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Swab, Gaudy and Flamboyant, Everybodies Favorite Marksman!

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Antion_Vallin, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. The rustling beat of large wings and the neighs of frightened steeds signals the arrival of a large beast. A thunderous roar of a draconian fills the valey with the clanking of chains. A Reptalon, chimera of the great labrynth, takes nest in the outter stables, mounted with what looks like a steel sadle braced to keep the rider steady against the wild creatures eratic and agressive movements.
    No sooner than the creature was settled a travler aproaches. With the flick of the wrist and a mocking grin an armored man steps into the Tavern to relax for but a moment. His seemingly childish attitude is belialed by the guize of an ellite soldier with hair the shade of blood and a hint of arrogence. Below the mans eyes were markings of the gypsy, apearantly Illshinain by design. The man settles against the bar, leaning eased upon his arms and pulls a small purse of coin from the pockets of a fastened belt.
    With horns jutting from his breastplate it apeared as though this man wore the armor of the dragons. A long tasset covered the leggings, padded shoulders alligned the neck and a sealed quiver dawned acrossed his back. Placing the helm under an arm he ordered ale, several kegs of water and a multitude of contained foods to be brought to the stables. He takes his leave to head back to the prior uproar and meet with the goods.
    The steel sadle fastened to the Reptalon had a cargo plank holsted acrossed the beasts back that the supplies were securely tied to. Before mounting the man made several inspections upon the sadle to insure, amung other things, the cargo would not make leave unexpectedly. The sadle had padding lining it's walls and a padded bar slid acrossed the chest and fastened with chains to secure stability. Before the sadle were two handlebars strapped to the neck for moderate directions of the winged monstrosity and strapped to the side of the sadle was a large crossbow that looked to take both hands to wield effectively.
    With a chug of ale the man sadled up to make his leave, tipping the terrified supplier who had a bit much of the creature eyeing him as he passed with the suppliment of edible goods.

    And so you've just met "Jraken'Abi", named for the dragon of the desert (wyvern) and his Reptalon "Aerodomai", the dominance of the sky.</center>