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Stratics Interview with Teesquared, what should we ask?

Discussion in 'SWG General Discussion' started by BadgerSmaker, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. BadgerSmaker

    BadgerSmaker Guest

    Stratics will be doing an interview with Tony "Teesquared" Tyson on all things SWG, what should we ask him?

    Post your questions here and we'll try and fit them in.

    Here's a rough outline of what I plan to ask:

    Q1. You've been both the SWG Producer and Technical Director for around 15 months now, in that time we've seen some SWG Dev staff move from SWG to to other SoE games and other studios. SWG seems to retain a core of dedicated Developers who are churning out some impressive content and fixes, what are the challenges in keeping the level of quality high and what is the team usually focused on?

    Q2. The Witches of Dathomir content is now on Test Center which we assume will be "Game Update 19". We've seen the GCW Leaderboard, Fishing Leaderboard and Rare Loot system go live in the last two months, all badged as "Hotfixes" to "Game Update 17" with "Game Update 18" being the Galactic Moon Festival. What constitutes a "Game Update" these days and the associated marketing push that goes with them, often drawing more new and returning players to SWG?

    Q3. We've heard from players attending the last Fan Faire that you've had DevH working on a server side spam filter to block out all those pesky "credit spammers", is this now nearing completion? Were you able to make any improvements to the chat system as part of this work, for example, will players be able to join chat channels on other servers?

    Q4. There seems to have been a concerted effort by the Dev team recently to address some of the more dull and repetitive systems in SWG that lend themselves to being played via unattended macro. Pet Levelling and Reverse Engineering have both had a pass and code was added to the Rare Loot System to prevent drops going to unattended players. Do you have any other systems in your sights for similar treatment?

    Q5. You've previously hinted at system that are in the Dev Roadmap for SWG such as "GCW 2" including "Space Invasions", "Unique Spawns", Player City improvements and profession updates for Officer, Entertainer, Chronicle Master and Storyteller. It seems like this will certainly keep you busy for the forseeable future, how do you prioritise which gets done first, how flexible is the Dev Roadmap and are there any particular challenges in reaching your goal of adding all this to SWG? How is work on all these new systems coming along?

    Q6. "Game Update 18" introduced some of the first new emote animations available to players for a long time. Do you have any plans to add more of these? We've heard SWG roleplayers are after new emotes along the lines of /drink, /surrender, /liedown, /brandish, /ignitelightsaber and /handsonhips.

    Q7. With such a busy Dev Roadmap, when do you get time to clean up any unfinished business such as the "Double Socket" exploit? How big a problem is this exploit given that the ability to "Double Socket" was only live for four hours?

    Q8. Do you have any plans to address the huge GCW gains possible by Entertainers in GCW Invasions which result in making it trivial for Entertainers to top the GCW leaderboards? There is also an issue where Smugglers can deliberately and repeatedly fail the terminal slicing minigame to generate battle fatigue for Entertainers to cure, which can all be done unattended, any plans to resolve this?

    Q9. One of the most common complaints from SWG Players seems to revolve around server side lag, especially on Starsider where the population has exploded since the Free Character Transfer. How much of this really is server side and what can players do to help your team isolate causes of recurring server side lag as they did with a recent fixes to Starsider, Chimaera and Farstar? How does the current popuation of Starsider compare to previous population levels over the years, is the server just at critical mass or can it cope going forward?

    Q10. We've seen you attended a number of in-game player events recently, is this something that you enjoy doing? What kind of insight on the different server communities do you get from attending Events and what other activities do you enjoy in SWG?
  2. Penti

    Penti Guest

    Could you expand on the Entertainer/GCW bit? Currently the system almost penalises players that actively (and thats the key word) participates in the GCW expecially PvPers. Week in, week out, entertainers are topping the GCW leaderboards.

    Another question...... when are they going to properly support their european player-base with some kind of fan-fest type event. Cant they even send a couple of representatives over with a plane load of goodies. Would give us a chance to get to know them, question them and then show them how europeans totally outclass them on the drinking front :)
  3. BadgerSmaker

    BadgerSmaker Guest

    lol, I think it's just the cost that stops them coming over mate.

    I sent the questions last night, Teesquared said he should be able to answer them given about a week. They are pretty meaty questions so I'd be impressed if he gets to most of them.

    I checked the leaderboard on Chim last night and it seems like the ents got bored of farming, looked to be mostly PvPers up there. I didnt recognise the top imp though.
  4. Penti

    Penti Guest

    Tried to PvP monday night. 4 attacks netted me 510 GCW and 2 kills.......... what a waste of time :(
  5. BadgerSmaker

    BadgerSmaker Guest

    Stratch that, top imp is an Ent atm. :D
  6. Penti

    Penti Guest

    Struggling to get ingame at the moment. I hurt my back the other day and cant spend more than about 20-30mins at a time sitting at the keyboard and am scoffing painkillers like they're smarties...

    Its playing havoc with work, so they arent happy :(
  7. BadgerSmaker

    BadgerSmaker Guest

    Need wireless KB and mouse mate, then lay back, relax and pew pew. It's been a shockingly quiet week for PvP on chim... I've been farming for storage collections and making chron quests mostly.
  8. Sendell

    Sendell Guest

    I just returned and I signed up to actually pay to play not to play free. I find myself punching that help button and going to the knowledge base for most of my 'play' time. Problem is: I don't find the help I need for doing the most basic things. I have a high level I can't get to because her server has been closed so I am starting a character from the beginning. I find nothing in the database about needing a schematic to use on a personal mineral extractor. I don't even remember what it does but I bought one. I need basic help and there isn't a guide for us to follow. I wanted to make a new instrument for my entertainer but I have no clue what I need to do that. Is there help in any guide for new players or older players that need to start over? Please help those of us that are NOT top level players. I loved this game before and I want to try it again. Honor to thy house friend.
  9. BadgerSmaker

    BadgerSmaker Guest

    Crafting can be quite tricky to get to grips with.

    Here's a great guide for Traders starting out which will also help with Entertainers crafting.