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Suggestion for TSO staff

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Guest, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hello, this is meant for the TSO staff. I have really thought this out and think you should consider this. Anyway I feel that we should not disable the "Sell back to EA" option. I know that the reason being you want to do it is because of people bringing items to EA-Land and selling them back like tip jars, clothing racks, etc... But couldn't this option just be Available to the people who purchase items after the merge? I really think by taking away the option will make the economy go wild. People buying simple items, but then wanting to sell back and having to just delete it or make there lot a store and sometimes having to wait 7 days. As for stores selling items from before the merge. You could just simply not allow that either. So if someone buys from a store and the item was before the merge than he can't sell it back, only the once who bought after the merge.
    Secondly, I am a pet puller meaning I create walls or water around 1 square and putting pets in those randomly hoping to find a rare pet. Many of my friends do it. It's a way that we make business running are store around. And many do it nonstop because they love it so much. I know people who come back to TSO just to do pet pulling. TSO even wants us to be creative and use what you provide to make our own stores. One thing is going to stop us from Pet pulling in EA-Land. We all know that having no money will cause it, but we can get through that. The thing is not being able to sell back to EA-Land. Having a discount at 61% in a store will get us to get the prices down to about $5,500 and reduced to around $4,750. I know all prices are lowered but it still will take away some money. We can get through that also. When we don't have sell back though that means all these pets that aren't rares have to be deleted or we are going to have to just sell them in our store. Their is no point in even pet pulling if that happens. By disabling this option it may sound like not a big deal, but it actually could make many people poorer. That means now around 80% of TSO are going to be running stores to sell those Items we don't want anymore. As you can seen I thought about this a lot. I really hope you discuss this and consider not disabling the option. Thanks so much for your time and please please write back. [​IMG]
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Unfortunately, this is just one of the many things about the merge that is iron clad, just like the wiping of simoleans that nobody likes.....these are just things unfortunately that we have to kinda 'grin and bear' in order to get the new and fresh game that so many of us have been asking for, and to save the game from being totally shut down. I realize that there are many players whose entire playing styles will have to be changed, and change is never fun......but without change this game would have died. It wasn't going to survive the way we have known it the last 5 years. EA could have just decided to hand out the 90 day notices and cut their losses and left us all to find new games to play in, and just HOPE that we end up in the same ones our friends do.....but as it is at least we all have each other to learn the new ropes with and to find new ways to find happiness within the game. I'm thoroughly convinced that there won't be one person who makes their mind up that they are going to find happiness somewhere within the game that won't be able to. Those that won't be able to adjust are those that just won't acquiesce to the changes that they don't like as a necessary evil. There's a few of my friends that fall into that category myself, and it will be sad to see them go, but I just have to believe that those that will be left behind, and those that will join when EA Land gets up in full swing will make this game live up to the potential that it always should have. I think its up to all of us to make it a positive transition rather than a negative one [​IMG]

    Just my two simolenas anyway [​IMG]