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[Tech Help] Switching weapons delay

Discussion in 'UO Enhanced Client Discussion' started by Connection lost, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. I read that you can set up a macro for switching weapon like: unequip both hands ->delay 0.1secs ->equip weapon.
    But when I try to do this I just get you must wait to perform another action. I actually have to set the delay up to 1.0secs before it works. My ping to the server is 45ms, so I don't quite get why I have to wait one second to rearm a new weapon. Any suggestions to what might be wrong? :)
  2. Nothing is wrong... if you switch from a one-handed to a one-handed weapon, you don't actually need the unequip both hands and the delay. But if you want a generic switch any-weapon to any-weapon, then you need the 1.0 second delay (+/_ 0.1 or 0.2 depending your connection).
  3. Is there any way to get the equivalent of equiplastweapon in the enhanced client? I really want the fast switch between a bokuto and a hatchet. For setting up weapons I don't really mind the wait. :)
  4. Sorry, but not that I know of.

    The Equip Item macro was actually faster at one time, but they put a change in that disabled the quick switch. I'll try playing with it tonight to see if I can do a fast switch between those two, but I don't think so at the moment.
  5. So was it an intended change, or an accidental one? :)
    Doesn't seem quite right that you have to wait that long to change a weapon. It's alot faster in the legacy client.. :/
  6. Hildebrand

    Hildebrand Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 12, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Yes they did something with the way the delays work in general. I don't know what they supposedly fixed, but I find it WORSE than the way it used to be.
    Messed up my Arms Lore training method, messed up my mining macro (much slower now). And, yes, the unequip 2 hands > delay > equip is slower now.

    read this thread and look at post 51. http://vboards.stratics.com/showthread.php?p=1334344#post1334344

    Exactly after this supposed "fix", I had to redo my delays in order to get it right on my two hander macros or my weap & shield macros.

    But you don't really need equip last (although it would be good for the old timers). This is what I do.... If you have two or three or even four of your favorite weapons, and they are all one handers, you can hit num pad 1, num pad 2, num pad 3, num pad 4 to get to the right weapon. No delay needed, no unequip needed. Just Equip item > pop in the appropriate weapon and bind them to keys.

    The problem is two handers. If you go from one hander (no shield armed) to two hander, no problem. If you go from Two hander to one hander, it doesn't work. You need to then have to put "Un-Equip" both hands somewhere. So what I do, i have a single macro button to UN-equip both hands, then use my one hander macros as listed above. Ya, it's two button pain in the arse solution. Would be nice if two handers and one handers didn't have this stupid restriction.

    I hope you understand me, I don't mean to confuse you.

    On a side note, I really wish EC had a macro recorder like UO-Assist.
  7. There were actually two patches within a few days of each other that borked the weapons macros. After the first one, you could set your equip macro to repeat 2X and it would work without a delay, for whatever reason. After the patch that Hildebrand quoted, it "fixed" this and here we are! Before that, you could stack macro commands without delays between.

    Okay... here is the best I can do for you with the weapons macros:

    One-Handed OR Two-Handed Weapons Only
    Weapon 1 -Macro > Equip - drop weapon into slot; Assign Hotkey 1
    Weapon 2 -Macro > Equip - drop weapon into slot; Assign Hotkey 2

    This macro allows you to instantly switch between EITHER two one-handed weapons OR two two-handed weapons. There is no delay. This does not work switching from one-handed to two-handed weapons, or visa-versa. Do not use the Arm/Disarm macro - it sometimes does unexpected things depending what was in your hands last.

    From Any Weapon (or none) to Any Weapon
    Weapon Macro > Unequip Rt and Lft Hands > Delay 1.0 > Equip Weapon: Assign Hotkey

    Repeat for each weapon that you use, of course assigning a different hot key. This will allow you to swap out one- or two-handed weapons, or a shield or lantern, and equip either a one- or two-handed weapon. This always works, but has a 1 second delay (which you may be able to change based on your connection).

    If you try to use Arm/Disarm, it requires you to arm/disarm each hand with a delay between, and gets confused if you pick something else up. Maybe I just don't understand what it well, but I don't find it reliable or as useful as the Equip macro command.

    I hope that helps. Let me know if you need more of an explanation. If anyone else finds a faster way, please let us know!