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[Selling] Taking Break Selling More Rares!!!!

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Cyrus The Virus, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. This isnt gonna be a auction. first price i like i take. icq me for payment options. All Items are on Lake Aust


    Green Robe and Cloak

    Full Set of Dye Tubs

    Reward Shrines North and South Full Set

    A Magical Lockedbox With 120 or so Different gems. 15 different styles totle.

    A Corroded Box with all Content

    Sherry The Mouse Statue

    Neon Gift Box

    Slime Hunter Title Deed

    106 Old Valintine Cards

    Water Tile in Bag



    Personal Attendant
    Uo 8th Anniversary gift
    Uo 7th Anniversary gift
    Japan Promotion - Tokuno Dyes
    Your Buddy Token
    Your Cozy Life Starter Kit
    Your Evil Furniture Item

    Official Certification (pink Event book)

    Full Set of Practice Weapons

    A Ton of Sigil Dyed Items. Sheild,Weapons,Armor Ect ask to see

    Bucket oF Water

    Shovel with no uses so might never near, who knows.

    Unknown deed

    Portrait in a gift box (cant take out)

    Gold Sovereign, Silver Crown, Copper Shilling

    61 Pairs of True Black Sandles (not dyed)

    Set of Ophidian Items Orders, Food, Journal

    Set of Slippery Snake Skins 49 totle

    Full Set of Mini House Deeds (castle, keep ect)

    Lightx2 (the old Kaldune one)

    Set of Neon Dyed Rune Books 12 different colours

    Grim Reaper's Scythe

    2006 Set of Halloween Pumpkins 93 totle

    Glacial Pants
    Glacial Bandana
    Glacial Spellbook
    Glacial daggor
    Glacial Pickaxe
    Glacial Butcher Knife

    Redy/Blue Halberd
    White viking Sword
    Red Scimitar

    Eurpa Gold Robe
    Bright Blue Robe (not sure the colour but u cant dye or get)

    Chiv Book 0 Spells

    Skill Tutor Statuette

    Coils Fang (no timer)
    Blighted Cotten (no timer)

    Diamond (big)

    Candle of Love (white candle thing)

    GuildStone MOTU
    A Guild Deed x 2

    Scrolls 9 Different colours and directions (just says scrolls)

    White Pear
    White Apple
    White Muffin

    A Deed for a vendor named Shandra

    Daimyo Eminos Katana (red)

    A Replica of the Shepherd's Crook of Humility

    Fishing Weight
    Pitcher of Water (looks full but says empty)
    Apple (looks like a trible berry)

    Europa Gold Sash (guard sash)
    Black Sash (guard sash)
    White Sash (guard sash)
    Red Sash (guard sash)
    Light Blue Sash (guard sash)

    Coal Ore

    Coal Ingots 6

    Ranger Ingots 4

    Full Set of Different Colour Leather (theres like 50 different Colours

    Fire Ingots 2

    Full Set of Reward Robes and Cloaks Copper to Fire

    Reward Statues

    Bushel (i have a few)

    16 1 year Vet reward Statues all different

    3 3rd year Vet Statues all different (cow, llama, zombie

    2 4th year vet statues ( Reaper, monbat)

    3 5th year vet statues ( fire eleys, wolf, gazer)

    Blade of the Righteous

    Titans Hammer
  2. SirButch

    SirButch Guest

    Hey, could ya ICQ me at 72590433. Im interested in a few items but i dont see your icq any where.
  3. xblade

    xblade Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    May 28, 2008
    Likes Received:
    same here icq me at 446151780 thank you
  4. Laina

    Laina Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 23, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I think he meant it's all sold...
  5. HAHA ya i did mean sold. sorry people.