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Swapping Artifacts

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Locryn Finck, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. Locryn Finck

    Locryn Finck Guest

    Anybody interested in trading their Ranger cape for my Frostguard?
  2. Whats a Ranger Cape? Is it like the old Ranger armor? That would be a nice addition to that set.
  3. Locryn Finck

    Locryn Finck Guest

    Its the ranger augmentation cloak from the new questline. The frostguard is the new trinket from the same thing.
  4. Thats cool. Bout time they started making more quest. Always hated it when ya had to camp something just to get a new item. *Remembers the glacier staffs.* N..e..v..e...r.......a...g...a...i...n...