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Tailoring FAQ

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Guest, Apr 12, 2005.

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    <font color=00008B>Table of Contents</font color=00008B>

    <ul><font color=green>Starting a tailor character
    What to make when – from zero to grandmaster tailoring
    What to make when – from grandmaster to legendary tailoring
    How many hides/cloth will I need?
    Can I 8x8 tailoring?
    My skill gain is stuck!
    What is recycling?
    Can items be repaired?
    How do I make repair deeds?
    UOAssist macros
    Exceptional vs. non-exceptional
    Difference between normal and studded leather armour
    Leather types - material bonuses
    What skill do I need to craft with the different leather types?
    How does enhancing work?
    Resources - Hides &amp; Bones – Where to get them and how to use them?
    Where is the best place to get (normal) hides?
    Where is the best place to get bones?
    Arcane Clothing
    Dye tubs
    Bulk Order Deeds - BODs
    FAQ credit info &amp; History

    Additional posts:

    Tailor Bulk Order Deed (BOD) FAQ
    Rare Cloth Colours &amp; Mystical Dye Tubs
    Hides, Wool &amp; Cotton Gathering Locations and Techniques
    Abbreviations</font color=green>[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Starting a tailor character</font color=00008B>

    <ul>When starting a new character you have the choice between a pre-made template and an advanced – you will find the tailor profession in the advanced options. Before you chose you should consider what other skills your tailor will have. If you have a pure crafter in mind then choosing the blacksmith profession might be preferable - not because tailoring is easier to train than, say, blacksmithing, but because it's easier and cheaper to gather wool and make cloth than it is to buy or mine ingots.

    If you chose to start with 50 tailoring you will find a sewing kit, a bolt of cloth, a pair of scissors and a dagger in your backpack along with 1000 gold pieces – unless you have tinkering in your list of skills then you will need this gold to buy sewing kits.

    To start training you will need lots of cloth and sewing kits. If you have 10 tinkering you can make your own sewing kits using 2 ingots and a tinker's tool. You get cloth from either picking cotton or shearing sheep or you can buy it from the NPC weaver or NPC tailor.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>What to make when – from zero to grandmaster tailoring</font color=00008B>

    <ul>If you didn’t start with 50 tailoring then you can buy your skill up to 35 at the tailor shops in town – the more you pay the higher your skill will go. Some tailors only train you to around 29, but if you look around you can find one that will train you all the way to 35. If you don’t have any money then make skull caps until you reach 12.4 in tailoring skill and then switch to making plain dresses until you can start making short pants at 24.8.

    Most tailors in training prefer to use cloth when training as it's easier to find and cheaper to buy than leather. The fastest way to go from 0 to GM tailoring is this:

    [*]29-41.4 = Short Pants
    [*]41.4-50 = Cloaks
    [*]50-60 = Fur Boots
    [*]60-74.6 = Robes
    [*]74.6-99.6 = Oil Cloths
    [*]*99.6-GM = Studded Gorgets

    With Ultima Online: Samurai Empire many new cloth items were introduced, and going from 0 to GM tailoring using only cloth is now possible:

    [*]29-41.4 = Short Pants
    [*]41.4-50 = Cloaks
    [*]50-60 = Fur Boots
    [*]60-70 = Kasa
    [*]70-74.6 = Ninja Tabi
    [*]74.6-99.6 = Oil Cloths
    [*]*99.6-GM = Cloth Ninja Hood

    If you find it too boring making the same items all the time then you can mix in other items:

    [*]29.0-33.1 = Skirt
    [*]33.1-35.0 = Fancy Dress
    [*]35.0-37.5 = Fur Sarong
    [*]37.5-41.4 = Gilded Dress
    [*]41.4-50.0 = Cloaks
    [*]50.0-60 = Fur Boots
    [*]60-74.6 = Robes
    [*]74.6-99.6 = Oil Cloths
    [*]*99.6-GM = Studded Gorgets

    *Note: If you have used a Tailoring Power Scroll take a look just below to see what to make.

    In the 70's skill range your gains from making robes might be slow and you can switch to making leather leggings or tunics to speed up the gains until you can start making oil cloths.

    Take a look at The Cloth Lovers Guide to GM from Zero thread by Pismo to see skill gain diaries and info on cloth/leather usage. [/list]

    <font color=00008B>What to make when – from grandmaster to legendary tailoring</font color=00008B>

    <ul>If you have used a powerscroll before reaching grandmaster tailoring, you can keep on making oil cloths beyond 99.6 tailoring, depending on which powerscroll you have used.

    This chart below shows what you can make at the different skill levels (green) and it also shows the theoretical limit (red) – obviously you can't go beyond your skill cap.


    So following this chart your road to legendary tailoring (120 powerscroll) would look like this:

    [*]99.6-109.6 = Oil Cloths
    [*]109.6-113.8 = Studded Gorgets
    [*]113.8-117.9 = Studded Bustier / Studded Gloves
    [*]117.9-120 = Studded Armour (female) / Studded Sleeves

    Note: Most tailors avoid crafting bone armour when training as you cannot recycle bone armour. However, if you choose to train making bone armour you can use what you make filling bone BODs.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>How many hides/cloth will I need?</font color=00008B>

    <ul>The amounts needed to GM tailoring differ from person to person and the method used, but as a general you should count on using 40K cloth and 2K leather.
    To reach Legendary tailoring you will need a lot more of both cloth and hides – people have reported using as much as 41K hides to reach Legendary tailoring. You can find tips and reports in the GM+ Tailoring thread and in the UO Samurai Empire GM-Legendary thread[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Can I 8x8 tailoring?</font color=00008B>

    <ul>No. The 8x8 method doesn't work for tailoring and you can stand in one place all day and tailor and get as many gains as you would when moving from place to place. It may help if you are on a less populated subserver (such as being in Serpents Hold Felucca instead of West Brit Bank Trammel) where it’s likely that there are less people working on tailoring, but this unconfirmed as a technique to maximise gains and may be a myth.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>My skill gain is stuck!</font color=00008B>

    <ul>If you've been tailoring faithfully for a long time and can't seem to get any gains, look at your skills menu to make sure that you aren’t at your skill cap, and if you are at your skill cap that you have some arrows pointed down for other skills. If you've got plenty of points to lose, there are a few things you can try. Some people suggest getting yourself killed. For some reason this seems to reset a counter somewhere and you may start to gain again. There are less drastic solutions, though. Try crossing a server line, make sure you're well fed, and switch from making one item to making another. A thing that seems to help a lot is taking a few days break from tailoring and work on another skill.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>What is recycling?</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Recycling is when you cut up the items that you have crafted to get the resources back, this can be done with both cloth and leather items. Bone armour and oil cloths cannot be recycled, oil cloths can however be cut into bandages. The higher your tailoring skill the more leather/cloth you'll be able to salvage. When you hit Master Tailor you should be able to usually get half the leather/cloth back that it took to make the item. This saves a lot of time and/or money when you're in the last big pull to GM and don't want to spend time or money on gathering leather or wool to make cloth.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Can items be repaired?</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Yes! All leather armour can be repaired. On the sewing kit menu there is an option called “Repair item” – have the type of leather that the item is made of in your backpack along with the item you wish to repair and hit the repair item button and target the item. Sometimes the item will lose durability when repairing, so I suggest you only do it when the item really needs it as to not lose durability too fast.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>How do I make repair deeds?</font color=00008B>

    <ul>You need to have some blank scrolls in your backpack to make repair deeds - you can buy blank scrolls from NPC mages, scribes and mapmakers. Use the “repair item” option on the sewing kit and target the blank scroll – now you have made a repair deed. Unfortunately, no matter how many blank scrolls you have stacked you can only make one repair deed at a time.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>UOAssist macros</font color=00008B>

    <ul>You can use UOAssist to make some nice macros for training tailoring:

    Make a lot of one item – the things in parenthesis is what the macro command window will say in UOAssist:

    Hit "Record" in the Macros tab in UOAssist.
    Open your sewing kit (Use item)
    Chose which category the item you wish to craft is in (Menu selection)
    Chose which item to make (Menu selection)
    Click the "make last" option on the sewing kit as many times as you would like the macro to make the item (Menu selection) – I believe a UOAssist macro can have up to 200 lines.
    Hit "Stop" in UOAssist to stop recording.

    Right click the "Use item" in UOAssist and change it to "Use item type" – this will prevent you from having to make a new macro for every sewing kit you start using:


    If you have all of your cloth/leather in a bag before you start the macro you can use the UOAssist recycle agent to recycle your items after you have run the macro:

    Go to the "Agents" tab in UOAssist and chose "Recycle agent" and set the recycle bag (target the bag with all the items you want to recycle). The go to the "Keys" tab in UOAssist and assign a key for the "Recycle – unravel" function, and then just hit the key you assigned and UOAssist will cut up all the items in the bag.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Exceptional vs. non-exceptional</font color=00008B>

    <ul>When it comes to exceptional crafted armour vs. non-exceptional crafted armour there is a huge difference as exceptional armour pieces receive a 15 points bonus to the resists, distributed randomly.

    Resists are as follows: physical/fire/cold/poison/energy = total resists

    Normal leather gorget crafted with regular/normal leather:

    Non-exceptional resists: 2/4/3/3/3 = 15
    Exceptional resists: 5/6/6/6/7 = 30

    There is no difference between exceptional and non-exceptional cloth items except for hats as hats count as armour.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Difference between normal and studded leather armour</font color=00008B>

    <ul>The difference is simple: you can meditate in normal leather armour and you can't meditate in studded armour – which is very important for mages; the extra 1 point resist you get when wearing studded armour just doesn’t make up for the ability to not use meditation.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Leather types - material bonuses</font color=00008B>

    <ul>There are 4 different leather types: normal (brown), spined (blue), horned (red), and barbed (green) and they all add different resists or properties to the items crafted with it, except normal leather which is the base resist for all the other leather types.

    Non-exceptional items crafted with the different leather types would come out as follows (resists are as follows: physical/fire/cold/poison/energy = total resists):

    Normal leather

    Leather: 2/4/3/3/3 = 15
    Studded: 2/4/3/3/4 = 16

    Spined leather: + 5 physical resist, + 40 luck

    Leather: 40 Luck; 7/4/3/3/3 = 20
    Studded; 40 Luck: 7/4/3/3/4: 21

    Horned leather: + 2/3/2/2/2

    Leather: 4/7/5/5/5 = 26
    Studded: 4/7/5/5/6 = 27

    Barbed leather: + 2/1/2/3/4

    Leather: 4/5/5/6/7 = 27
    Studded: 4/5/5/6/8 = 28[/list]

    <font color=00008B>What skill do I need to craft with the different leather types?</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Spined requires a minimum of 65.0 tailoring
    Horned requires a minimum of 80.0 tailoring
    Barbed requires a minimum of 99.0 tailoring[/list]

    <font color=00008B>How does enhancing work?</font color=00008B>

    <ul>You can enhance leather items with either spined, horned or barbed leather. Have the selected leather type and the item you wish to enhance in your backpack, and click the "Enhance" button in the tailor menu and target the item you with to enhance.

    When enhancing you will, if successful, add the special material bonusses of the leather to the piece you're enhancing.

    The chance for successfully enhancing an item is increased if you have above GM skill level in Tailoring, and you are also required to have enough skill points to craft items with the materials you want to enhance with. I.e. to enhance an item with barbed leather, you would have to be at or above 99.0 Tailoring skill.

    You can read more about material bonusses here and about enhancing here.

    There are enhancement calculators here and here.

    Good luck [​IMG][/list]

    <font color=00008B>Resources - Hides &amp; Bones – Where to get them and how to use them?</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Please note that the amounts of leathers pr animal/monster listed below is based on Trammel values – if you venture to Felucca you will get double the amount! You get the same amount of bones whether you find them in Trammel or Felucca.

    Normal Leather:

    Aggresive animals:

    Bullfrog (4)
    Giant Rat (6)
    Strong Mongbat (6)
    Swamp Dragon (20)

    Non-aggresive animals:

    Bear, brown/black (12)
    Bear, grizzly (16)
    Bear, polar (16)
    Bull (15)
    Cougar (10)
    Cow (12)
    Goat (8)
    Goat, mountain (12)
    Llama (12)
    Hart, great (15)
    Hind (8)
    Panther (10)
    Walrus (12)

    Spined Leather:
    Dire Wolf (7)
    Ridgeback (12)
    Giant Toad (12)
    Giant Serpent
    Alligator (12)
    Pixies (5)
    Imp (6)
    Small Hellcat (10)
    Large Hellcat (10)
    Lava Lizard (12)

    Horned Leather:
    Drake (20)
    Kirin (10)
    Unicorn (10)
    Sea Serpent
    Deep Sea Serpent (10)

    Barbed Leather:
    Nightmare (10)
    Dragon (20)
    Serpentine Dragon (20)
    White Wyrm (20)
    Ancient Wyrm (40)
    Note, If the ancient wyrm polymorphs and you kill it while in human form etc you cannot get hides from the polymorphed body.

    Bones (from where):
    Shadow Wisps
    Horde Minions
    Giant Serpents
    Basically any creatures that have traditionally spawned body parts may all now spawn bones. It seems to be around a 50/50 chance that it will have either bones or a body part.
    Bone containers may also be used but this needs to be confirmed.
    Fisherman may also fish up bones as part of pre-chest MIB loot.

    Bones (how to use):

    When you get bones they come in the form of bonepiles or bone pieces. These are not stackable. You cannot extract workable bones from body parts or bone armour.
    To get workable bone resources you must use a pair of scissors on the bones you loot.

    Here is an as yet incomplete list of what pieces yield how many bones:
    Bone: 1 bone

    Jaw Bone: 1 bone

    Pelvic Bone: 1 bone

    Bone Shards: 2 bones

    Spine: 2 or 3 bones (varies)

    Ribcage: 3 or 5 bones (varies)

    Bone Pile: 10 or 15 bones (varies)</pre>

    <font color=00008B>Where is the best place to get (normal) hides?</font color=00008B>

    <ul>If you seek hides for your aspiring tailor you simply cannot go wrong by killing cattle. Cows cows and more cows. A cow can drop in one or two hits from an axer and provide you with 12 hides for that minimal effort. Some horse spawns are also great for a fast leather supply, although some dislike killing horses as it lowers your karma.
    Keep in mind that oftentimes tamers are using bulls to train taming. Not attacking a bull that a tamer is training taming on keep things nice and easy for everybody. In the time you can kill a bull you could have killed 4 or 5 cows anyway so why not leave them be if there are tamers using them eh? Take a look at the post titled Hides, Wool &amp; Cotton Gathering Locations and Techniques for more info on gathering hides.

    In addition to hunting critters for hides you can also buy hides from tanners in town. It may take a fair amount of packhorses, a bit of cash and a little time but the effort it takes to work up a NPC vendor to spawning 999 hides is often worth it. To do so simply buy out all hides on the vendor so that there are none left, the next time he respawns stock, his amounts will have doubled, eventually reaching 999.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Where is the best place to get bones?</font color=00008B>

    <ul>A lot of people go to the Forest Lord Spawn in Ilshenar near the Spirituality Shrine and kill shadow wisps. These guys do not give negative karma for killing them and if you are in positive karma the rest of the spawn should leave you alone. A shadow wisp is nowhere near as strong as a regular wisp and if it doesn’t die in one hit the second hit should finish it off.
    Alternatively, especially if you don’t have 3rd dawn, LBR or AoS and can’t get to Ilshenar, the island of Haven is teeming with both shadow wisps and horde minions. Horde minions will also readily die in one hit to an axer and their only loot is either a body part or bones. The only danger is getting swamped by them, they seem to have a lot of dex and will interrupt mages a lot, but even then it's not a real danger, just a nuisance because you can’t get a decent spell off (they move rather quickly too) but are about equal to a mongbat in strength.
    Another popular choice is to go to a swamp region and kill giant serpents. They give bones regularly but also have the added bonus of providing spined leather.
    Any graveyard is good for bones as well since zombies provide them. Skeletons do not however and skeletal mages &amp; the like only produce a single bone making them not worthy targets for bone hunting.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Arcane Clothing</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Arcane clothing is an addition to UO that came out of the "Gargoyle Scenario" As part of this scenario power generators spawned across the lands and with them spawned golems and controllers. Loot on golems and controllers consisted of an Arcane Gem. These guys now only spawn in Ilshenar.

    Each arcane charge on the arcane clothing allows the person who wears it to cast 1 spell of choice - no matter which level spell it is. The arcane clothing must be worn as it will not work if it sits in your backpack. So if you're fully outfitted in arcane clothing made by a legendary tailor you will be able to cast 96 spells (4 items x 24 charges) before you need to recharge the clothes.

    [*]A Tailor can use this Arcane Gem to make some clothing items into Arcane Clothes (double click gem and target item)
    [*]Items that can be made Arcane are Leather Gloves, Cape, Thigh boots, Robe.
    [*]To be made arcane these items must be player crafted and of Exceptional Quality.
    [*]Arcane items have 20 charges if made by GM tailor and 24 if made by a Legendary tailor - every 5.0 skill points above GM tailoring will add an extra charge to the arcane item
    [*]Arcane items can be recharged by anyone but will have less than the full 20-24 charges that a GM or above tailor will provide.
    [*]When an Arcane Gem is added to an item the new Arcane item essentially replaces that item; hence, blessed items will lose their blessed status, items of a specific colour will lose that colour and become arcane red &amp;amp; so on.
    [*]Arcane items can be redyed as per normal clothes once made, but they will not retain the base colour of any cloth they were made out of since they automatically hue the special 'arcane red' when created.

    Don’t make arcane gear out of your rare cloth![/list]

    <font color=00008B>Dye tubs</font color=00008B>

    <ul>There are a number of dye tubs in-game, most are the result of Veteran Rewards. Plain old normal ones can be readily obtained though.

    Dye Tub:
    Normal Dye tubs can be bought at any tailor. They do a range of colours and can dye the normal range of clothing items. (not leather, armour or sandals) These colours sometimes seem to "bleed" when applied to certain clothing items and sometimes don’t look as good as NPC cloth or Special Dye Tub colours.

    Special Dye Tub:
    The Special Dye Tub is available as a 12 month Veteran reward. When you have played UO for 12 months you will be able to select a Special Dye Tub as a reward. The Special Dye Tub will allow you to choose from a range of colours that are not available on the Normal Dye Tubs. The Special Dye Tub colours do not bleed and are therefore considered by many folk as superior to the colours on a normal dye tub although the range is more restricted.
    The colours available are these:
    Use normal store bought dyes to change the colour of the tub.

    Black Dye Tub:
    The Black Dye Tubs is available as a 12 month Veteran reward.
    Black dye tubs initially appeared in the game as a bug, this was so popular and had become so widespread though that Black Dye Tub was made available legitimately. The first legit ones were acquired via a "Clean up Britannia" reward system. These ones have no age restriction to use if you happen to find a public one. There is also talk of a mysterious "Black Lich" spawning the Tubs as loot. This may or may not exist anymore. No-one has been able to confirm it despite persistent rumours. Now you can get them via Veteran Rewards. They will dye cloth a jet black that in the 2D client has no shading and blends with the background on the paperdoll making a person in a Black robe look like a floating head and hands.
    You cannot change the colour of a black dye tub.

    Furniture Dye Tub:
    Also a 12 Month Veteran Reward. Use it to dye certain pieces of Furniture. It does nothing to clothes although you can dye dress forms with it.

    Leather Dye Tub:
    The most controversial &amp; popular of dye tubs is the leather dye tub. This is only available as a 24 Month Veteran Reward.
    Use Normal Store bought Dyes to change the colour of the tub.
    Some leather dye tub facts:
    1. Must be 24 months to dye leather with the tub
    2. Anyone can change the colour on the tub (any age)
    3. You can use a locked down tub in a house you are not friended to
    4. You can change the colour of a locked down tub in a house you are not friended to at any age.
    5. When you chop up leather it retains the colour.
    6. When you make things with coloured leather, the colour goes back to normal coloured leather.
    8. When you use a brand new dye tub on coloured leather, it changes the coloured
    leather back to original leather colour (yes this works on ranger armour as well – you used to be able to dye this)

    These are the colours:


    Note: There are a few rare veteran reward tubs than can be used by anyone regardsless of account age - ask around on your shard to find out if there are any of these rare reward tubs on your shard.

    Other Tubs/Colours:
    There are some tubs that have appeared in static areas and some colours that are not obtainable in tubs.
    Also there are many "rare" or less common colours that cannot be gotten from tubs.
    See post titled Rare Cloth Colours &amp; Mystical Dye Tubs for info on other cloth colours and dye tubs... Rare, mythical, illegal and new.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Bulk Order Deeds - BODs</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Bulk Order Deeds may be offered to anyone with Tailoring skill when they sell items to NPC Tailors and Weavers or use the NPCs context sensitive menu These deeds come in many forms but the one thing they have in common is that they may all be completed and turned in immediately for a reward. The reward depends on the type of deed you turn in.

    LBODs are Large Bulk Order Deeds. These deeds require the smaller component BODs to complete. Fill the smaller BOD and then add the full small BOD to the LBOD to fill that component of the LBOD.

    See the appropriate post below for the Tailor Bulk Order Deed (BOD) FAQ.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>FAQ credit info &amp; History</font color=00008B>

    <ul>The original tailoring FAQ was initially written by Puppy (this FAQ retains some of this information).
    It was then edited by Ce’Nedra Willow with a number of additional posts added to the FAQ as 'Notes' to combine it into one post.
    After that many additions were added, edited, changed by previous tailor moderator Bladeswinger and by Feenicks.
    I have now taken that edited FAQ and re-edited it to include new information, additions, changes and formatting in an attempt to bring it up to date. Please consider any mistakes, faults, typos etc as my own and do not reflect on earlier contributors to the FAQ.
    This is still a work in progress.[/list]

    <font color=00008B><center>Current Tailor Forum Moderators: Feenicks, Boadicea/*</center></font color=00008B>
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <center><font color=00008B>Tailor Bulk Order Deed (BOD) FAQ</font color=00008B></center>

    <font color=00008B>Table of Contents</font color=00008B>
    <ul><font color=green>How do I get a tailor BOD?
    How often can I get a BOD?
    What kind of BODs do I get at different skill levels?
    What is a Small BOD (SBOD)?
    What is a Large BOD (LBOD)?
    What kinds of LBODs are there?
    Do all SBODs fit into LBODs?
    How do I fill a BOD?
    Can I use looted bone armour to fill bone BODS?
    Can I use leather or coloured footwear SBODs in cloth LBODs? ?
    How do get the BOD rewards?
    What are the rewards?
    Stretched hide deeds
    Bear rugs
    Clothing Bless Deed (CBD)
    Runic Sewing Kits (RSK)
    Additional Info</font color=green>[/list]

    <font color=00008B>How do I get a tailor BOD?</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Everyone with tailoring skill can be offered tailor BODs. Walk to any NPC tailor or weaver and bring up their context sensitive menu and select “Bulk Order Deed Information”. If you are eligible for a BOD you will be offered one.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>How often can I get a BOD?</font color=00008B>

    <ul>How often you are eligible for a BOD depends on your tailoring skill. From 0.1 to 50.0 tailoring skill the delay is one hour; from 50.1 to 69.9 it is two hours; and from 70.0 to 120 it is six hours. If you select the NPC tailor or weaver’s context sensitive menu s/he will tell you roughly how long you will have to wait before you will be eligible for another BOD. The timer used for tailor BODs is unrelated to the timer used for Blacksmithing.


    <font color=00008B>What kind of BODs do I get at different skill levels?</font color=00008B>

    <ul>From 0.1 to 69.9 you will receive BODs that will help you gain tailoring skill when filling them, so you will get normal quality cloth and normal leather BODs. From 70.0 you will receive any kind of BOD: normal/exceptional quality, normal/coloured leather and LBODs.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>What is a Small BOD (SBOD)?</font color=00008B>

    <ul>A SBOD is a BOD that will require you filling it with the item that it mentions. Say you receive a SBOD for Horned Leather Exceptional 15 Female Leather Armour then you will need to make 15 pieces of female leather armour of exceptional quality with horned leather. All SBODs fit into LBODs so you should consider saving some of your SBODs for when you receive a LBOD.


    <font color=00008B>What is a Large BOD (LBOD)?</font color=00008B>

    <ul>A LBOD is a BOD that will require you filling it with a number of completed (filled) SBODs. Say you receive a LBOD that says Exceptional 20 Skullcap/Doublet/Kilt/Shoes, you will then need to find an Exceptional 20 Skullcap SBOD, an Exceptional 20 Doublet SBOD, an Exceptional 20 Kilt SBOD, and an Exceptional 20 Shoes SBOD, and then complete (fill) those, and add those to the LBOD to complete it.


    <font color=00008B>What kinds of LBODs are there?</font color=00008B>

    <ul>There are 8 cloth outfit LBODs, 1 hats cloth LBOD, 1 footwear LBOD, 1 bone LBOD, and 3 leather LBODs. They all come in normal/exceptional quality, and the footwear, bone, and leather BODs also come in normal/spined/horned/barbed leather variants.[/list]
    Bandana Skullcap Jester Hat Straw hat
    Shirt Doublet Jester Suit Tunic
    Skirt Kilt Cloak Long pants
    Thigh Boots Shoes Shoes Boots

    Wizards hat Floppy hat Bonnet Feathered hat
    Body sash Full apron Half apron Surcoat
    Robe Plain dress Fancy dress Fancy shirt
    Boots Sandals Sandals Short pants
    Thigh boots

    Tricorn hat Sandals
    Cap Shoes
    Wide-brim hat Boots
    Tall straw hat Thigh boots

    Bone helmet Studded gorget
    Bone gloves Studded gloves
    Bone arms Studded sleeves
    Bone leggings Studded leggings
    Bone Armour Studded Tunic

    Leather gorget Leather skirt
    Leather cap Leather bustier
    Leather gloves Leather shorts
    Leather sleeves Female leather armour
    Leather leggings Studded bustier
    Leather tunic Studded Armour</pre>[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Do all SBODs fit into LBODs?</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Yes, unlike the Blacksmith BODs, all tailor SBODs fit into at least one type of LBOD.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>How do I fill a BOD?</font color=00008B>

    <ul>SBOD: Double click the deed and select "Combine this deed with the item requested", then you will get a target cursor and can start adding the items to the deed.

    LBOD: The SBODs must meet the requirements of the LBOD as well as being for the same quantity. With the deeds in your pack, double-click the large deed, select "Combine deed" and target the small deeds to combine them.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Can I use looted bone armour to fill bone BODS?</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Yes, however exceptional and/or coloured leather BODs will not accept them.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Can I use leather or coloured footwear SBODs in cloth LBODs?</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Yes, as there are no cloth footwear BODs you can use the leather footwear BODs in the cloth LBODs. Also, you can use footwear SBODs of all colours (normal/spined/horned/barbed) in the cloth LBODs.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>How do I get the BOD rewards?</font color=00008B>

    <ul>When you have completed your BOD, find a NPC tailor or weaver and drop the BOD on him/her. Your reward will appear in your backpack, or if you have too many items in your backpack to fit the reward, it will be placed directly in your bank box.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>What are the rewards?</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Besides gold, there are 8 different groups of rewards, and within the 8 groups there are different varieties. Your reward depends on the BOD you turn in.


    The tailor BOD reward cloth comes in 20 different colours, and these are divided into 5 levels with 4 colours in each. If you think that you have more colours than these, use the “Combine cloth” from the “Materials” menu on your sewing kit. Folded cloth comes in 4 varieties - 4 different graphics are used (and they look a slightly different shade and don’t stack with one another). These aren’t really different cloth colours but just different graphics. When using the “Combine cloth” you combine these 4 different graphics into a 5 graphic, and the colours are now the same:



    The tailor BOD reward sandals come in 8 colours - neon green, purple, dark blue, coal, fire, ice blue, ice green, and ice white:



    There are 4 different tailor powerscroll rewards available through the BOD system; these are available only through completing BODs, so it’s not possible to get them from the champion spawns in Felucca. The powerscrolls are:

    A wondrous scroll of tailoring +5.0 (raises the skill's limit to 105.0)
    An exalted scroll of tailoring +10.0 (raises the skill's limit to 110.0) – Elder Tailor
    A mythical scroll of tailoring +15.0 (raises skill's limit to 115.0)
    A legendary scroll of tailoring +20.0 (raises the skill's limit to 120.0) – Legendary Tailor

    Stretched hide deeds

    The stretched hide deed rewards comes in 4 variants: Small facing east, small facing south, medium facing east, and medium facing south. It can be used as decoration in houses. When placed, use an axe on it to get the deed back.


    The tapestry reward also comes in 4 variants: Light facing east, light facing south, dark facing east, and dark facing south. It can be used as wall decoration in houses. When placed, use an axe on it to get the deed back.

    Bear rugs

    Bear rugs also comes in 4 variants: Brown bear facing east, brown bear facing south, polar bear facing east, and polar bear facing south. It can be used as floor decoration in houses. When placed, use an axe on it to get the deed back.

    Clothing Bless Deed (CBD)

    The clothing bless deed reward lets you bless one item of clothing, footwear or hat. Clothing bless deeds cannot be used on armour. The item blessed will have a [blessed] tag, and will remain in your backpack if you die. Unlike the personal bless deeds, which were given as gifts for pre-ordering UO: Age of Shadows, the tailor BOD reward clothing bless deed cannot be removed from the item it is used on.

    Runic Sewing Kits (RSK)

    The runic sewing kit comes in 3 different variants: Spined runic sewing kit with 45 charges, horned runic sewing kit with 30 charges, and barbed runic sewing kit with 15 charges. The runic sewing kits can be used to craft armour with magic properties. It will not help when enhancing items.
    The runic sewing kits will only apply magic properties to leather, studded and bone armour, so don’t waste charges on crafting hats (even though they have resists) or clothing.

    [*]Spined runic sewing kits (45 charges) will craft items with 1-3 magic properties of 20-40% intensity.

    [*]Horned runic sewing kits (30 charges) will craft items with 3-4 magic properties of 30-70% intensity.

    [*]Barbed runic sewing kits (15 charges) will craft items with 4-5 magic properties of 40-100% intensity.

    Note: Exceptional armour crafted from Runic Sewing Kits only receive a 6% bonus - exceptional armour crafted with a normal sewing kit recieve a 15% bonus[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Additional Info</font color=00008B>

    <ul>The OSI info on tailoring bods can be found here.

    Check out the Tower of Roses site for information about which rewards to expect from which bods.<ul>

    <center><font color=00008B>Boadicea/*, October 2004</font color=00008B><center>
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    <center><font color=00008B>Rare Cloth Colours &amp; Mystical Dye Tubs
    rare, mythical, illegal, old and new

    by Feenicks</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Pertinent to the Tailoring profession is the availability of a range of cloth colours and other such items that are somewhat less commonly available than the standard range. I hope to detail some of the more commonly asked about items and colours here.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Ilshenar Green Tub</font color=00008B>

    <ul>When Ilshenar first opened there was a dye tub in a house that has a sheep pen and loom &amp; spinning wheel. This house is just down from the Sacrifice gate in Ilshenar. This dye tub has a special colour that was very close to ranger green (as available on Ranger Armour or the Leather Dye Tub). Alas the dye tub may be re-coloured by anyone with dyes. Once re-coloured that particular shade of green is irrevocably lost as the tub does not respawn the green colour at server up. I believe that pretty much all shards have had this tub re-coloured making the colour rare unless you dyed numerous bolts of the stuff. Not that it is in high demand anyway but some folk love it, especially since closest to "ranger green". The colour can still be gotten off NPC’s clothes (i.e. brigands etc) but is so infrequent it isn't worth the effort. [/list]

    <font color=00008B>Ranger Green cloth</font color=00008B>

    <ul>To the best of my knowledge this was never available on a dye tub. This is a perfect match to the colour green found on Ranger Armour (and the deep green on the leather dye tub). This particular shade of cloth is only available off NPC tailors selling this cloth. You have to be lucky to find one, they could be anywhere, or not exist at all on your shard (NPC tailors etc in shops sell certain random coloured cloth, some are good shades, some are not).
    The tailor in Haven on the Oceania shard is thus far the only one known by me.

    Ilshenar Green and Ranger Green colours compared:

    Ilshenar Green on your left; the richer/darker Ranger Green on your right.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Shadow Tub</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Rumours cropped up of a dark shadow colour on a dye tub somewhere in Ilshenar similar to the one above. If it exists it is probably kept a closely guarded secret by those who know of it for fear of it being re-coloured like the one above. Its existence has never been confirmed.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Rainbow Cloth</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Ahhh the mysterious Rainbow cloth.
    Rainbow cloth seems to have been a server up rare.
    It is illegal to own and may get you banned. If it doesn’t get you banned it will certainly be deleted on sight by a GM. It seems as if it could have been available on a back room table in the tailor in Ocllo/Haven but possibly only at server up. It came as a folded pile possibly in a quantity of 25. It is also a colour that may have initially caused peoples clients to crash, which may be why it was made illegal. Supposedly that crash bug is now fixed however it remains illegal, possibly for consistency (would be unfair to those who had it deleted if it was made legal and some guy who stored it illegally for years could then come out &amp; make a fortune selling it.
    It is black with some speckled colour dots on it:


    Special thanks to Uogem for much info on rainbow cloth including the picture - and for spawning one of the longest lived tailor board threads...[/list]

    <font color=00008B>"Zog" Cloth</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Zog cloth is very probably bannable, it could also be a hoax. Who knows? Best info indicates it may have been obtainable by killing certain NPCs. Most zog cloth that has been referred to is a shade of green although a shade of red has also been mentioned. I wouldn’t bother wasting my time with it, chances are if someone is offering to sell it to you they are scamming you with some odd shade or another and just calling it zog. Possession alone may be enough to warrant disciplinary action even if you just bought the stuff (assuming it IS bannable...). The word "zog" MAY come from something that appears in the name of items made of it.
    Thanks to ThePolack for most ‘zog’ information.
    Additional Info from ThePolack: ZOG cloth is just green. It's the same shade of green as Ranger armour. The way you can tell it apart from other cloth is that when you click on it, it will display "ZOG cloth/cloak/whatever-item-you-clicked-on" in the name of the item. If you see it, step away.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Nightmare/Necro/Evil mage/Shadow Cloth</font color=00008B>

    <ul>This is a Dark shade of cloth. Perfectly legal. It is very similar if not identical to the shade of cloth that Shadowlord faction robes come in. It used to be obtainable by killing NPC evil mages and then cutting up the robes to make fresh clothes out of. Be very wary when forking out a lot of cash to buy it, some items of clothing (pants for instance) dyed with the darkest blue of the special dye tub is easily passed off as necro. Buyer Beware on such items. Most items of this cloth have since been blessed. This colour is also a slightly different shade to BOD Reward "charcoal" colour so beware of such differences as well. Evil mages now have varying shades of blue which are far less appealing and far less valuable, beware of the darker shades of this being passed off as true necro also. Also be wary of folded cloth being passed off as necro, it may not be since stuff often appears darker when folded.

    Selayna has provided this further information in regard to nightmare, shadow cloth etc:
    <blockquote><font color=00008B>Selaynas little "Shadow and Mage cloth Tutorial"</font color=00008B>


    From left to right: Shadow Cloth, mage cloth 1, mage cloth 2, mage cloth 3, and on the far right is "nightmare cloth."

    Shadow cloth was originally obtained by killing blacksmiths (usually in Buc's Den) and cutting up their aprons. It could also be acquired by cutting up newbie cloaks. Since blacksmiths are invulnerable and you can no longer cut up newbie cloaks, shadow cloth is ( as far as I know) a true rare ( though it is of lower desirability then the other rare shades). Below is a picture of my smith decked out in shadow cloth. Note its silvery grey colour.


    Mage cloth 1 is a *VERY* similar shade to mage cloth 2. They don't stack, however, so there is a very small difference. Mage cloth 1 can still be acquired by killing black robed mages in the fire dungeon and cutting up their robes. mage cloth 2 was acquired by killing the black robed mages before OSI Removed mage cloth 2, 3, and nightmare cloth from them.

    Mage cloth 3 is a shade that is in-between the dark "nightmare" cloth and the common mage cloth 1. It’s a really pretty shade but I haven't sewn mine into an outfit yet. I believe that the bonnet shown is mage cloth 3, but I can’t' swear to it. To the best of my knowledge it is as rare as the darker cloth, but slightly less desirable. Still, if someone confuses the two it's a fairly minor issue, since they are quite similar.

    "Nightmare cloth" is probably the rarest *legal* to own clothing there is, with eh possible exception of leprechaun boots. It is a very dark colour ( though lighter then the new charcoal cloth, and better blended IMO ).It matches shadow armour beautifully, as well as nightmares ( hence the name). It does seem to be the same colour as the Shadowlord Faction cloth (which may be why they removed it.)

    Below is a picture of my main wearing her "Witch" costume, of Nightmare Cloth dress, cloak, and hat, with leprechaun boots.


    Leprechaun boots were acquired on Saint Patrick’s Day in '98 (I believe). OSI spawned leprechauns who had whole suits of leprechaun clothing (which had unique colours but was far less desirable then the boots are) and a green mug of ale (relatively common to this day). While the mugs were saved, most of the boots (which are a unique blue-black that is very dark but not *QUITE* true black were mostly thrown out, and the remaining ones are very rare now.

    Lastly, there is something called "Faux Shadow” cloth. It is similar in colour to the mage cloth but less well blended it can be made in a dye tub, and can be useful for making a number of things 'close" to shadow colour

    The following diagram shows how to make faux shadow, and shows it compared to mage cloth 1 (the pointer is aimed at the faux shadow):


    Selayna's Player

    P.S. There is a similar colour that can be purchased from NPC tailors. It is a bit more blue then any of the above cloths, so it can be told apart that way.</blockquote>[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Pure White/Snow cloth/tubs</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Some clothing items such as the surcoat default to a pure white colour when un-dyed but this is not the pure white that is meant by this classification.
    A similar colour seems to be available by the Tailor BOD system. Need more info on old instances of this... It could have been made via a bugged dye tub system which would be bannable or else it could have been a rumour/myth/hoax.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Oilcloth Cloth</font color=00008B>

    <ul>For a short time one could use the "combine cloth" feature of the tailor menu to create folded cloth out of oilcloths which shared the oilcloth colour. This colour is a green-yellow colour that is almost identical to a shade of green available on the special dye tub. It is so close as to be indistinguishable and so is barely worth the effort since it isn’t exactly an amazing colour to begin with. You cannot get cloth in this exact colour anymore, but you cannot tell it from the special green unless you compare the two together and even then they are barely distinguishable.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Faction Purple</font color=00008B>

    <ul>When factions first came out an exploit was discovered that allowed you to permanently "dye" any equippable &amp; wearable item the same purple that a person turns when holding a faction sigil. This resulted in purple deer masks, spellbooks, leather armour, metal armour, lanterns... pretty much anything that anyone could equip was dyed purple somewhere...
    Such items were highly bannable.
    But it seems now that owning them is no longer illegal, nor is it illegal to make them (August 2004).
    Normal cloth items of clothing that are the same shade of purple as the faction purple are NOT necessarily illegal. The faction purple (or at least something incredibly similar) CAN be obtained from a normal dye tub:


    Click here and here for pictures of the faction purple colour.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>NPC Cloth</font color=00008B>

    <ul>This is simply cloth that comes from either killing NPC’s and cutting up their clothes or from buying cloth from NPC tailors.
    Most NPC cloth colours cannot be obtained from any dyetubs. The colours gotton from NPC’s are less inclined to "bleed" like stuff dyed with normal dye tubs. Such colours are sometimes referred to as "Oils". They are usually more sharp and ‘cleaner’ looking than colours done with conventional dye tubs.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Various BOD reward colours</font color=00008B>

    <ul>With the Publish 16 addition of Tailoring BODs a new range of special colour were made available:


    <font color=00008B>A note on sandals</font color=00008B>

    <ul>There are a range of Sandals that are of differing colours.
    * Pure black were most commonly sought after before the introduction of Tailor BODs. They are legal to own but you can no longer acquire them.
    * Silver colours usually come from killing NPC brides and are legal.
    * Blues usually come from evil mages and are of course legal.
    *With the AoS gift people could chose sandals as a reward and select the option to dye them themselves – so colours can now be seen in all the colours of the dye tub.
    There are a range of other colours and variations available from a range of NPCs with some people fostering collections. I'll leave it to you to find out where to get them all...

    With the Publish 16 Tailoring BODs a range of coloured sandals as reward was made available:


    <font color=00008B>Edited by Boadicea/* - August 2004</font color=00008B>
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    <center><font color=00008B>Hides, Wool &amp; Cotton Gathering Locations and Techniques
    as from the old FAQ
    edited by Feenicks and Boadicea/*
    </font color=00008B>

    <ul>Listed here are some of the various places one might like to try out as places to gather hides, wool and cotton.

    This guide assumes you are hunting for hides/wool.
    If instead you are buying hides/cloth just go to NPC tanners for hides and NPC tailors for cloth. If you are buying from players insist on using commodity deeds. Keep in mind that prices of hides may vary in some towns due to faction taxes.

    Dont forget that you get double resources in Felucca (excluding bones).[/list]

    <center><font color=00008B>Hides</font color=00008B></center>

    <font color=00008B>Delucia</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Delucia offers many places to hunt. Cows and bulls spawn just inside the town limits if you go directly west from the bank, and just to the side of the healers. Not only is there cows and bulls but plenty hinds and great harts, also hide bearing animals. These are just outside town limits, north of the cow/bull spawn. Beware of the orc camps.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Artic Island</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Full of animals, walrus, white wolves, polar bears and snow lepords. All these spawn all over the island, takes minutes to fill your backpack full of hides. I would stick to walrus as they are fairly easy to kill where as polar bears are a little harder. Beware of frost trolls and orc camps.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Barrier Island</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Lots of hart spawn again, with some bulls and llama's. Excellent hide collecting spot and not to far from the city. Cross the bridge southeast of Trinsic and you should find it. Beware of murderer NPCs.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Jhelom Bull Pit</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Lots of animals still spawning here despite what some people think. Very easy to fill your backpack up again. Go southeast from the bank till you come to three teleporters. Step through the one nearest bank and you should end up at Jhelom Bull Pit.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Despise</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Lots of lizardmen spawning, and again fairly easy to kill. You should make a few gold while your here too, which is always nice. Watch out for too many lizards, who wont be best pleased that you’re slaying their aunties and uncles This may be the best and most popular place for hunting spined leather.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Destard</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Dragons, drakes &amp; wyverns - this place is full of them. A good place for those who seek horned and barbed leather. A tailor with a bit of hiding, stealth or magery ought to be able to stock up on supplies from creatures killed by others.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Trinsic Swamps</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Lots of spawn here - alligators and lizardmen being the key. Again, it shouldn’t take long before you fill up with hides. Go to the main gate of Trinsic and head directly north, you should come to some water, walk round the water in an westerly direction then head northeast once you’re round the water (just follow the coastline). A good spot for gathering spined leather. Watch out for plague beasts, bog things and other bad guys.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Fire Island</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Many hide bearing animals, all fairly easy to kill. Watch for loose dragons, deamons, or wandering monsters from treasure chests.
    Of course the dragons and drakes may be what you seek the barbed and horned leather.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Sacrifice &amp; Spirituality (Ilshenar)</font color=00008B>

    <ul>The forest here is safe for those with high karma and it is full of pixies. You will lose karma for killing them, but if your karma is high you can attack at will. Watch out as they are fast as heck and cast spells like there’s no tomorrow. But they drop quick enough and give over 20 hides for the effort. A few unicorns also spawn here – again they will attack those with negative karma, but if you’re game you can kill these for their horned leather.
    Also north of Sacrifice is a ratman spawn which can keep you in spined leather supply.[/list]

    <center><font color=00008B>Wool &amp; Cotton</font color=00008B></center>

    <font color=00008B>Yew Sheep Pens</font color=00008B>

    <ul>The best place for gathering wool would be the sheep pens in Yew – there are three of them and if you kill each sheep after shearing them, they will have respawned by the time you have been to all pens.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Delucia</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Sheep also spawn in Delucia along the cattle there. The spawn rate here isn’t as fast as in Yew but you can collect hides at the same time as you collect wool.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Jhelom Bull Pit</font color=00008B>

    <ul>Sheep spawn here along with a lot of other animals – this is a nice all round area for collecting wool and hides.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Moonglow Cotton Field</font color=00008B>

    <ul>The cotton field is located on the southern coast on Verity Isle (Moonglow Island) – use the teleporter in the centre of town to get there, or walk southeast out of town passing the graveyard and the royal zoo and follow the road to the coastline. The cotton spawns in a closed field – double click the cotton and pick it up.[/list]

    <font color=00008B>Skara Brae Cotton Field</font color=00008B>

    <ul>On the mainland across the ocean from Skara Brae is a cotton field; this one is a large patch, but it doesn't have as much cotton as the field in Moonglow[/list]
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    <center><font color=00008B>Abbreviations</font color=00008B></center>

    <ul>With UO Age of Shadows the magic item property system was changed, adding alot of new and interesting properties to armour, weapons, and jewelry. This is a list of commonly used abbreviations for these properties. If you wish to know more about what these properties actually do then take a look at the Stratics page about AoS Features: Magic Items. The OSI info on caps/ranges etc. on these properties can be found here.
    DCI: Defence Chance Increase

    DEX: Dexterity Bonus

    DI: Damage Increase

    DUR: Durability Bonus

    FC: Fast Cast

    FCR: Fast Cast Recovery

    HCA: Hit Cold Area

    HCI: Hit Chance Increase

    HD: Hit Dispel

    HEA: Hit Energy Area

    HFA: Hit Fire Area

    HFB: Hit Fire Ball

    HH: Hit Harm

    HL: Hit Lightning

    HLA: Hit Lower Attack

    HLB: Hit Lightning Bolt

    HLD: Hit Lower Defence

    HLL: Hit Life Leech

    HMA: Hit Magic Arrow

    HML: Hit Mana Leech

    HPI: Hit Point Increase

    HPR: Hit point Regeneration

    HPoA: Hit Poison Area

    HPyA: Hit Physical Area

    HSL: Hit Stamina Leech

    INT: Intelligence Bonus

    LMC: Lower Mana Cost

    LR: Lower Requirements

    LRC: Lower Regent Cost

    LUCK: Luck

    MA: Mage Armour

    MI: Mana Increase

    MR: Mana Regeneration

    MW: Mage Weapon

    NS: Night Sight

    RPD: Reflect Physical Damage

    SC: Spell Channeling

    SDI: Spell damage Increase

    SI: Stamina Increase

    SR: Stamina Regeneration

    SRep: Self Repair

    SSI: Swing Speed Increase

    STR: Strengt bonus

    UBWs: Use Best Weapon Skill</pre>

    Note: Resists are most commonly referred to as: 5/6/4/8/10 = 33
    So this would be an item with:

    [*]physical resist: 5
    [*]fire resist: 6
    [*]cold resist: 4
    [*]poison resist:8
    [*]energy resist: 10
    [*]total resist: 33[/list]
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