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Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by Ugly Wrinkleflip, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. I can't say it enough about my friends on Stratics. You guys are great to talk too and soo very helpful. Ya'll just make toontown so much more enjoyable for me.

    Now for the best part. I love ya'lls sense of humor. That was the best joke. Ya'll had me totally going. I wasnt sure if I po'd TT or if tehre was some kind of glitch going on. But that was Hilarious. I still cant stop laughing.

    I love all of ya'll.

    And Susan you are awesome.
  2. Electroflap

    Electroflap Guest

    Its a bummer that I missed the cue but I am glad u got a good laugh out of it.. You have also made stratics a place where I feel at home.. Joe, you have always been so helpful to me and I also want to thank you for all the jokes and making me feel better during these rough times for me! :thumbsup: Now we gotta figure out what prank to pull next..lol:lick:
  3. Thats ok....IF Joe retaliates I already have 2 more plans all ready!!! That was fun!! Thanks for all the help from everyone!!!!! You are a great friend Joe!!
  4. Hehe, enry, that was funny :D
    Sally- can't wait to hear your plans!
  5. Hee hee....I will be happy to share them with you. We need to give him a little time to recover from this traumatic experience though!! I thought 'enry learned his lesson but somehow my mailbox is full again. Some people just never learn. I told you Joe that I rise to a challenge!!! Say "UNCLE" OR admit defeat!! Either will suffice!! Emptying my mailbox is taking me as long as gardening!!:p
  6. Steveo

    Steveo Guest

    Sorry I missed the joke, but I would have love to seen Joes face when this happened. Look foward to see who pulls the next prank.
  7. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    It was awesome. Since no one else is giving details, allow me :D

    Not giving away the "sign" or anything, but we were all told when "something happens" we all typed a whisper to Ugly Joe. "Loopy Crunchenzapper has left your friends list." By the way that was so long I almost didn't have room for the period! Afterward, we all talked in toon gibberish "mew meow meow". I saw Joe open his book and started laughing out loud. But then he left, logged out! And I was like :O and wondering if he was mad, or what. I think I said "I don't know whether to laugh or cry" to which I was told to stick with laugh for now, so I did. LOL

    So he comes back. We continue to mew squeaky eepr quack around, and he whispers to me "Hey did you have a bug where it says people left your friend list" and I said out loud the jig is up. In real life I was laughing so hard I was distracting hubby from his god fighting in FFXI. But Joe was still quiet... finally he said something about how bad he was "gotten". It was flippin awesome!
  8. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    It was a lot of fun! Poor Joe! LOL! He was saying Hey, hey outloud but no one answered him. I felt so bad when he logged out thinking he must have thought we all dumped him. When he logged right back in I figured he thought he had a bug. To see us all meow and squeak was so funny!
  9. Especially when Sally B spelled squeak 'squek' and Joe didn't notice :lol:
  10. ROFL. I wasn't even there and i started laughing. You guys are quite creative. loul! :D LOUL!
  11. Winky2008

    Winky2008 Guest

    I say you should have kept it going. It would have been fun most of the day. I could have seen him now, logging on and off restarting the computer, emailing TT, WTFing and carrying on it would have been funny on my end. If I had known about it, it would have been a blast. i don't think I would have been able to hide the laughing though not for long anyway. Could you imagine....... But warning to you all. He is good at revenge... TRUST ME!!!!
  12. I was so discombobulated it wasnt funny!!! I had 20 people whispering to me all at the same time. (I was wondering if this is what it is like for Trish trying to organize something!!!) And then Joe was sooooo quiet I was worried he was mad or that he didnt realize it was a joke. I figured he would look at his friends list and see we were all there still!! I was waiting for his typical "Please go away" or "ROFL" but it never came. I figured he had to know who was responsible!! You only caught the one spelling error!!! COOL!!! I thought I only spelled it RIGHT once!!! I was typing for 2 toons. I'm sure there were quite a few people who got a "squek" instead of a legible response!!

    Yeah, retaliation is a concern of mine!!! But I figure he knows he can never top this one and will just admit defeat. :thumbup1:
  13. Beachmom321

    Beachmom321 Guest

    Poor Joe! LMAO that's great guys ... sorry I missed it.