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Super Exciting Sampire Template Post! Jade Armband?

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by JADE/JADE, Feb 13, 2010.


    JADE/JADE Guest


    Back again. Started using a new Assassin armor template and wanted to get some input.

    SO! Template goes as:

    All 70's
    HPI 20
    DEX 25 added
    STAM 24 added
    HCI 15
    DCI 45
    HPR 4
    MR 4
    SSI 60* yes
    DI 100
    LMC 16

    Wep: Ornate Axe (at 174 stam with 60 ssi swings at 1.25)
    DAM 50
    SSI 30

    This suit includes:
    Full Assassin Armor
    Imbued Turquoise Ring
    Imbued Jade Armband
    Crimson Cincture
    Brit Guard Sash
    Slither (new talisman)
    Earrings of Protection (energy)
    Detective Boots
    Melissa's Cloak
    probably some other random thing im forgetting.

    I guess what I'm asking is: is having 174 stam paired with 140 str (with str pot) paired with 60 ssi so I can swing an ornate axe at max spead worth it.

    Don't have the Jade Armband or perfect Turquoise Ring yet so wanted some opinions before I made an expensive decision. :D
  2. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    The Jade Armband will have to be replaced every few months.
    150 max durability, and tinkered items often fail to repair. I've lost up to about 4 max durability with just 1 repair.
  3. How are you planning on getting +24 Stam?

    JADE/JADE Guest

    I'm not using Mace & Shield. I don't need the 5 dex. I have HLD on my wep, and 8 stam is worth more to me than 10 str. So I'm using a runic made helm that's imbued (it needed to be runic made first to get the high physical resist I needed). So 8 stam from my assassin suit, 8 from my imbued gorget, and 8 from my imbued helm = 24 stam.
  5. Sonoma

    Sonoma Guest

    Hm, my understanding was that stamina only affected swing speed in incriments of 30... so 174 stam would be the same as if you only had 150 stam. Am I misunderstanding the formula somehow?
  6. Thunderz

    Thunderz Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 3, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Thats correct, but it still counts when you'v lost stamina i.e you get wacked and loose 14 stamina you'll be at 150, wereas if you only had 150 you'd be down to 136.

  7. Obsidian

    Obsidian Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    May 21, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I'm dreaming of the day when I can add Slither into my suit. I've already stopped relying upon the DI from the Talisman so I can swap for slayer talismans as appropriate. Those extra 10 HP would be nice paired with a Crimson Cincture.

    As for the Jade Armband, I'm trying not to use jewels that I cannot easily replace. If you have a means to get more Turquoise rings, ok. But unless you start now to get a replacement for the Jade Armband and always have an extra on hand, I personally would either sell it or keep it for an a special suit for peerless. In other words, I wouldn't use it for everyday use. The difference from starting at 150 durability versus 255 durability is huge for a warrior. It will wear out considerably faster.

  8. Teardrop

    Teardrop Guest

    I've been playing around on TC1 with different Sampire templates and honestly, ornate axe is just not worth it to me, no matter how good it looks on paper. I tried hard to make it work but... in the end, my tests yielded interesting results.

    Against tougher critters that hit hard, your stamina buffer needs to be at least 30-40. Even with 50% stamina leech, you could miss a couple of swings or stamina leech won't go off, you're getting low on health and stamina, and as you're about to hit your Evasion/Confidence button to save your ass, you get mana drained or paralyzed or both. At that point, you better have quick fingers and switch weapons to drink a potion (preferably 50 enhance pots, but it's tough to fit that in with all those SSI jewels...).

    That's exactly what happened to me and I just didn't love playing that template, even though I was dealing more damage. Once a Sampire gets slow, he's done.

    With a little bit of imbuing/enhancing, I made myself this suit:

    Everything crafted except Head slot, for which I use M&S, Folded Steel or Daimyo, depending on what I'm going against)

    - Total resists: 76-103-70-70-82 with default Folded Steel. Use of Daimyo requires more physical and poison, which could be accomplished by better armor planning in advance (21 resist points wasted on this suit). For resists, I used a total of 9 imbuing slots on 5 armor pieces.

    - LMC 35 (could be pushed to 40 if I had enough essences, but I found I didn't really need it)
    - Stamina increase: 40 (drink NPC bought agility I'm at 190 stamina, lasts 2-3 minutes)
    - HP increase: 20-25 (drink NPC bought STR potion and I'm at 145-150 hp)
    - Mana increase: 16 (10 int + elf + 16 + boots, sash = 55 mana, more than enough, could be pushed higher if I used greater potions and put more points into INT, or worked on armor a bit more

    - DI: 94 (on suit + tally alone! Could be 100 if I farmed for high-intensity ingredients)
    - 26 HCI (could be 30)
    - 46 DCI (could be 50)
    - 40 Enhance Pots (could be 50)
    - 5 SSI on either Turq or Jade, I prefer Turq because I have enough poison resist so that would be a wasted slot on Jade
    - 2 MR, 6 HPR

    Nothing revolutionary so far, but what I really liked was my new weapon and how everything fits together.

    Non-exceptional Leafblade with these mods:
    Hit Mana Leech 66
    Hit Life Leech 63
    Hit Stamina Leech 50
    Hit Lower Defense 30
    Hit Lower Attack 30

    No DI, no SSI, 5 fairly easy and cheap to imbue mods. No need to use M&S - I opt for Folded Steel or Daimyo. Because there is no SSI on the weapon, mana & life leeches don't get nerfed. To keep swing speed at 1.25, I just need to make sure I stay above 150 stamina and that's easy with 190-198 stamina + LS, LS, Feint, LS, LS, Feint. If I get low, I can drink an agility/refresh potion (even NPC bought thanks to EP) without dangerous weapon switch interruption.

    I had never used Life Leech before but I found that at this intensity, it's actually useful and helps me stay alive. To test this, I went out of vampire form and tried to survive with weapon life leech alone... I obviously didn't heal as much as vampire would, but the amount leeched definitely helped and could easily make a difference between life and death in a tight situation.

    This was the most enjoyable and safe template to play and doesn't even cost a fortune - except a good turq ring, or one could always use Daimyo and plan armor around that weak item. :)
  9. What are the mods on the Jade Armband? I haven't seen one yet.
  10. With the Assassin Armor set you can easily get the ornate to swing at 1.25 sec/swing, in which case it's devastating. Without the armor set, it's not possible without some serious investments.
  11. Teardrop

    Teardrop Guest

    Yes, but you still need to keep stamina above 150. Ideally, 190, because when you get hit hard your stamina also drops hard. Or you get cursed and need to eat apples constantly... Either way, it's pretty hard to not fall below 150 and then your damage-per-second also drops significantly, not to mention risk.

    I had a lot more problems with Dreadhorn when using ornate versus when using a good leafblade - and that's on TC.
  12. gortman

    gortman Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 11, 2009
    Likes Received:
    The JA replica has:
    HCI 10
    DCI 10
    SSI 5
    Poison Resist 20

    I don't have one but I think they can be imbued too.
  13. With the Assassin armor set and a turquoise ring combined with 150 Dex, your comparable amount of stamina is 233.
  14. Teardrop

    Teardrop Guest

    I fail to see the logic in that. Stamina either is or isn't and I don't see how to get it over 198 (150 dex + 6 imbued pieces with 8 stamina). As per this chart, once your stamina drops below 150, you slow down - even with 60 ssi.

  15. 150 Dex = 150 Stam

    Assassin Armor- 8 Stam

    Assassin Armor- 20 SSI = 60 Stam

    Turquoise Ring- 5 SSI = 15 Stam

    150 + 8 + 60 + 15= 233

    With a 30 SSI ornate axe and 25 SSI on the suit, along with 158 Stamina, you're swinging at cap with room to spare.
  16. Teardrop

    Teardrop Guest

    I respect everything you bring to this board Connor, but I don't think you're using the correct formula.

    Stamina and SSI don't correlate like that. Yes, every 30 stamina will take a tick off your swing speed but 5% ssi doesn't just equal 15 stamina.

    Example: 60 stamina and a 2s Bokuto. You're swinging at 1.50 secs. However, add only 5% ssi and you're swinging one tick faster, 1.25 secs. You don't have 75 stamina in that case. You have 60 + 5% ssi.

    All I'm saying, no matter your SSI, if your stamina falls below 150, Ornate Axe will not swing at max speed. 8 stamina doesn't look like much room to spare if you're going against a heavy hitting boss. Take into the account that you can't drink a refresh potion and you find yourself hitting below the cap most of the time, dealing only 10% more DPS than you would with 2.75 sec weapon.

    Now, if you could bring your SSI to 55 and stamina to 180 range with everything else (close to max resists, DI, LMC, DCI), that would be something to write home about :)
  17. This is incorrect. I know that because I've had extensive use of an ornate with 30 SSI, the Assassin Armor, and a turquoise ring. It takes well below 150 stamina to drop any speed at all.
  18. Teardrop

    Teardrop Guest

    I just tested this on TC1 - equipped Assassin set, Jade, Daimyo and a 25 SSI ornate axe, set my stamina to 140 and I was swinging at 1,5 secs.

    Am I doing something wrong?
  19. You're using a 25 SSI axe for one, and base dex/stamina is too low.
  20. NBG

    NBG Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    May 15, 2008
    Likes Received:
    with your setup, you are using 55 ssi with 150+ stam

    with his setup, he is using 60 ssi with 140 stam

    Shouldn't the 5 extra ssi make up the 10 stam he is missing?
  21. If he's swinging at 1.5, then no.
  22. Teardrop

    Teardrop Guest

    Well I took the time to craft a 30 SSI Ornate + jade + turq and I still stand by my findings. Base Dex 150, with assassin armor my stamina was at 156 and SSI at 60. Was causing very nice damage until I got hit, then it slows down until I can get a stamina leech off - usually soon enough but in a long fight, unreliable.

    With 174 stamina I fared a bit better, but I still didn't love it.

    Couple that with poor resists and no benefits like DI, HCI or LMC, MI, MR on the armor, and I just don't see how it's worth it unless someone else is taking the hits.

    15 HCI can also be a problem when you're mana drained and trying to get a LS or feint off. I realized even my 30 HCI is a bit low and I'm switching my armor around to get to 35 or 40.
  23. My suit is 3 points from all 70's. I have 100 DI with wep, 41 HCI, 45 DCI with ornate, no need for mana inc since I have 40 mana and mana leech on every wep, and also have 8 LMC, although the LMC really isn't needed and neither is MR. I'm not seeing the problem.