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[Archery] Suit for ABC Archer

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Aryn86, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Aryn86

    Aryn86 Guest

    Hi..i want to make me an ABC Archer but its pretty hard to find that many usefull information here, compared to normal sampires... :)

    My problem isn't really the template, but, as the header states, the suit for him.
    I'd like to keep him human if thats possible, he should be good in the end, but don't have to be THE best char ever.. ;) I hope you get what I mean.. ^^

    So, what would be a good choice for my armor? Are there any Archers around who would be so kind to post a pic or two of their suit and weapons?

    Thanks in advance! :)
  2. Rhale27

    Rhale27 Guest

    Hi Aryn86,

    I run a sampire but my brother runs an ABC Archer and I currently do all his suit crafting and just made him one that is pretty decent.

    Did you want to go mainly PvM or PvP with your ABC Archer? The main difference here is DCI, as in PvM you need 45 DCI for certain encounters and kiting in order to help reduce the damage you take from bosses/monsters that just move too fast.

    With keeping him human you can actually use JOAT to go wraith form and mana leech extra from attacks, this is just an option. My brother is an Elf and I created his suit with a few artifacts and 5 pieces of imbued gear and 2 imbued rings.

    He currently runs with:
    Crimson Cincture
    Mace and Shield Glasses
    Corgul's Sash
    Quiver of Infinity

    The 5 pieces of gear are leather and hold these imbues:
    8 SI
    8 MI
    2 MR
    8 LMC

    Jewels are:
    8 Dex
    15 HCI
    15 DCI
    25 DI

    I highly recommend farming some stuff in shame to try and acquire a ring or bracelet with 5-10 SSI then imbue the top properties. Currently trying this for his gear but keep finding things with cursed and -100 luck.

    He runs 120 real archery, and does not want to supplement with a hunter's headdress. He also likes the HLD on the glasses and with his pvp weapons I can imbue HLA so he can have both running with max DI and Velocity

    His stats are 130ish hp, 186 sta, 65ish mana. He has 10 MR on his suit and with a good bow can chain AI's while keeping DF up.

    The bows I usually craft for him are:
    Super Slayer/Slayer Prop
    37 HML
    30 SSI -> 40 SSI with enhance
    45-50 DI
    Rest in HLA

    I am currently at work but if I have time once I get home I will try to get some pictures up for you.
  3. Aryn86

    Aryn86 Guest

    Nice, that already helps me a lot! :) Thanks for the reply.

    Yea..i mainly want to use the char for PvM..but i think it should be build to do stuff solo, as i often play at times where my friends/guildies aren't online.. :)
  4. Rhale27

    Rhale27 Guest

    Glad I could help!

    I think if you want to run purely solo PvM, then I suggest focusing on HCI instead of DCI. This can free up a property on your jewels and give more customization for your character. (Perhaps you could add Int to supplement for the mana loss of being Human)

    DCI has its place, and can help quite a bit when fighting the fast baddies like Dark Fathers or Paragons.