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Suggest your changes to Chivalry!

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Asmodeus (Atl), Apr 11, 2003.

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  1. Hello to all of you noble paladins!

    This thread shall be for suggestions for OSI to improve the Chivalry skill. What do you feel needs to be fixed or improved in order to better balance Chivalry? When enough suggestions are gathered, I'll take the suggestions to the ideas den as one massive thread for Paladin forum suggestions. We're more likely to be noticed if we present one grand case instead of many small ones!

    I'm sure some of you have been grumbling about the weakness of Holy Light, or the ineffectiveness of Dispel Evil. What should be done about it? Suggest away!
  2. KingJerm

    KingJerm Guest

    Since for the most part getting chivalry over 100 (or even 80) isn't that useful, higher chivalry could also affect the range of certain spells like cleanse by fire and close wounds. Then again, those two spells are supposed to be a semi-replacement for bandages; so adding a range to them could be overpowering.

    Add sacred journey to the runebook.

    Maybe have the chivalry book or an ankh give a more accurate display of your karma.

    Holy Light shouldn't target blues (like escorts following me) unless I'm in combat with them. Then again, I could just learn not to hit the macro for it when I'm escorting. Maybe have it deal double/+30/+50% damage to abyss/undead creatures.

    Dispel Evil is supposed to compare your karma against the monster's fame to make it flee, if I remember. Maybe have their side of the comparison scale down based on what percentage of life they're at. So if they're down to 50% health, dispel evil will read their fame at 50%. Unless I'm wrong about how the spell works. I'm sure there's some randomizing in the formula, too.

    And I've read people mentioning spells that affect your armor, too. Maybe a spell that temporarily (divine fury's time limit, or so) raises all resistances +3 to +8 (depending on karma) and lowers your attack somehow (speed, accuracy, or simple damage). Although that +8 might be too high of a cap. Also, I guess it and divine fury would have to be kept mutually exclusive.

    Since luck armor (when your resistances end up looking like: 40/33/17/22/25)generally doesn't go well with melee (especially when fighting ogre lords and dragons); maybe a spell that temperarily (consecrate weapon time limit or just above) adds a little luck to your stats, 20-80 based on karma. Nothing overpowering. But then there's the archers who can spare the high resistances for luck who could possibly abuse that.

    Then to keep in the paladin theme, some sort of guardian spell that you target on one other player. And while it's in effect (maybe a time limit near or half of enemy of one)--as long as you're within two or three spaces of the player--monsters who would attack him/her would instead go after you. So if someone was killed, resurrected, and trying to get things off of their corpse; even if you can't cast invisibility you could still protect them. But this one is very open to abuse, hopefully the range limit would temper that somewhat.
  3. lexkov

    lexkov Guest

    I'd prefer some kind of night sight spell, and some spell with 85 or higher chiv, and something more viable in PvP...Necros are much stronger in PvP, so give them more PvM ability, and give us some kind of really useful PvP (as useful as PS or Strangle). Possibly some kind of spell that is karma AND Chivalry based that adds 5-10 to each resist for a period of time, the time being based on the karma and the effectiveness based on the Chivalry skill. Lets face it with all these FC2/FCR4 mages running around, Chiv just doesn't cut it.

  4. imported_tyr

    imported_tyr Guest

    Enemy of One- presently this doesen`t work with Magery spells for stackable damage. If a Pally/Mage uses this he doesen`t get extra damage for the creature type.

    When a Melee or Archer Paladin cast EoO. They get extra damage vrs the monster type. & magery spells are not affected by it, nor is Holy Light.
  5. mrwarpig

    mrwarpig Guest

    First I'd like to see holy light's damage be karma based or least damage anything thats attacking you. Right now it damages blue npc's, but not my guildmate who's attacking me. I was sparring with my guildmate and he hides near some blue npc's, so I figure I'd use HL near where he hid to to reveal him. Instead of revealing him it burns the npc's who then start attacking me. I auto-defend and loose lots of karma. Next is dispel evil. I can occasionally scare a shade off but thats about it, I have level 5 karma. I should be able to scare off liches and most other -4 karma monsters most of the time.
  6. jujubk

    jujubk Guest

    In addition to having sacred journey work with runebooks, I'd like to see the equivalents to cure and heal should work off the red and green buttons on a party health bar.

    (If they do and I haven't realized it, someone tell me - I'll feel dumb, but that's not unusual.)
  7. Sounds like everbody has great suggestions. I would second the vote for some sort of night sight, and also the ability to escort using sacred journey to gain compassion, and also the ability to bring hirelings with you for sacred journey.

    Other than that I think chivalry is pretty cool as is.
  8. Dobby!

    Dobby! Guest

    holy light - its just lame as it is.. i never use its a waste of mana that i can put to better use in special moves - im not sure how to change it.. but however its changed make it be useful in that id want to use it instead of special move on occasion
    dispel evil - again a waste of mana.. oh and i can NEVER get this to work on revenants..id be ok if it actually worked on revenants but i would say to improve the chance to "fear" the enemys and i dont like how they run off in on direction would be cooler if they ran in circles/zigzags/random:p

    what we need is more spells.. i would say 6 more to at least give us the same # of spells necros have..the gap between 65-120 is friggin ridiculous
    as it is now the only chivalry spells ive used is eoo/heal/cure/consweap(and about heal.. us being paladins..being all about life and all it would make more sense if we healed more hp than the magery skill)
    one thing i notice is paladins severely lack in pvp..necros seem to rock both worlds..
  9. Chief_Fruity

    Chief_Fruity Guest

    Mabey a spell that, for a short time limit, lets you take a percentage of the damage for a target. Have it tie in to your karma, so at a higher karma, you take more of a percentage for the target. no more that 25 - 30 % or anything.
  10. matr1x

    matr1x Guest

    Scared Journey has always worked for me with runebooks. Secondly I would like to see a more defensive spell along the lines of those already mentioned. Buff to resistances. Or even a spell that drops the chances of you being hit for a given period of time.

    I'm quiete happy with the range of skills we have already. Although Close wounds to be able to heal at least 50 points would be nice.

    What we must remember tho is that Paladin skills have always in most types of forms buff based.
  11. Okami

    Okami Guest

    Ok... I suck at names, but these are the four spells I'd like to see Pallys get.

    Divine Aura: Not night sight, but instead makes the paladin a light source. Make the range karma based, with max karma maybe lighting up 3/4 of a screen. This not only helps the paladin see, but also others can see in case NS fails.

    10 Tithing Points, 10 Mana, Duration Karma based.

    Divine Health: Raises the Paladins Poison, Physical, and Fire resists, but lowers the Energy and Cold resists. Should be a high level spell.. And Im not sure if thats the right selection of resists to add. Although, I think Poison resist is just begged for. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Duration=Karma.

    Bless: Heh. The paladin can bless, with his skill affecting the strength of the blessing, and karma affecting duration. Should be a higher level spell for paladins.

    15 Tithing Poins, 15 mana, Duration = Karma

    Holy Steed: The paladin summons a "holy mount". (I'd say make it strictly horses)
    The mount should be oddly colored so that no one could confuse it for a normal horse. The mount itself should add some bonuses to the rider, like an armored swamp dragon supposedly does. Possibly defense bonuses... This is the spell that follows Noble Sacrafice. The steed should last a duration equal to the Paladins karma level... I think 15 minutes at max karma would be very effective.

    The steed, if attacked, should poof, not leaving any form of corpse. Basically, it's a transport/armor bonus, not a fighting companion like a mare or anything.

    25 Tithing Points, 25 Mana, Duration= Karma.

    Holy Weapon: The Paladin summons a blade of light. Make the damage 100% energy based, and damage equal to a GM weapon. The spell allows the caster to pick the weapon type of his choice, but the selection should be limited. IE, Choosing Swords gives a Broadsword, Fencing a Lance, Macing a War Mace, and Archery a bow. (Can't really think of which bow would be paladinish)

    This spell should be high end as well, possibly the highest level Chiv spell. Also, the weapon is auto equipped if cast, and vanishes if unequipped. Also, the weapon should have a duration equal to karma, on a scale similar to Enemy of One.

    30 Tithing Points, 30 Mana, Duration =Karma.

    Bless, and the Mount and Weapon spells should be high end, due to their usefulness. Bless would also make the Paladin more desired/useful in groups, as no one would really turn down stat boosts. The two summon spells help accent what I oddly find the UO Paladin's greatest strength. The ability to make something out of nothing.

    That's enough spells.

    Now one gripe... And I really don't understand WHY this wouldn't be done.

    Make it so the ankhs in Empath Abbey and Trinsic are "tithable". Especially Trinsic. Heh. Also... *braces for bricks* Make Chaos tithable. Right now, it functions as a normal ankh, except for the lack of a tithing option. This would be a nice touch for those players who liked the original Chaos/Blackthorne concept, before OSI borked it with the "Poorly Plotted and Doomed to Fail Blackthorne's revenge".
  12. Ihsans_Shade

    Ihsans_Shade Guest

    Silver Steeds.... nuff said
  13. Ihsans_Shade

    Ihsans_Shade Guest

    Silver Steeds.... nuff said
  14. Bless would be my #1 choice. Possibly adding 5-20 to all resistances for about as long as enemy of one. Could be cast on yourself or others.
  15. Primus Vires

    Primus Vires Guest

    *raises an eyebrow*

    Personally, I'd like to see paladin-only weapons added to the game rather than the addition of more spells, I feel that Necromancers and PAladins are trying to turn themselves into mages rather than a distinctive class.

    For example, there could be a "Hammer o' Big Bollocks Judgment" (bad name, I know) It could be crafter by a blacksmith with high karma and it would require the chivalry skill to weild, plus Karma would be a damage modifier.

    More like that, I guess.
  16. Megalon

    Megalon Guest

    I like your ideas Okami. I also think that Consecrate Weapon needs a little longer duration; along the lines of Devine Fury.
  17. NewbLJ

    NewbLJ Guest

    Hi All, a few additions that i think would better chiv...

    Firstly When you cast Cons Wep it should give the wielder a fixed number of hits with the bonus i.e at level 5 karma the wielder gets 6 hits with the "hit lowest resistance"

    Secondly in every RGP i have ever seen the Paladin always gets a Holy Wep usually called Spiritual hammer... the hammer should be duration based and auto equip your old weps when it runs out. it should have "Devine" special moves. Like Call on Holy might, meaning you hit once like you had 150 str or something and the second sepcial should be Holy Aura, that does the wep damage + like a holy light spell but the damage is Karma Based.

    Thats my 2 cents hehe
  18. Kainz

    Kainz Guest

    I'm ok with chiv as it stands, but would like to see maybe these two additions.

    Holy Light being given an increased radius and damage. Right now as it stands it isn't too hot.

    Since Necro's the ability to create an undead mount, maybe high Chivlary skill could grant a Pally a 'holy mount/steed' or something along those lines. A mount that is bright, and similar to the silver steed.
  19. Okami

    Okami Guest

    The problem with this suggestion is that it'd probably prompt most Pallys to drop their existing weapon skill. Adding this change would simply make Chiv TOO powerful, especially for a skill that requires no "support skill". IE Magery/EI, Necro/SS, Weapon/Tactics
  20. sasheria

    sasheria Guest

    I like the ideas.. but I don't think we need anymore new "spells" per se.. just fixes to the current one (at least more feasible)

    Holy light = damage base on karma, targetable to pc/npc/mobs attacking player only /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif this way you can effect only mobs that are attacking you /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif it should also do some extra damage to undead (like holy aura paladin usually have)

    CS is good as is in my opinion.. it is a nice temp enchant weapon /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif love it.. use it a lot.. the "balance" factor is short duration.. I usually can get a couple of hits before it wears out /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    it would be too powerful if it last longer.. since it would almost negate the "special" properties I get from weapons /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
  21. Primus Vires

    Primus Vires Guest

    oh, sorry, I thought I implied It would use existing support skills, but karma would be an additional factor.
  22. Dobby!

    Dobby! Guest

    no.. face it, weneed more spells we only have 10 compared to necros who have 16 and from what i hear we can PScroll to 120.0 but cant pass 115.0 due to all our spells have such low skill req's which does make it not as rewardful to GM-elder-legendary the skill
  23. Remember the request was for changes- not just boosts.

    I'd like for paladins to have a defensive buff that enhances chance for parry.

    Marking runes and gating (escorts only) would be good for high level paladins.

    Holy light should at least be good for an In Lor, and not affect positive creatures.

    And for the changes that would piss most of these people off..............

    Ultima Paladins never used archery. D&D paladins don't use archery........

    Archery should NOT stack with EEO and CW. And neither should magery. If you want to play a paladin- you should have to pay the increased damage penalties that the skills were designed to have. If you want to sit in the back and chat with your friends- play a regular archer or mage (or one of those other ranged folks). Let's not turn chivalry into the next twink's choice award.

    Anyone with over 35 chivalry should have to pay tithing points for casting a magery spell, having more than one tame slot in use, or attempting to provoke or peacemake. The cost of tithing points should double if the character has over 35 necro.

    Playing a paladin should have penalties. It should not be a class people flock to for bonuses or uber loot.

    I am Jack's Chivalry changes.

    - Hec
  24. I Would like to see a spell like the revenant
    some sort of holy spirit which strictly only attacks reds / negetively aggresive (enemies) like monsters or enemy guild members *but they must have negetive karma*.

    There are times where i wish for nothing more than having a revenant lol
    well maybe for pvp but those are just cheap i think
    but more for monsters like the bone daemon who you cant melee lol
  25. SparrowMK

    SparrowMK Guest

    Holy Light needs to have the same effect as Wither when it comes to hitting people that are hiden. I can come into a gate and get withered next thing i know im getting double striked and seeing my death before it happens as the words In Sar pop up... its bull we need a direct damage spell and an area spell that is worth a damn
  26. Beren

    Beren Guest

    This may not be a popular responce, but I already feel Chivalry is powerful enough. I can kill Dragons, Bloods, Ogre Lords with a few hits. Those of us who have always played warriors should be thankful for this. Paladins are now one of the best PvM classes.

    I do agree that a few tweeks may be needed. i.e. being able to use rune books (not just the default rune). A nite site ability would also fit in well with being a paladin. And I do think Dispel Evil is a pretty lame ability. Even at 110 skill I rarely can use this against earth elementals or even Rat Men.

  27. SparrowMK

    SparrowMK Guest

    Beren what kind of armor do u use when fighting these monsters? with this template 110 swords/tactics/anatomy gm lj healing resist 60 chivalry 30 focus (with +7 mana regen armor (testing this cuz i dont know what skill to drop for focus yet) ) I easily kill blood eles with a valorite enhanced pre patced (no enhanced damage) ele ban axe in 3 hits. but the problem is ill hit it for 250 damage and ill get smacked the hell up to about 1/4 life just by its melee and then ill get hit with an explosion or an ebolt for the final blow. ive been thinkin about makin some runic draggy scale armor to raise my fire/physical resist to the max but i dont know if it is even worth killing bloods with no luck.
  28. Reachwind

    Reachwind Guest

    I'd like to see a few changes...

    1) Karma loss event drops Chivalry skill by 5-20% depending upon act.

    2) All gold be sent to the tithe on monster death.

    3) Paladins should be required to quest randomly. If they ignore the quest their chivalry skill drops. Each quest ignore increases the skill loss until it drops to 0 or the quest is taken.
  29. Beren

    Beren Guest

    I use a combination of runic enhanced armor (mostly chain valorite/verite) with some enhanced magic armor. I dont have a completely balanced set yet, so I have to change things a bit between drags and bloods for example. So I get Phys, Fire and Energy to 70 for drags, then change things to get the Poison instead of Phys up for Bloods. (Bloods cause 0 physical melee damage, its all poison and energy.) I dont use a shield which would make it much easier for those resists.

    I dont go for luck much on my warrior. I have 700+ luck on my tamer and I dont really get that great of stuff consistantly, so for my warrior I would rather be "unlucky" and alive, instead of "lucky" and dead.

  30. Dobby!

    Dobby! Guest


    I'd like to see a few changes...

    1) Karma loss event drops Chivalry skill by 5-20% depending upon act.

    2) All gold be sent to the tithe on monster death.

    3) Paladins should be required to quest randomly. If they ignore the quest their chivalry skill drops. Each quest ignore increases the skill loss until it drops to 0 or the quest is taken.


    i wont even bother to mention how absurd these thoughts are...
  31. Jedson

    Jedson Guest

    I like a lot of the suggestions here.
    I like the idea of a holy mount for palidins only
    I like the idea of a summoned assistant
    I like the idea of actually haveing Karma effect our skillz
    BUT what is the point for us to gain any chivilary? It does nothing
    I do want to be able to gate, and use a rune book (not just the default)
    I do want to offer protection to someone like take hit point damage ( insome cases it would be helpful like after someone is rezd).
    I also would like to see more power added to Holy Light cause its not woth shi*.
    How about some kind a spell that allows us to reflect majic damage or absorb it at least, for my worrier I always get killed but mages. Give us a chance lol especially in PvP.
    Maybe there could be a holy dungon added to the game kinda like doom for us to defend or gain special skillz. There should be something good about being a palidine cause god knows it no money maker.

    Jedson of Lake Superior

    PS are they gonna actually improve anything I think now
  32. Seifenigel

    Seifenigel Guest

    I really love the idea of a prayer "spell"

    takes 4 seconds to start while the paladin must not be disturbed. during the chant, the paladin may neither move nor atack. a bonus will be applyed to his mana and hp regeneration (+5 each at level 5 karma) + up to 10 resist each (for he is a sitting duck during the chant). additional, give everyone with positive karma in a radious around the paladin half of the boni. this would make him an extremly valuable member for a champ spawn
  33. I agree with the other two statements. but this one needs tweaking......


    2) All gold be sent to the tithe on monster death.


    Sorry- but if you tithe 100% gold then you need another character to support the paladin.for armor and upkeep. I'd agree with 75% gold going straight to tithe just based on the fact that I'd kill myself before I made a tamer or a bard to support this guy. I understand and agree with your idea that a paladin should not be a gold farming character.But he needs to be able to sustain himself.

    I am Jack's 75% tithe.

    - Hec
  34. mrwarpig

    mrwarpig Guest

    -2) All gold be sent to the tithe on monster death. -

    If your in a party wouldn't the others get a little mad about this one.
  35. Reachwind

    Reachwind Guest


    Sorry- but if you tithe 100% gold then you need another character to support the paladin.for armor and upkeep.


    My Paladin gets a fair amount of armour and weaponry from the very beasts he kills. He doesn't need fancy things beyond what the fight against evil provides him with. Paladins don't use regs and have no need for fancy clothes and items that can't be found for free.
  36. Reachwind

    Reachwind Guest


    If your in a party wouldn't the others get a little mad about this one.


    If they would be relying on your Paladin to kill all of the monsters for them then they would have to accept that there would be no gold on the monsters that your paladin killed.
  37. Neo Hawkeye

    Neo Hawkeye Guest

    I would enjoy being able to make myself invisible and I would also like to be able to open a gate for a party. As well I mentioned in another thread about having some type of summon spell. I had mentioned it being call Virtueous Spirit before only to not offend any religious people by calling it the holy spirit. But a summoned Virtueous Spirit that is white colored and appears as a water ellemental graphic with different stats would nice as well.

    Definately fix the rune book situation with paladins.
    Maybe be able to bless weapons that last longer than a couple minutes.
  38. Thaul

    Thaul Guest

    I really like the Pally mount and Pally only weapon and would like to see both of them be something you could quest for from NPC Pally's in Luna.

    Maybe the mount, once you completed the quest which should be pretty difficult, could add 5-20 to all resist's depending on your chiv level. Since it would be questable only, only a pally could ride one and they can not be transfured. Also, maybe something could be added so that you must be off the highest karma level to attain one and if your karma drops bellow level 5 for any reason your mount would reject you. This would not allow players who are using the chiv skill but are not truelly paladins, like assasins and necros, to gain such a powerful mount. These should be reserved as a sign of stature for high level paladins. They should also be intsa-bonded and perhaps offer the Pally a way to travel by using sacred journey to open a gate.

    Now to the weapon. Holy Avenger, Spiritual Hammer, whatever game you knew them by they have always been there. Pally's need Pally only weapons.

    I think these could be really cool. I would like to see them go as follows.

    All weapons have 5 abilities. Three standard and two that you could choose to customize your character.

    For the standards, maybe swing speed increase 30%, faster casting 1, and a randomly selected slayer weapon (more on that in a sec). The other two you can choose from the list but you can not double up on slayers and they should be of the maximum intensity. This item, once you complete the quest to get it, should act as though it has had a bless deed used on it and is blessed only for you.

    Now how it would use the chiv skill. It would use chiv much like tactics, anat or jacking, as a dmg modifier and would stack with other dmg modifiers when this weapon is equiped. The higher your chiv the higher the dmg increase. Pretty powerfull weapon but there is one catch.

    The random slayer property would pick one monster from a select list. Lich Lord, Balron, Blood Elemental, Poison Elemental, Devour of Souls, Shadow Wirm, maybe a couple other tough creatures as well. The weapon does not actually act as a slayer for it's selected creature, it meerly tells you what evil it must smite to remain effective, which would be a nice touch for all the RPing Pally's out there.

    For every week that passes your character must slay three of the chosen creature's or the weapon begin's to loss it's abilities by 5-10% with faster cast going last as there is no % for it. If your weapon gets any of it's abilities to 0, you have lost your weapon and must quest again to gain a new one but can not do so for one month's time. A slain necromancer or red character would add 5% back to one of your properties at random as there is nothing so evil as another player who has chosen to walk in darkness. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif (Just to keep it from becoming monatonas and help PvPer's not have to engage in dull PvM, it's a possiblity that could be dropped but I like the idea of it.)

    When you finish the quest and return to the NPC you would be presented with a menu similar to that of the smith menu but with weapon's only and would select the weapon you use most as your pally weapon.

    Chiv would be used for both of these things in a way that would keep the pally from becoming a caster which it is not and should not be. The higher your chiv the higher your granted resist from your mount, and the higher your chiv the higher your damage modifier with your weapon.

    So, thats what I think would be a great add on to expand chiv. I'm open to comments.

    *Braces for the "what about balance?" screaming*
  39. Wex

    Wex Guest

    I just want ANY spell that is hard enough to cast so I can take my Chivalry to 120. The spell could make my peepee fall off and I wouldn't care...I want to be a Legendary Paladin already, jeez.
  40. Drakian

    Drakian Guest

    replace dispell evil with a night sight/bless/ar +2 to all resists except -4 to AR spell.. wouldnt last to long and could cost alot of mana...bless would wear away in a bit of tiem but Night Sight and resists could stay

    also I dont want any amount of my gold sent to tithe... but I would like for you to have a spell that tithes gold for you
  41. Jedson

    Jedson Guest

    The random slayer property would pick one monster from a select list. Lich Lord, Balron, Blood Elemental, Poison Elemental, Devour of Souls, Shadow Wirm, maybe a couple other tough creatures as well. The weapon does not actually act as a slayer for it's selected creature, it meerly tells you what evil it must smite to remain effective, which would be a nice touch for all the RPing Pally's out there.
    Its a great idea and should be a pain to complete BUT there is one catch....IT is IMPOSSIBLE to KILL A BALRON OR AN UBER TYPE DEMON WITH A Meelle wep, they hit for 150+ and its impossible to live, granted you may get 1 hit in or 2 but never any more. Meele sucks. I have 100+ swords +100 tacts +100 anatomy 90s chiv +100 focus and the rest put into resist and parry. No WAY can this be done. NOT that i don't think its a bad idea, but meele fighter can't compare to mages on any level. I love playing my char don't get me wrong but mages have uber spells and we can't possible compete....Lossing faith in UO, maybe its time to go to a different game /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif I hear Shadow Bane is pretty good, I'm looking into that....I hope something is done to keep this vet interested...
  42. Thaul

    Thaul Guest

    Its a great idea and should be a pain to complete BUT there is one catch....IT is IMPOSSIBLE to KILL A BALRON OR AN UBER TYPE DEMON WITH A Meelle wep, they hit for 150+ and its impossible to live, granted you may get 1 hit in or 2 but never any more. Meele sucks. I have 100+ swords +100 tacts +100 anatomy 90s chiv +100 focus and the rest put into resist and parry. No WAY can this be done. NOT that i don't think its a bad idea, but meele fighter can't compare to mages on any level. I love playing my char don't get me wrong but mages have uber spells and we can't possible compete....Lossing faith in UO, maybe its time to go to a different game I hear Shadow Bane is pretty good, I'm looking into that....I hope something is done to keep this vet interested...
    Yeah, it would be a tough road for certain. I think there could be some ways around it to make it possible. I really hesitated with putting the Balron, DoS, and Shadow wirm into that list, they are all nearly impossible to meely, but I didn't want to make it easy either. It did not say specifically that you must fight this monster one on one, but I would think most pally's would want that.

    The problem is there are no real mid level monsters in game to speak of. A regular Daemon would be too easy, maybe a dragon could be added. Most monsters are either "This thing is kind of a chump, I can solo these all day" or "OMFG!!!! No it did not just do that!" /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Maybe some other high mid level things could be added. I just liked the idea of a pally weapon with an ego in a round about way that would also try to give a little boost to chiv as a skill because right now it is lacking a little and I don't know that spells are really the main way to go.

    One exception maybe to the spell list. A spell called "Damnation" or whatever the spelling is. This spell would be high enough that you would be able to get to 120 chiv with it and would help with dmg as rated by karma. So maybe that would help too with slaying a Bally if it stacked with EoO and CW.
  43. breezinuw

    breezinuw Guest

    Personally, I think that Chivalry is pretty good as it is. The amount of damage over time that EoO and CW give makes them the most efficient (mana/reg/tithe)spells in the game short of an EV (and that EV is only better against a non-dispelling mob). I have seen double hits with EoO and CW take upwards of 280 hitpoints from a blood ele.

    Divine Fury is also a great spell- it saves me from carrying tons of red pots...not to mention that hit chance increase.

    Close wounds...a great backup when a bandie is taking its sweet time.

    Cleanse-by-fire... Well, this skill could use some enhancing. Perhaps be able to cast through the poison interruption (I kinda like seeing myself get flamstruck)

    Sacred Journey- Awesome...no more recall scrolls for me

    Remove Curse- Ack, nice when my resist is only at 50 and I get knocked with -11 to all stats...but at 20 mana (or is it 15) it is a bit too costly.

    Dispel Evil- Needs some tweaking (like making it actually work as planned)

    Holy Light- I used this in a champ spawn the other day...and was sorely dissappointed. It did 15 to 25 damage to the mobs surrounding me, but once the monsters started to get better, I couldn't safely get enough monsters around me to make this spell worth it. A range and damage increase would be nice. Combined with a fire horn and whirlwind attack, it can be quite deadly at the begining levels of a spawn.

    Noble Sacrifice- I guess if you need to give a quick rez, or dont have healing, this spell would be good.

    It would be nice to have a few more spells...just to add some flavor. Also, some harder spells would be great. I have my Chivvy locked at 70 right now. My tactics consist of EoO and CW. I would like a reason to get up to at least GM, but the title just isn't enough to spend precious precious skill points

    Also (I may get yelled at for this), but I agree with one of the previous posters about making chivalry worthless for archers and mages. IMHO, paladins should be melee fighters.

    Overall though, I think that Chivalry is an excellent addition to the game as-is.
  44. knutte_vby

    knutte_vby Guest

    Hi all. First i want to say Paladins suck in pvp as you all know.
    And i think the paladins fame (ore karma, dont remember) shouldnt drop so much when slayed. I worked my but to get high fame and karma. but when i died 2 times. it droped pretty much.

    And now the chiv:

    Holy light should be able to do more damage. i mean. When I'm good. I do 11-13 in damage. And on the real monsters it isnt a scrath. What does 13 in damage when a monster kan take 300 in damage??

    Consecrate weapon is very good. keep it that way.

    Close wounds should heal much more. When i was GM paladin. I healed 40 dmg. That suck.

    Sacred yourney: get it to work in Runebook. It's pretty dumb to allways have to set the location where you want to go as default.

    Cleanse by fire. Very good spell. I like this one.

    Dispel Evil: dont use this spell so often. but when i does, it doesn't do much. it scares the enemy as much as a sewer rat scares me.

    Enemy of one: This is good. Don't change this spell

    Divine fury: Whats the point with this spell?? It doesnt do anything. Just a waist of mana.

    Remove curse: This spell is very helpfull. Don't change this.

    Noble sacrifice: This is good to. but its pretty bad to have 1 in hp after casting it. I mean. If in combat i will surely die. I think that everything should be lowerd to 10 instead of 1. Because then we can use close wounds to heal us. And there is still some tactics using it wich is good.

    Thats all for me.

  45. WarUltimate

    WarUltimate Guest

    First of all I am a frequent pvper and i recently took my Pally out to the real world and observed something i would like to have OSI to change:

    1. Holy Light: again way too weak and not useful in PvP even tho you can cast it on the run because if you pvp u will know there are healers (heals grays or reds) and everytime when i combo an enemy with healers and followed up with a finishing Holy Light it hits way too light and the gives me a bouns of flagging on all these healers around me so there we go ganking action.
    IMO. Make it a direct attacking ranged spell with beefed up damage against evil karma players (why? because wither gets dmg bouns on positive karma players) and if you wanna toggle it's area effect simply target urself and it's the current holy light effect

    2. Close Wounds: In pvp, this spell can be disrrupted easily due to it's long timer, and any combo can out damages the amount u heals.
    Make it able to heal a bit more, like around 40-50 maybe OR keep the same amount but make it a bit faster to cast

    3. Noble Sacrifice: hmm I use it to rez someone, i get killed by an magic arrow if anything suddenly spawned close to me.
    Make it so that we don't lost all Mana (but the amount used to cast it) so we can close wound at least!!!

    4. Remove Curse: Super nice spell but 20 mana per cast on a worrior char?? Naw...
    Make it cost less mana and can be casted even when paraed so we can remove paralyze (we we can unpara b4 we get exp mana vamped)

    5. Cleanse By Fire: nice spell but it take pally out of battle mode (it results u do not attack back if someone is wacking on you)and cost a bit too much
    Tweek it's mana cost to around 5-7 and stays in Battle mode

    6. Dispel Evil: I though it was a spell to counter summoned monsters and especially to counter Necro's Revegent
    Well, make this spell actually work

    7. Divine Fury: Makes it to boost more swing speed so we can actually lower some Dex for higher Int so we can actually cast something if we used a special move
    All the rest are fine
    Other than that adding night sight is a good point, and something that makes us take less damage on EoO's chosen monster (so we can actually kill a dragon or Barlon)
  46. <blockquote><hr>




    No WAY can this be done



    'nuff said.

    No that broadsword ain't a slayer weapon either. And it's definitely not one of those luck props the mages and tamers carry.

    You are right, melee will never fully compare to magery or ranged attack. It's far more challenging and rewarding. It takes patience, practice, and skill.

    I am Jack's always underestimated melee paladin.

    - Hec
  47. Thaul

    Thaul Guest

    Thx for the pick Hecubus. It should not be something that is considered completely impossible to kill some of the high monsters with a warrior character, pretty hard for sure, but people where soloing bally's before AoS, and with a decent suit of armor should be able to after as well. Get anything good off of him? /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  48. Actually no........the big drawback to having nice beefy resist armor is that you don't end up with high luck...........oh well.....

    My main character is a paladin- a good ole sword and shield pally. Sometimes I get laughed at or even frowned upon because I have no tamer or bard on either account.....but not having that powerful crutch has forced me to stretch the limits on what I can handle.

    I am Jack's no-bard-no-tamer accounts.

    - Hec
  49. Thaul

    Thaul Guest

    Yeah the best suit I have with luck has only over 200, which is not much obvioulsy, and over 50 to all reist's. That is a good theory you have about not ahving a tamer or a bard. It would make you take a close look at what you can do. I have both on my accounts, but am a gluton and could not resist. I think of it this way, if I have a character of every class so to speak then at least one of them will be made stronger with one publish while the other is nerfed horifically. LOL! At least this way I can move from character to character trying to avoic the nerf. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    I think luck may be slightly over rated anyhow. At least slightly. I think you can always get "default items" that are scaled by creature difficulty so even the default item on a bally has to be better then the uber item on the earth el.

    Pally's can be pretty tough, especially parry ones that can get the full use of faster casting 4.
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