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(Player Event) Summer's Here Swap Meet Auction! (Friday June 8th)

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Queen Mum, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Queen Mum

    Queen Mum Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    PAS will be conducting a public Auction on Friday, June 7th 2012 starting at 7pm CT (5pm PT/8pm ET)
    30 Lots are on the block. Some unique items, some special, all bargain opening bids.
    Door Prizes by the bunch! An evening of shopping fun.
    See you at Karn's PAS Auction and Community Hall in SW corner of Luna.

    Lot #1 - Daemon Blood - No longer spawns. 2 splatters. 1 large, 1 medium size. Great Deco. OB: 500k

    Lot #2 - Peerless Loot - Mixed bag of loot from the ML Peerless Boss. Includes: Tragic Remains, Hair Dye, Proxy Sweat, Shimmering Crystal, Corroded Hatchet. OB: 50k

    Lot #3 - Dye Tub Set - Black, Furniture, Special, Leather. OB: 100k

    Lot #4 - Work Shop Deco - Old/Rare: Tool Kit, Chisels, Arrow Shafts, Lockpicks (R & L), Rubble-black & tackle. OB: 300k

    Lot #5 - Race Change Token. OB: 1 MIL

    Lot #6 - Bear Mask - Very Old - -10 to each STAT - Training item or good gag item. OB: 500k

    Lot #7 - T-Map Rune Books - Set of Tram & Fel Books. Get to your Tmap locations quickly. 25 books in all. 200 Fel/190 Tram. OB: 100k

    Lot #8 - Dairy Farm - 3 Wooden Cows. OB: 500k

    Lot #9 - Runic Hammers - Complete set with bonus charges as follow: FC=100, Shadow=90, Copper=80, Bronze=70, Gold=90! Rest are normal Ancient +60 & +30. OB: 12 Mil

    Lot #10 - Virtue Tile Set - Full set North. Includes Chaos - 9 pieces. OB: 1 MIL

    Lot #11 - 2-12 Easter Basket + - Two-tone basket with 2 bunnies + Scrappers Compendium full 64 spells. OB: 500k

    Lot #12 - Collector Items - April 1st Gift w/card & Jaana's Hangover Remedy 1999, (true rare). OB: 1 MIL

    Lot #13 - Double Slayer Old School-imbueable Bows: Air El/Scorpion, Ogre/Gargoyle, Water/Air El, Terathan/Snow El, Orc/Air EL, Scorp/Lizard. OB: 500k

    Lot #14 - Munchkin Home - Mini House Deed - Thatched Roof Cottage. OB: 3 MIL

    Lot #15 - Sword Display - Arti rarity 9 - None 4 sale on Sonoma. OB: 300k

    Lot #16 - EM Event Items - 5 items: Hand of the Defiler, 2010 Xmas toy and bad child rock, Irish Dancing Boots, Shadow Dweller Key. OB: 1 MIL

    Lot #17 - Collectors Deco - A Mug of Ale (x2) Bright Green - No longer spawns. OB: 500k

    Lot #18 - Crystal Displays - EM Event Item - Great Deco Item for that special piece. OB: 1 MIL

    Lot #19 - Vesper Museum Items - Kaeonean's Tunic (dyed Luna White), Blackthorn's Kryss - Arachnid Slayer. OB: 1 MIL

    Lot #20 - Blackrock Set - From Invasion: Planeshield * Planesword. Bother are imbueable. OB: 750k

    Lot #21 - Growing Delight - 17 varieties of Peculiar Seeds (5 of each) plus Cocoa & Sugar Cane (5 of each). OB: 10k

    Lot #22 - Bard's Cache - Flute of Renewal - Full Set (6), plus 2 Lolo's Lutes and 2 Gwenno's Harp. OB: 3 MIL

    Lot #23 - Total Tali - 5 Pieces: Totem of the Void, Primer on Arms, Jade Snake Head, Bloodwood Spirit, Frostguard Talisman. OB: 1.5 MIL

    Lot #24 - Runic Hammers 2 - Complete set w/Bonus charges as follows: DC=100, Shadow=90, Copper=80, Bronze=70, Gold=90! Rest are normal Ancient +60 & +30. OB: 12 MIL

    Lot #25 - Mad Monk Set - Hooded Robe of Umbra (not for sale on Sonoma), Blaze Pewter Mug, Katrina's Crook. OB: 150k

    Lot #26 - Light the Night - Set of 5 Collector Lanterns: Twilight (Orange & Black), Ricardo's Ancient Lamp, Lamp of Spirituality obtained by begging. OB: 250k

    Lot #27 - Quiver Me Timbers - 2 Quivers of Infinity, 1 each of: Ice, Fire, Rage, Blight & Elements. 7 Quivers total. OB: 700k

    Lot #28 - Rubble Banner - Long Teal Pole Banner - Great Deco Item. OB: 3 MIL

    Lot #29 - Ethy Horse - 3rd year vet reward item. OB: 2 MIL

    Lot #30 - Tokuno Minors - Full Set of 15 Treasures of Tokuno Minor Artifacts. OB: 3 MIL

    So there you have our Summer Yard Sale Items. Over $50 Million in merchandise to hit the auction block. Lots of Door Prizes given away. Come get that treasure or out bid your neighbor for a cool rare item. FUN 4 ALL.

    Bidding starts at 7pm CT (5pm PT, 8pm ET) at the Karn's PAS Auction House located in the SouthWest corner of Luna. *List is subject to change.