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Tamed a Devilsaur today

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Eldorian, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    Just wanted to show off one of the fun things Hunters can do in the beta now...

    Unfortunately Fraps didn't record the game sounds... so I had to just add some background music. Stinks because the Devilsaur really sounds awesome when you have him following you around.

    Also, took me 3 tries to tame him. You literally have to start immediately when you freeze him because he'll kick you back. Finally got it on the 3rd try.

  2. Fojos

    Fojos Guest

    Congratulations! :)

    Devilsaurs are cool. ;o
  3. Thrann

    Thrann Guest

    Alright, I admit it--even that's impressive for a hunter.
  4. Nyaz

    Nyaz Guest

  5. Emuishere

    Emuishere Guest

    The new pets look pretty sweet!
  6. Mister McFeely

    Mister McFeely WoW Noob!
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    try draggin one around for 4 or 5 days the size and sound get old quick :bored:
  7. Fojos

    Fojos Guest

    That's why you listen to music while playing. :p:p
  8. Emuishere

    Emuishere Guest

    As geeky as it is playing the Conan or LOTR sountrack when playing is awesome.
  9. Wow, that is really awesome. So can you pretty much tame anything in the beta or is there still some restrictions?
  10. Joshmaul

    Joshmaul Guest

    I heard there were a couple other things being opened up for taming, but I forget which at the moment.
  11. TenzoMataki

    TenzoMataki Guest

    Worms, Chimeras, and I believe Moths (with the 51 talent in BM). All I have to say is; I think these changes will make me want to level my hunter all over again.
  12. Ssonic19

    Ssonic19 Guest

    Not leveling a hunter until I can tame a Core Hound.
  13. Lag

    Lag Guest

    Moths are tamable at any time, new norm pet.

    Exotic pets (so far)

    Silithid (Like the AQ mounts)

    and pandas.
  14. Xarris08

    Xarris08 Guest

    Looks crazy. I don't think I'd want something that big running around me all day though. Seems like it would get a bit annoying.
  15. I don't have a hunter...yet ( Well I do, but she is a level 10 so it don't count :p )
    I would love to tame a kodo. ( I imagine they would do hardly no damage at all, but I find them to be cute..and they would make a funny pet! ) :danceb: