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Stupid in Felucca, or It is just NOT that bad

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Pluffina, Apr 16, 2001.

  1. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest

    I wanted to get in the thread about what to do when you go to Felucca, but I LOST it, so I am just starting it over, it was about how this guy walked into fel for the first time and was IMMEDIATELY ganked etc etc and the thread went on like, is fel bad, and yes, and no and why..... So this is what i meant to post there:
    Okay I have to admit that I am DEEPLY stupid about Felucca. I behave like a trammie moron there with NO understanding of the rules and am never careful etc etc, and so whatever happens to me fel I ABSOLUTELY deserve, except...nothing ever happens to me in fel.

    Like most Trammel-Borns, felucca was always represented to me as this sort of CRUEL HELL where you couldn;t take 2 steps with out getting getting PKed by a 9 year old with the vocabulary of a drunken sailor, who would off you in 2 swings and then pretend to pee on your body, so I just didn't GO there. EVER.

    Then I started deccing and people started wanting me to dec houses in fel, so I started bouncing over FAST with a load of furn and KAL ORT PORing to the house and dashing inside really quick, pant pant, WHEW! SAFE! And the more I started going over there, and the more I noticed I wasn't getting PKed and peed on, and then factions came and I noticed that factions SURE HAD MADE MOONGLOW CHEAP!!!!!! and the more I noticed I could shop for cheap the more comfy I got until I was just swinging back and forth all the time, la te da, not a care in the world.

    I got so COMFY that one day I was wandering around fel with a hundred blanks and about 50 recalls, slowly turning the blanks into more recalls. I was at a mining house with Tarapazu (he was thinking of buying it), so of course we are not friended there AT ALL, so we are GRAY from standing in it, and we are chatting about pros and cons and deccing ideas when SUDDENLY! the door SLAMS open and a HOARD OF REDS (okay 2, but to my panicked eyes they SEEMED pretty dern hoardelike) comes POURING in the door and CHARGE AT ME and my friend, waiving giant weapons that are no doubt deadly poisoned and vanquishing to boot, and they run at us viciously screaming out this bone curdling battle cry: ":) Hi, is either one of you an alchemist? :) :) :) How much would you charge for a keg of orange? :) :) :) Is this your house? We are your neighbors! Hi! Nice ta meetcha, ETC ETC."

    After that I got so RELAXED in felucca in that I barely noticed which side I was on, which got me killed because you can't run though monsters in fel, HEH, so I turned foliage back off so I would at least KNOW.

    As I said, I am extremely DIM about fel, and yet I am over there about 1/4 of the time I am in UO and I've just never had a bad experience there. I think the likelyhood of popping over to fel and landing directly on a jerk who wants to pee on your body is VERY VERY VERY small. Unless you go to Khaldun. THANK GOD for Khaldun! It has localized so MANY of the gankers. And the thieves all seem to be clustered hopefully around the Brit Moongate. I am sorry that this happened to you the first time you popped over, but do NOT judge fel and CERTAINLY not the YMCA based on this one experience. It was a fluke, a freak, an oddity. And the Y is just DREAMY! If you wasnt to go back sometime, I'll go with you and if gankers come you can run while they off me, almost all my clothes are blessed and if I am not making recalls I don't carry anything I mind losing.

    OH! Someone DID try to ROB my bard, Fenny, in fel last night. I had two the world's STUPIDEST thieves trying to get in my pack. I am going to offer the first one a couple of pointers because even though I have never been a thief, I do have 2 brain cells to rub together. If you want to rob Fenny, it is VERY EASY and VERY WORTHWHILE, because she usually carries a nice, stealable, valuable a power bow. So if you want to rob her, the first thing is, either use stealth or TALK to her. If you come SIDLING UP to her completely visible and not talking, just inching ever closer in this SINISTER "I sure would like to rob you" way, Fenny will notice and probably move away from you. If you are on foot, the smart move at that point is to give up. You are not going to close enough. Fenny has a cable connection and an ostard. Chasing her around and around the bank is NOT going to get you close enough to snag that bow. In fact, Fenny will probably have to keep PAUSING lest she lap you. Much better to come up to her and say HI, COULD YOU TELL ME WHERE TO GO TO BUY FOOD? or ANY stupid question, and Fenny being the helpful dork that she is will stand there like a moron explaining how to get to the farmer's market or handing you half her apples while you rob her blind.

    The second thief ALSO tried the "sidle up in a sinister manner" approach, but when I kept moving away he got a little petulant and said, "JEEZ I AM JUST TRYING TO RAISE SNOOPING." I felt like plunking a few arrows in him and saying, "Jeez, I am just trying to raise anatomy, is that your liver I see peeking out of that hole I just put in your gut?," but we were in a guard zone, and anyway I don't PvP.


    Plush by Pluffy, I am Currently on Hiatus to plan the Ugliest House on Sonoma Contest (FABULOUS PRIZES! WOOT!) but you can access the Gallery by hitting the link.
  2. LOL Pluff I just love you! Will you marry me? *tries to figure out how to off the wife*

    Krysma Doomspeak GM mage/bard
    Emerald Tamer/T-hunter
    Breeze Windsong Gm Smith/Miner/Scribe
    Selinar Jester Warrior [?]
    Woody gm aclchemist
    Jester till the End!!!
  3. This is a classic. I am herewith saving this as my pro-Fel counterpoint, to use in any future dreary debates. *grins*

    Oh, and by the way, Pluffy...you don't have to use Agent Orange defoliants on Felucca to tell which facet you're on! A quick glance at your cursor is all you need...it's an iron fist for Felucca, a gold fist for Trammel. :)



    <font color=blue>The Lone Ranger</font color=blue>
    <font color=purple>Guildmaster,</font color=purple><font color=red>Sonoma War Games</font color=red>
  4. Baranor

    Baranor Guest

    Ik if pluffy doesnt get her own title soon im gonna go out and tie myself to a tree in protest... She like makes my day now..

    Halbarad, Lord of Minas Anor, KMA
    Knights of Minas Anor, KMA (LS)
    Baranor, Knight of Minas Anor, BH
    BloodHand, BH, Sonoma
  5. Shaman

    Shaman Guest

    One way to move around Fel without confrontation is to NOT wear a gormet, helm, or boots and walk around in a death robe.
    People figure you died, lost all your stuff and are a friggin' NOOB for walking around tossing out the occasional request for a Tram stone...


    I walked around the bank and through the woods all day long taming away with people (red/grey/blue) running by me in every direction. People never even want to be bothered by you.

    As for the "sinister sliders".. it is fun to keep stepping just out of reach. They get bored really fast.

  6. Vidi

    Vidi Guest

    Pluffy the part-time Goddess does it again!!!

    You roxXXxored me!!!

    TrammelBorn-First Gen
  7. BranWyn

    BranWyn Guest

    Thank you Pluffy for putting it that way...its pretty much how I felt when I went in (and got killed 3x by 9 year olds hehe) I now have a different outlook on Fel..."IF Pluffina can do it so can I". Shamen has a good idea too...next time I go in I will not be bedecked in matching robes glowing for all to see...Also I have actually gotten some experience killing some reds in Tram so now I don't think I will panic again like I did the last time... :)
  8. Trammel has been in existence long enough that the people who used to run around and slaughter miners and dungeon crawlers like cattle have either quit the game, or as you so perfectly put it, hang out "hopefully" by the moongates with their thieves. It's the exact same thing that happens to the wolf population when you kill all the deer, they die off or move on. I've seen a whopping two red guys, both dead on the ground, in my travels to Felucca. I also have the impression that 5 out of 6 people are thieves, desperately spending 20 minutes per GM weapon they manage to swipe from the people that don't know how to make a magic locked chest.

    That being said, if you start to notice the population in the dungeons and the mines of Felucca increasing substantially, you'll notice the PK population rise as well, until the victims scamper en masse back to Trammel. For now, though, you can be as stupid in Felucca as you like, because there just aren't that many people to take advantage of you.
  9. Twighlight

    Twighlight Guest

    That has got to be one of the most interesting to read and humorous post i have read ever!!! I read many scammer/inpolite posts in these forums way too much and to hear a story like yours puts a smile to my face.
    Write more posts!!! These forums need them.
  10. Way to go Pluffy! Fel holds a forboding stigma for many Trammelborns.I was born and raised in Fel. Moonglow island was my home for my first 8 weeks or so in game...anyone remember how OCH picked on those newbies in the graveyard :) I acquired a few houses and was quite happy there, despite being PK'ed, looted, and ripped off, it was still a nice place to live.

    Then along came Trammel. I couldnt believe how cool that was. In my whole time in Fel I had NEVER gone to a dungeon. EVER. In Trammel I was free to explore the land and its darker dwellings without fear of some Kewl DooD sticking a DP kryss up my ass. I moved my entourage to Trammel, lived happily in my kingdom, and got rather rich.

    THEN, The Trammel Sourge began. Grief Players. All those "neener neener you cant touch me" types out there luring monsters to get you killed, looting your kills, stealing your monsters, doing EVERYTHING in their power to screw you every chance they got. Trammel started to become a rather aggrivating place to be.

    Then I discovered Khaldun and the riches that abound there and began hunting there quite regularily. Yeah, I had a bad experience or well, a few, there, but DAMN if that wasnt a fun place and OH, all those magic weapons!!

    Then on a whim one night I joined factions, realized that, "Hey, I CAN kill people, Im NOT that much of a wuss anymore!!" Placed a few houses in Fel and moved my whole enourage BACK to Fel. I LOVE Fel again!! If I could get a castle in Fel I would probably cut all my Trammel ties and stay there.

    I no longer run from a fight. Some I win, some I lose. I had truces with all my red neighbors...and I had plenty of em...back at the patio I used to own until I placed my tower. They all tried the, "HEY DAMN YOU!! IM RED, BE INTIMIDATED" routine....and....well.....I killed them. Then they were nice :)

    Glad you see now that Fel isnt that dark dangerous place that it is rumored to be. In fact, its safer than Trammel and a WHOLE lot less populated. When someone messes with you in Fel, you dont have to shut up and take it like in Trammel. You have "other" options should you choose to take them. Alot of the old line Vet players still reside in Fel and are some damn fine people to hang out with. Way to go Pluffy!!

    Viva La Felucca!!


    Im Glorious, own a castle, and the ladies are STILL unimpressed.....is it because Im only an inch tall?
  11. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest


    I have never been, I mostly want to go on a recon run before I try to tame it, like, tour the place and get out in one piece, and I can NOT find ANYONE to go with me. BLAH! Iam too weiney and too ignorant about the place to go by myself, although THAT might be the best idea of all! Put on a newbie outfit, port over (I have a rune to the entrance) drink Deadly Poison, and ghost in and scout around looking my fill before I make a real run at it. HEY! That is what I shall do! Then maybe I will be ready and educated enough to take a real crack at it!

    Maybe one night Salty Pete's hunt will be a Khaldun run. I am SO up for it, i just don't want to go ALONE. *pules*


    Plush by Pluffy, I am Currently on Hiatus to plan the Ugliest House on Sonoma Contest (FABULOUS PRIZES! WOOT!)
  12. Reachwind

    Reachwind Guest

    Funny that you mentioned that Pluffy because next Wednesday is that trip! The trip we made to the dungeon Wrong this Wednesday ended in death for a few of us (Salty Pete included) so make sure you leave everything you don't want to lose in your bank.

  13. Well, I dont ofent PLAN my runs to Khaldun anymore, but next time I feel the urge to go over there I will be sure to give ya a holler. Just...umm...dont bring anyhting important with you, Khaldun has gotten rather nast with the noto's and PK's lately.


    Im Glorious, own a castle, and the ladies are STILL unimpressed.....is it because Im only an inch tall?
  14. Pluffy you don't have to kill yourself to scout it out! Do it on the test center! set hiding 1000 set stealth 1000 and what ever else you want then run to moongate go to moonglow take portal to papua walk to kaldun. Scout to your hearts content and if you die so what! least you now have the lay of the land :)

    Krysma Doomspeak GM mage/bard
    Emerald Tamer/T-hunter
    Breeze Windsong Gm Smith/Miner/Scribe
    Selinar Jester Warrior [?]
    Woody gm aclchemist
    Jester till the End!!!
  15. *Draven*

    *Draven* Guest

    Oh hey Pluffy drop me an ICQ if you want to go to Khaldun. I know for sure where at least one of the puzzle boxes is, and can probably find a few more if we looked around. It's no problem just to pop in anytime do a quick tour and hit a box or two.

    - Sonoma -
    Draven - GM Bard/GM Mage
    Fletch - GM Lumberjack
    Magog - GM Mage True Brits
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Krysma's idea does work, i did it a long time ago, i really wanted to see what Khaldun was like, so i went on the test shard. i didnt exactly use the hiding and stealth method, but that sounds like a good one too. what i did is i made a 7x gm tamer/bard/mage. the ULTIMATE PvM character.
    GM taming
    GM animal lore
    GM music
    GM provocation
    GM magery
    GM meditation/peacemaking
    GM evalint/veteranary
    i went to fire island, tamed 3 dragons, killed some drakes for meat, and headed off to khaldun. it wasnt as bad as i heard it was, but it was pretty harsh compared to the other dungeons. pretty tough guys in the first level, theres a red npc mage warrior guy, [it was a long time ago, i dont remember what he was called exactly] he was really hard, my drags were occupied with some of the lesser spawn, and the npc guy was after me, i flamed him like 5 times and he didnt die! so i just called one of my little scaley friends over to have a whack at him, sure enough, quick and painless was his death :) funny thing is there were 10 other people there, nota one red :) test centers work if you just dont wanna sacrafice yourself on yer normal shard.
  17. I am Legion

    I am Legion Guest

    go FEL!!! yey
  18. Holy Cow !

    You actually found, and resurrected a thread almost 2 and 1/2 years old ?

    What do you do ? Have one of your personalities play UO while the other ones dredge through old posts or something ?
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Pluf, icq me and we can meet somewhere so I can pk you and pee on your corpse while saying *PWNED* so you can take a picture.
  20. Tadriendra

    Tadriendra Guest

    Well today she does have a title /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
  21. Hi, Maelwyn! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    I can't think of a better post to dredge up. Quite a treat :)
  22. Heh, Pluffy posted this over 2 years ago Balinor.

    I'm sure she's spent plenty of time in Felucca since then and been PWNED by plenty of people already.
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Bah, ye be stayin' outta Khaldun. It still be mine! (unless o course ye be wishin' to discuss a prior payment plan.)

    -Bacci, Khaldun Proprietress, DP.
  24. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest

    AW THANKS BAL! I knew I could count on you to help me out! *snicker* I will pass on the grounds that I did and do get PKed pretty regularly... I don't and didn't consider 'gettign killed" a FELUCCAN BAD THING, as I get regularly killed no matter what side of the gate I am on.

    WOW THIS IS AN OLD POST. Hehehe my friend Steve ICQed me me to say "Hey! When did you quit stratics!" heheh because this post is so old I am a journeyman!

  25. 'Pluffina', that name sounds familiar, alltho I havent played UO for a very long time (1+ years), thinking about comming back, thats why Im here and posting /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

    Anyhow, My mage/bard name was Aleron, PvP Mage/healer in Minax name was Theleb K'aarna, and tamer/mage name was Yyrkoon, if any of these ring a bell . . .

    When I first started there was no trammel, there was only fellucia, which made for very interesting gameplay, to say the least. While I reguarly got my butt stomped by many a P.K., I end up learning how to defend myself in the long run, even tho back then I detested PvP. After awhile I learned about, and perticipated in the server wars (since usually the server wasnt saving) you could basicly experience, and learn from PvP for 'free'. When trammel rolled around I tired of PvP and went pure 'trammie' for awhile living the PvM life on high (even tho if you where creative, you could still grief a player, or passive P.K. as I like to call it) Finally, after the bugs in khaldun where fixed, I felt the need to visit fellucia once more, also I wanted to experience the factions first hand, so I started 'living' in fellucia again (even tho my house was in trammel) Once 'Theleb K'aarna' my only PvP character hit GM magery, anatomy, and healing, I started to kick some serious butt in the factions, and soon It came appearant to me that I was usaully the first target of choice. While I never considered myself 'top dog' in PvP I was eventualy Proud of myself for being able to deal with multiple hostiles at once (usually ended in a few 'Corp Pors' from me , followed by me making a hasty retreat) 1 on 1 there werent many PPL who could kill me after awhile of playing factions (with one very annoying exception, a macer/thief, who eventually I became teammates, and buddies with) not to say that I could kill 1 on 1 everyone I ran across, but 80% of the time I could.

    Heres a Semi related story Id like to share with you guys, which I personaly think is the highlight of my PvP 'career'

    While Playing as my minax Mage one day I was bored, and wanted to experience some factions action to get my blood pumping /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif I couldnt find anyone anywhere, so after some time after hunting opposing faction members, I decided to make an appearance in Bucs Den. Bucs Den was known to be the place for PvP at most times, and there where three very annoying P.K.s that used to frequent it reguarly, waiting for the defencless, or injured Players to wander by. Anyhow after awhile of waiting, a lone COM member came thru the moongate and we engaged faught for awhile, and after a bit of this 1 on 1 I lost him, making my way back to the moongate (as I was out of garlic and bandages). Suddenly wouldnt you know it, the infamous trio showed up, making short work of me /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif After some time of staring at the screen shaking my head, thinking of what I should, and shouldnt have done, I decided my next step was revenge. Logging off Theleb, I emmediatly logged onto Yyrkoon (my tamer/mage) who by the way had no dragons, with only 80% taming at the time. Then out of the blue, it hit me, how I was going exact my revenge. Recalling to the Ice isles, I started tamming Polar bears, how many I am not sure as I lost count after 10. Anyhow after I felt I had enough, I gated to the moongate, and stepped thru to Bucs Den. Comming thru the other side, the bears acted as predicted, they stacked on one another, looking like 2-3 bears only, I couldnt help but giggle to myself, as I knew the trio was hiding waiting for another un suspecting victim to come into bucs den. Anyhow after pretending to look around to see if there was anyone about, I pretended to practice magery/resists, by casting Energy bolts on myself, the perfect victim, or so it seemed /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif Anyhow of the three there was one axer, and two mages, the axer was the first one to step out of the shadows, and was on the recieving end of my 'all attack' target cursor. As I said previously I have no idea how many Bears I tamed, but in the end, I felt bad for the axer, because the polar bears boxed him in, two bears deep, all the way around him. Needless to say he died, and most badly, as his buddies broke thier invises with ' LMFAO' ect, it was hillarious to say the least. Never have I heard of someone pulling this off, previously, or after, altho I must admit, Im not the end all be all of UO. I regret afterwords, that I was laughing so histericly, I forgot to loot his invurln armor or vanq axe, but oh well, it was worth it. After this adventure, the trio announced logged onto their blue characters, and came back to Bucs Den, congratulating me on what they considered the best anit-P.K. method they had seen ( at least in a while), and the axer announced himself to me telling me that one more death, and his axer would fall into perma stat loss, thus he'd have to delete the character.

    After the anti-P.K. thing, I made friends of the trio, and a few other P.K.s, previously, and afterwards, finding out that most P.K.s are really not bad people, they just are trying to re-light the fire in the game which they love so much. All in all, I say embrace PvP, because one day you may need the experience to defend yourself, or possibly exact revenge. At any rate, I hope I didnt bore you guys/Gals too much with my story, but to me, it is the single most exillerating experience in my UO gaming days, which total about 2-1/2 years before I stopped playing.

    P.S. the Idea of 'revenge' came from me always wanting to use 'hellcats' as an anti-P.K. method, which unfortunatly, I never did.
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Eh, silly advice. First off Tram stones don't work anymore, which I'm sure you knew when you posted it. Secondly, just because you don't have armor on doesn't meatn you won't get killed. (anyone been to Brit lately when ppl are JUST rezd and killed immediately by someone else?) The best way NOT to get killed in Fel is to just say HI :p
  27. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest

    Clio --
    Lookit the DATE on Shaman's post! You can't really critisize 2+ year old advice based on todays ruleset!

    When he posted it, fel stones were working JUST fine and the PvP scene was I am sure different then -- it is ever changing.

  28. Guest

    Guest Guest

    good god why do people rez up old posts...bleh
  29. I am Legion

    I am Legion Guest

    Cause everyones reactions are qutie funny. *laughs*
  30. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest

    HEHEHEH That's hilarious. You can'tt tame 20 or 30 bears anymore I am sad to say --- follower limit makes it impossible.

    Hmmm, my name may very well sound familiar as I have been here for about three years, so would have been playing before you left. A lot of PvPers know my name because I used to sell armor in a shop very close to the brit moongate...Dead people would very often pop through to re-outfit themselves. So, you may have seen it on armor you were looting. :p

  31. I wish I could remember the LumberJack P.K.s name, he was well known on sonoma. Its funny how Alot of P.K.s will seemingly disrespect you, until you kill them, or do them a favor, then instantly become your best friend /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif God, I cant wait to start Anti P.K'n again . . .