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Discussion in 'Project: Gorgon Discussion Hall' started by Cloo, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Cloo

    Cloo Guest

    I didn't get around to writing up suggestions during the pre-alpha. So here they are now.

    Low-power abilities (Sword Slash, Bite) are too good with powerful gear. They scale better than high-power abilities, in terms of both DPS and damage-per-power. So when you have good gear, the best strategy is just to spam Sword Slash, and never use any other sword ability, unless somehow you have surplus power.

    As an example (from memory):

    Sword Slash: does 5 damage, costs 5 power (1:1 damage-to-power ratio)
    Finishing Blow: Does 10 damage, costs 10 power (1:1)

    If you have +20 sword damage, it becomes:

    Sword Slash: 25 damage, costs 5 power (5:1)
    Finishing Blow: Does 30 damage, costs 10 power (3:1)

    As you can see, Sword Slash's damage-to-power ratio is way better than Finishing Blow, with powerful gear. And the damage has become almost as good. They should both scale the same.

    It wasn't worth bothering to look at the enemy's rage bar. There was no real way to mitigate rage attacks. Not even with the sword-user's parry attack. Parry would reduce the rage somewhat, then your next attack would send it right back up, and then some. The rage bar should fill slower. As it is now, the mechanic doesn't affect any decisions I make.

    The intro quest, where you count the number of mushrooms in the cave wasn't fun. People would collect the mushrooms, so it was hard to count them. I ended up brute forcing the door code.

    I would like to see an XP bar below both skills. It took me the majority of the pre-alpha to realize how XP gain works. I.e. that I gain XP in both equipped skills, even if I only use one. Having these bars would help players understand that. I would also like to see an XP bar in the recipe book for Cooking, etc.

    The value of paintings is too low. The best painting is worth 500, which is almost not worth the bag space.

    Items from Cooking are too weak. I kept all Soil drops, and used 95% of them for gardening. My cooking skill was pretty high throughout my leveling. And at no point were the items I could cook better than mob drops, or food from vendors. It's worth noting that I didn't fish, so that contributed to it. On the plus side, gardening and cooking are fun enough to do with no reward.

    Need more apples on the ground. I hit a bottleneck in cooking where I needed apples to progress. But competition with cows was too fierce. Also it was very hard to level foraging because of the apple shortage.

    If you're holding down the hotkey for a skill when it comes off cooldown, it should activate. I.e. if you hold down 1, you should Sword Slash every second, for as long as you hold it down. As it is now, you have to spam the 1 key to get it to activate every second, and that gets tiring. WoW has this same problem, and what a lot of people do in WoW is create AutoHotkey, or Logitech keyboard macros to spam their keys for them. It would be nice to not have to do that.

    It's hard to see the cooldown progress, on the buttons. This was a problem for abilities like Pep Talk. The only way to see if it was off cooldown was to try it and see if it works.
  2. scoboose

    scoboose Visitor

    Oct 24, 2012
    Likes Received:
    I agree with all your points. I also created a logitech g19 macro that would spam Sword Slash for me.