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EM Event Strange Occurrences

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by EMCrysania, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. EMCrysania

    EMCrysania UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran

    Feb 26, 2010
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    Dupre looked up from his desk, where he sat reading through the weathered journal that had been found when Exodus had been defeated. Before him stood a older man, dressed in full plate, which by the looks of it had seen many a battle. Motioning for the man to sit down, Dupre sat silently waiting for the old Knight to finally speak.
    The old Knght removed his helm, rubbed a gnarled hand across his face and looked at Dupre.
    "Finally I get to meet the one who's name is on every ones lips" he said. "You lead a great battle, in the defeat of Exodus, I commend you, Dupre."
    "It was not just me,sir,the people of Sosoria fought hard, it is them that should be recognized. Their bravery knew no bounds." Dupre replied. "And if I may ask, who are you and what can I help you with?
    "I am Knight Elistan, I was under the rule of Queen Dawn, may she rest in peace. 'Tis troubled times we are facing, Lord Dupre, and I am here to offer my services."
    "I have lead the people of Sosoria through several battles myself. I have been on a scouting mission these past weeks, and what I have found is most troubling. I have confered with Dyrus Doost, who as you know is a expert on moongate travel, having written the book "A Dimensional Travel,A monograph", in what I have found. What he has said and believes has happened is extremely important and must be dealt with as soon as possible!"
    "What are you talking about Knight? What have you found?" Dupre asked.
    "Has it to do with Honor gate? The gate is useless for travel from Ilshnar!"
    "Yes,useless for travel now, but at the time of Exodus death, and when the gate corrupted, those citizens who were using moongates at the presise moment of the corruption, have been copied by some evil magic. These Copies came forth as Mutations. Horrible evil beasts." the Knight replied.
    "You are telling me that citizens who passed through the moongate at that moment are transformed?" Dupre exclaimed.
    "No No, as they passed through the gate, somehow they were mirrored. They themselves, traveled through unscathed. But somehow a horrid mutation was created at that moment as well. It is these mutations that have entered into Ilshnar. I fear they are heading towards other working moongates to gain entry into Britannia! If we do not stop them, who knows what horrors they will put upon us!", Knight Elistan replied.
    Dupre slammed his hand on the table in agitation.
    "I knew our troubles had not ended with Exodus death! We do not know what all has happened. I fear more things will be found that were caused by this, but You are right, Elistan, these creatures must be stopped! Since you are the one who knows of these creatures, will you join with me in leading the fight to stop them?"
    "That is why I am here, Lord Dupre, to help.", said the Knight solemnly.
    "Excellent! Now, let us rally the citizens together once more and defeat yet again a threat to Britannia!", Dupre said.
    Dupre looked down at Sherry, who had been quietly listening, and said,
    "Once again Sherry, you know what to do..."

    Event: Strange Occurrences

    Date: July 13th,2012

    Time: 7pm pst/10pm est

    Meet: Meet Dupre and Knight Elistan at Dupre's camp outside of Trinsic

    Gates will be provided from WBB and Luna to the camp

    (occ You can speak with Dryus Doost,author of Dimensional Travel,a monograph at the Lycaeum in Moonglow for more information}