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"Swords of Darkness" Quest - Anna's Tale

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Jan 10, 2002.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I recieved today, via messenger, a tattered scroll. It was in the hand of a lady named Rose Bush. I began reading with horrid fascination, it seems the Swords of Darkness are corrupting even the sweetest of our lands...

    <blockquote>She sat before me, her tiny frame shuddering with a mixture of elation and great fear. An odd combination I thought to myself. But there she was, deep green eyes flashing with pride, her usual tanned skin pale. Her golden armor polished brightly, the kilt of deep green fastened tightly about her waist with a small emerald pin. Her locks of dark shadowy gray. I waited patiently for her to speak, watching her silently. Her hand was firmly around her pack, fingers grasping with such a grip that her knuckles were fairly white.

    "Rose," she began, her voice trembling. "I have done a wonderful and awful thing!"

    I looked at her a moment longer, trying to discern if such a sweet and innocent soul could possibly do anything wrong at all. That fact in mind, I determined that this must not be of such a horrid nature as she led on.

    "Anna, dear...It can not possibly be that bad!" I said cheerfully, attempting to lighten her mood.

    She looked down then, the little color that was left in her face drained completely. She looked up her eyes graven, she swallowed thickly and then began her most wondrous tale.

    "It began a week or so ago...I had been sitting silently by my Guildmaster, Skyshroud, listening to talk of the Swords of Darkness. I paid little mind to it, other than to note that Silver Cross was involved somehow. Suddenly Sky left the YMCA, not even dismissing himself as he went. I watched him go, and decided he would tell me if he needed me.

    Apparently he did, for shortly he returned and asked me to follow him. We walked through a portal to Skara Brae and sat at the bank. I did not know what our business was there, but assumed that it was a small matter concerning guild funds and that he must need some help. As we sat, making small talk a man approached me. He was an elderly man, who’s name unfortunately I do not remember. He had very kind eyes....yes kind eyes. Looked at me, this old man, smiling most approvingly, then nodded at Skyshroud. At that moment he placed into my hands a sword."

    Anna paused a moment, the trembling becoming more violent. Her knees jumped up and down, her fingers digging into the worn leather pack. She took a deep breath and continued on.

    "Now I was shocked at first, not knowing what this sword was for, but upon hearing the tale of the Swords of Darkness from this man I began to fear. Not only for myself, but for everyone in the world around me. He told me I must guard it with my life, that I must bring together this sword with the other four, and to keep them far from Lord Vecna. He warned me to never wield it, for its power would overcome me. He also told me that the sword had chosen me. ME!? I could hardly believe that a girl as simple as I could be chosen for anything, and certainly not something of this importance. But before I could ask any questions, he walked away...then completely vanished.

    "I held this sword a moment longer, looking into the dark smokey metal, it hummed in my hands, as if singing to me. I could feel it’s power in my grasp. I quickly tucked it away, hiding it from sight.

    "Skyshroud swore to protect me, but from what I will tell you next, you will see that there is no way for him to carry his vow..."

    I stared at her in quiet awe and disbelief. It was then she opened the pack a little to let me peek inside. Indeed the sword was there, and I too shuddered at the mere sight of it.

    "Anna, which sword is this?" I asked, for I was concerned for the girls life.

    "It is the Sword of Power, the most evil of them all"</blockquote> Here the scroll was torn, I asked the messenger if he had damaged it in anyway. He shook his head, "Milady Rose says there will be more to come, she needs time to put it all to paper milord". I dismissed him... So the most powerful of all the swords is in the hands of an innocent. Will this young girl be hunted down? What is her connection with the kind old man? I wait in anticipation for my next letter from Lady Rose Bush.

    I'd rather regret what I've done, than regret what I haven't, carpe diem