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Super Bowl/Football

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Trinsauce, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Trinsauce

    Trinsauce Guest

    Let's see if we can keep a thread on topic and free of crap talk for once? (shouldn't be too hard since we're not talkin bout pvp and ego's shouldn't get hurt here)

    Superbowl winner? New England by 2 TD's

    Best QB of all time? Joe Montana

    Best WR of all time? Jerry Rice

    Best RB of all time? I say Barry Sanders.

    Please feel free to give input.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Shouldn't this thread have an [OT] in the thread subject? Since it is not UO related?
  3. Gorvi

    Gorvi Guest

    I agree with ya on Montana and Rice but I think Jim Brown was the best Running Back of all time.
    New England by 10.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    New England wins by 1

    Best QB: Joe Montana (would be interesting to see what he could do behind Brady's O-Line)

    Best WR: Randy Moss (I want to pick Rice but I think if Moss would've tried in Jokeland people would give him higher praise)

    Best RB: Barry Sanders (Hate to agree again but there's no denying it)

    If you want different answers than you, I'd go with Johnny Unitas and Walter Peyton
  5. Razeial

    Razeial Guest

    new england will win by 10. steve young over joe montana. rice for WR and barry sanders for RB
  6. Best QB of all time - Brett Farve (*) - hard to argue with everything he has gone through off the field and still has never missed a start not to mention the records he broke this year - however when its all said and done.. It could quite possibly be Tom Brady or Peyton Manning

    Best RB - Walter Payton - Sanders may have been more fun to watch (at times) but opposing defenses knew the Bears plays before they were called - Payton to the left, Payton to the right, Payton up the middle..... and they still could not stop him

    Best WR - Jerry Rice - Moss keeps his head out of his ass stays paird with Brady and he will challange Rice,

    Giants by 3
  7. Trinsauce

    Trinsauce Guest

    Bout Barry Sanders and why I feel he is the best RB of all time. He NEVER once had an offensive line nor did the Lions have a passing game so the whole defense geared for Barry Sanders day in and day out and he still did his thing.

    As far as the Rice/Moss comments... Moss is good but I was reading a blog yesterday and there's truly no way to compare those 2. Rice played in a time when defensive backs could still body u up past 5 yards. Now days if a defensive back touches the receiver past 5 yards it's a penalty. Moss can never be considered the greatest WR because of one other thing. He has openly admitted to taking plays off even quarters... Rice has never done that. He played hard every play of the game.

    I'm a Niner fan if ya couldn't tell... lol But Rice is for sure hands down the best ever...

    As for PASMountainDew. Nothing positive or anything to say pertaining to the topic of the thread please don't troll here... Thanx. There have been many posts not related to UO that didn't have "OT" in the title...
  8. BeerManVI

    BeerManVI Guest

    New England wins at end of game with a Field Goal- (Like always)

    QB- Dan Marino (Did not win a Super Bowl, but was the most consistence QB in the league)

    WR- To many to name. (Rice, Irvin, Moss, Owens, Brown, ect).

    RB- Emmit Smith and Barry Sanders (Soon to be Peterson).
  9. Madchild

    Madchild Guest

    NY will win !!!!!!!!!!

    no one will bust "The Dolphins'' 17-0-0 season the 1972 season will remain in the history books .

    its choke time for NE
  10. Horizon

    Horizon Guest

    I hate the Pats, but they are going to blow the Giants out.
    Patriots 42 Giants 17

    -Best QB, Joe Montana -
    I hate to say it because he still has alot of football ahead of him, but Tom Brady will surpass Joe Cool. We all loved Montana's ability to drive and get the game back in control. The difference is that Brady doesn't seem to put himself in situations that he needs to pull a bunny out of his ass to get out of.

    -Best WR, Jerry Rice -
    Randy could challange that if he is still playing at an NFL level when he is 40

    -Best RB, Walter Peyton -
    Barry Sanders and Jim Brown were amazing, they couldn't hold Walter's jock They would get tired and quit. Oh and two words, for the quitters: No Rings
  11. Horizon

    Horizon Guest

    OMG what an upset
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I still believe that Eli is a terrible QB. The Giants D-Line should've won MVP
  13. <blockquote><hr>

    Giants by 3

    [/ QUOTE ]

    So glad I trusted myself to put money down on the game! I just thought it would be a FG in OT and not a TD with 35 seconds left.

    Still what a great game... it's unfortunate though that they wont be able to make Mercury Morris and the rest of the '72 dolphis go away.