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Taking offers on Britain Felucca gate house

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes Trade' started by Brit_Felgate, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. Brit_Felgate

    Brit_Felgate Guest

    Howdy! I'm retirin' and takin' offers on my old shop, which ya can see in the picture below.

    Please send yer offer to my User at ICQ 169-749-597 or send a private message here. If I get a purty good offer, I might ask if anyone wants to beat it, then sell if no one does. But if I get an offer I can't refuse--well, I reckon I won't refuse it!

    This ain't an auction and don't ask me fer a buyout. Jus' tell me what yer willin' to pay, purty please. :) If it's enough then I'll sell an' if ain't then I won't.

    If we need a broker, that nice Pratt feller of MOA has agreed to do the honors. If yer offering items as part of the deal, yer gonna have to hand them over to Pratt in Trammel unless they're blessed, since I'm not fixin' to get knocked over the head while carryin' the stuff after the house trade in Felucca.

    'Nuff of my yakkin'. Here's the picture. I hope someone loves the ol' place as much as I have.

  2. Brit_Felgate

    Brit_Felgate Guest

    Jus' bumpin' my ad here.