed, (there was also alot ahead of him) and he was almost at the discreet teleporter for the infamous Buc's Den underground. The current meeting place of the newly formed "Elf-time Guarantee" workers union, where the founding principles are fair wages, good working conditions, job security, and most importantly a strict time schedule... as always there will be no late Christmas, but from now on absolutely positively no early Christmas.

    Glee'bok had finally made it to the meeting place, precisely on time. No sooner than he had taken his first few steps in the tunnels, an arm shot out and wrapped around Glee'bok's shoulders, it was Tinsel-toucher. Glee'bok wasn't exactly sure how Tinsel got his nickname, but it didn't concern him, he was just glad to be safe and with friends. Tinsel leaned close and said, "Oh Glee'bok! I can't wait to tell you what happened to me on my trip here... I think I met my soul mate... he wasn't what I expected, but his mating call warms my heart... I'll find him again sooner or later..."

    The End, Happy Holidays everyone.
    #2 ShadowTrauma, Dec 24, 2012
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  3. DevilsOwn

    DevilsOwn Stratics Legend
    Governor Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Oct 27, 2003
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    priceless, ShadowTrauma ;)