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Suicidal Fools! Parts I - III (Complete)

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Mar 15, 2002.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It was early again, Joram Soulrift yawned as he looked round to see what had disturbed him. The room was bathed in a golden hue and the first rays of dawn came through the stone window.

    The door shook violently on it's hinges downstairs as someone was banging furiously on it. Thinking there must be trouble brewing Joram dressed quickly and headed towards the door. He had given Bringwen, the barmaid from the Taverna Stratica, the day off to visit her family, how he regretted that now.

    "Alright, alright, I'm coming" he yelled as he took the tower steps two at a time.

    He flung the door open to see not a messanger as he had expected, but his friend, Lord Hunter McCinley of the Guardians of Honor. Hunter was looking excitedly at Joram, and stepped through the door.

    "Morning friend" he said bouyantly, "Ready?"

    "I'm about ready to flamestrike you!!" replied Joram, with a smile, "What the hell are you doing waking me at this hour?"

    "Oh you didn't get my messenger? I sent him last night to tell you to be ready early this morn to head to Ilshenar".

    Joram leaned back on the bar of the Taverna, he knew where this was leading. Pretty much most mornings when both of the men were available there would be the usual hurried sending of messages before both of them prepared themselves for another trip to Terot Skitas, the Temple of Wisdom of Ilshenar.

    No thought of returning to sleep was in his mind now, Joram grabbed a pack of reagents from one of the chests by the table, and poured two large mugs of ale. He turned to Hunter, one in each hand, Hunter smiled appreciatively.

    "I knew you wouldn't let me down" he said with a grin.

    Both men threw the ale down their necks and walked outside. The air was crisp and fresh, though still slightly chilled because of the hour. After quickly double checking their equipment, Hunter uttered the words Vas Rel Por and the pair vanished into a blue void.

    They arrived at the Valor Shrine in Ilshenar in seconds. There were crumbling ruins all around the once great Shrine. This was a land of monsters, humans time here had passed.

    As was usual practice they spurred their horses to a gallop and ignored all the creatures they passed. Hurtling through the jungle undergrowth at a frightening pace they saw an Elder Gazer on the horizon, without a word to each other they split either side of him and flew past, the beast did not even have time to register what had happened and they were gone again on the horizon. Still onward they went, across open grassland with the scattered remains of fallen men on either side of them, until they reached a bridge.

    The bridge was carved beautifully out of white stone. It was smooth as marble and cool to the touch. Perhaps this was testament to bygone times of Ilshenar when craftsmen could ply their trade without fear of the monsters that now roamed freely.

    The men trotted across the bridge then turned sharply to the south-east. Again at full gallop they hugged the river bank, until breaking on the horizon they got their first glimpse of it.... Terot Skitas.

    A huge mountain of rock, protruding straight up in the sky from the flat grasslands around, shielded their view of the temple from this side. They skirted round the base of the mountain until they had a better view point.

    Now, standing in front of a huge arched entrance way under the mountain, they looked up. The sun had now cleared the horizon and was shining brightly. The rays hit an awe spiring building above them. It rested snugly in the side of the mountain, and, like the bridge they had crossed, was crafted of smooth white stone. It cast an impressive scene, the sun reflected off the smooth walls and gave the impression of an aura about the place.

    Both men paused to take in the magnificent scene, then turned to each other.

    "No time like the present" grinned Hunter. Joram nodded in agreement and they headed towards the archway.

    The arch was at least three stories high and made of dark blue stone. Underneath it the entrance to the myriad of corridors under the once great building could be seen.

    In Lor, Flam Sanct, In Jux the men incanted.

    They rode boldly through the entrance. The marble corridor they entered gave the sad impression of fallen greatness. There were still artefacts of a past era. The men's reminiscience was cut short. The clanking of bones could be heard in the distance.

    "We don't have time for you to stare at all these shiny things" chuckled hunter.

    "Bah!" grinned Joram, "Let's get down there quickly then."

    [To be continued.....]
  2. Sonoma Sam

    Sonoma Sam Guest

    Woo Hoo! I know where this is going. Don't forget to mention Lagunis, there for comic relief, stuck in the wizards house.
  3. Man i hate it when good books are left off the shelf

    *picks up book and puts it back on top*
  4. Torquemada

    Torquemada Guest

    Yes please post part two, I have recently ventured into that Dungeon, one can come out an instant Lord within a few minutes, very challenging.

  5. Lord Hunter

    Lord Hunter Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 18, 2001
    Likes Received:
    *Waits for next one* GRR I hate cliffhangers!

    Wait a sec... Thats me!
  6. Torquemada

    Torquemada Guest

    *Whacks Joram upside the head with a trout*

    You gonna finish this thing or what?

  7. BranWyn

    BranWyn Guest

    *taps fingers*
    whens the next one coming!!!!!!!1


    great story Joram!!!
  8. Yes man lets get on with it. Iv'e not been to that place and in addition to a great story it's a good recon report. So whats next????
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sorry I didn't get round to finishing part II :) I got called away on business this weekend.

    I'll do my best to get it finished and posted in the next couple of days :)
  10. We need part II you see.. or we will turn into a angry mob with torches and hunt you down =P
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Both men spurred their horses onward. They flew down the marble tiled floor, passing many undead on their way. Joram signalled to hunter and they turned sharply at the end of the corridor, both horses hooves slipped slightly on the polished floor. Heading west they sped past a lich and heard the familar bubbling noise of a Blood Elemental, not stopping they went on to the descending steps at the end of the room.

    As the men rounded the corner, descending into the second level of Terot Skitas, the stench of death grew considerably. There was another Blood Elemental to be avoided, they did so with consummate ease. The bards checked their horses.

    "OK Joram, you ready for the final dash?" questioned hunter.

    "Ready as I'll ever be" replied Joram.

    The next few moments were a blur. Both men guided their horses at a gallop between all sorts of monsters, there were hell hounds, daemons, blood elementals, and more. It took them a matter of minutes to get across the entire floor. The flashes of reactive armor reflected off the dungeon walls, magic crackled through the air. There was a smell of burning sulphor, Joram looked down to see his tunic was burned. Smiling he showed hunter as he cast a minor healing spell.

    "You're getting slack, friend" chuckled hunter as they descended into the very bottom of the Temple.

    Again they were met by Blood Elementals, and again they deftly avoided damage. Hunter slipped his harp from his pack and took up a song. Soon the elementals were dancing a deadly waltz with each other.

    Rounding the final corner the pair stopped for a final time. They checked their reagents, and Joram took his lute from his pack. They both knew what would happen now, around the next corner they would face two of the most powerful creatures in Sosaria. Balrons. Both of them knew that if they were on their own one failed provoke would mean death. However, with each otehr they had added security.

    For a final time they smiled at each other, and trotted into the pit....

    There was a roar that sent shivers down the spines of even these veterans. The first of the Balrons was now visible, gorging itself on what appeared to be human remains. The Collector of Souls reared it's head as it sensed the presence of fresh meat. It flew at them with incredible speed. Here their experience, and near telepathic understanding of what the other would do, was truly evident. Hunter feinted left, and sped off to the right, whilst Joram headed straight towards the beast. Confused for a moment the Collector tracked hunter as Joram went unnoticed.

    There was a rack with the remnants of it's latest victim in the corner, and besides it Joram could just make out the outline of a huge set of wings in the shadows.

    He knew it instantly, it was the Lord of the Abyss. Taking a split second to focus his mind he struck up a tune. His hands were sweating. The lute slipped. Joram missed the final note of his melody....

    The Lord of the Abyss, angered by Joram's music and not under the hypnosis created by a complete bardic song, turned on Joram. The beast rose to it's full height and lifted one of it's rotting claws. It's eyes glinted malevolently before it began to bring it's fist down in a scything motion aimed at Joram head....

    [to be continued...]
  12. We need part III!!!
    Well i do...
    Part II was awesome!!
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    so when do i show up in this story /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  14. Lord Aginor

    Lord Aginor Guest

    I am like Ghost I want to Know When Graendal is gonna be in the story she has lost Lady a few times "helping" yall lol
  15. Torquemada

    Torquemada Guest

    *Unshealths Trout*
    *Waves Trout Meanacingly in the Air*

    Is part three on the way? Don't make me use this thing.

  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hiya Torq :)

    Yes part III will be coming soon. I wanted to get it finished earlier this week, but unfortunately work has been a bit of a pain this week.

    As soon as this week is over I expect to finish it at the weekend.
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hey Joram, we could come over there and heelp you get your work done...

    hmm well maybe not the way you want it done /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif hehe
  18. Torquemada

    Torquemada Guest

    *Is still waving Trout menacingly in the air, and it is really starting to stink btw*

    Did ya think we forgot?

    ~T the stinky

    p.s. I know your work is keeping you busy, just wanted to give this a *bump*
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Joram closed his eyes. He knew his impending doom. "How could I have been so foolish?" he thought. Then a new sound could be heard across the dank room. It was the soft melodic playing of another lute. The Lord of the Abyss looked confused for a second before he was knocked sideways by a glancing blow from the Collector of Souls.

    "Do I have to save you every time we come down here?" chuckled hunter as he trotted non chalantly over.

    Joram just grinned in response.

    The two beasts squared up to each, the deafening roars of these two creatures of the Abyss literally rocked the walls of the relatively small room. Both hunter and Joram retreated to the southern side of the room. hunter's mount slipped slightly and nearly threw him off. Looking down the men saw a gruesome sight. The gateway to the Abyss, where these creatures were summoned from, a huge pentagram traced out of human blood.

    Their tour of this place evil was brought to a sudden halt as the ground vibrated and the Collector's head flew past them and smeared down the wall. Alert in an instance the men turned, the Lord of Abyss didn't look quite so Lordly now. It was limping, with half a wing left and a stump in place of it's right arm.

    Corp Por intoned the two daemon hunters in unison. The air around them crackled and hissed, and two blue hued bolts of energy arced across the room. The limp body of the Balron hit the floor with a thud.

    Joram sped across to the Lord whilst hunter looked around the corpse of the Collector of Souls. Both men were soon tucking broadswords into their back and throwing gold coins down in piles on the ground.

    The roar of a Balron filled his ear, Joram turned again but this time he was ready. He gallopped in front of the creature and turned on his heel. The Slayer was in hot pursuit. Down the corridor to the west he flew. In front of him stood another Slayer, behind the beast the wall of the corridor had collapsed, it was a dead end and joram was between two of the most powerful creatures of Evil. Judging distances was one of Joram's strengths, he paused briefly, Rel Por, he ran at the second Slayer. Feinting left Joram darted to the right and teleported himself to other side of the fallen wall.

    The creatures paused for a split second, that was all Joram needed. His lute was in his hand and a perfect bardic melody floated down the corridor. Beast turned against beast and another bloody battle began.

    Soon enough the two men were standing in the middle of the main room. There was black blood everyway, it had the texture of oil and a smell like cordite. Even the two hunters had it sprayed across their leather armor. Only two parts of the floor could be seen, everywhere else there were body parts of these demonic creatures. In one corner there was a huge pile of gold, a fit hoard for a dragon, totalling one hundred thousand gold pieces. In the other there was a pile of discarded weaponry and tall as any ettin. Both men, with laden packs, headed for the door.

    Within an hour or so they were back at the Taverna Stratica, it was late evening. By the time the moon was at it's highest the men had finished identifying both their loot and the bottom of many pitchers of ale!

    They laughed about another morning's "fun" and planned their next adventure. There was talk of ancient wyrms near the Compassion Shrine, and of "Hell" in the Terrathan Keep.

    Just before dawn Lord hunter left to get some much needed rest. Lord Soulrift looked in his pack, a check for fifty thousand gold and magic weaponry including a broadsword enchanted with vanquishing power and finely crafted of silver.

    Joram walked up to his bed, his bones ached and he'd had another lucky escape. He smiled, he wouldn't have it any other way.
  20. Very good!!
    I wish that wasnt the end tho
  21. Lord Hunter

    Lord Hunter Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 18, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Yay! I didnt die!

    *Prob went to his tower and fell down all 3 flights of stairs and died*