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Tamer/Bard/Mage in that order....

Discussion in 'UO Bard' started by Guest, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    4/23/08 I have a character that is about 85 taming / lore ...He also has about 70 on magery...I would like to transform him into a GM Tamer / Bard...is it possible to have this and retain a decent magery level or should I consider ramping up some warrior skills? If so, can someone share a template for GM Tamer/Bard with decent battle or magic skills?
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Forget my chars exact numbers as im at work but what I did for this type of template was go for the tame/lore/vet elder+, music +(1 other) LG, and elder magery. Had to forgo any EI but since I am usually using pet for damage and not magery this hasnt been a major drawback for me so far.

    For the music +(1 other) i mean that I have 120 peace and 120 disco that I soulstone in and out depending on what im fighting and which would be better in what situation.

    Have the reset of the points stuck in med just so that they are doing something while I get the other LG scrolls. I strictly PvM with this template FYI and it has worked well
  3. My tamer/bard/mage is very similar to UORelics. And with a template like this unfortunately you have to pick between the barding skills. I also soulstone peace and discord back and forth depending on the situation.

    There are lots of great template ideas here If you have not seen them yet.

    I also have about 40 chivalry (sorry can't look at the exact numbers right now) for removing curse and such.
  4. Prudentis

    Prudentis Guest

    I am curious, why you only ss peace/disco and ignore provo completly. Is it so "underpowered"? Or does it just not go well with taming?
  5. The problem with provoke, as I see it, is that you can only provoke once every 12 seconds. Against most provokable opponents, by the time you can provoke the next time, whatever you want to provoke would already have been killed by your pet.

    Also, while you're waitiing for the skill timer to expire, you can't use peace or discord, making fights last longer.

    So most people with the already tight tamer/bard template choose to use either discord or peacemaking, both skills that either speed up a fight or protect your pets and friends. A very few people attempt to carry both, but then lose the ability to heal throughout battles.
  6. Couldn't have said it any better. Provo is great on my bard/mage but on my tamer it is just not as useful as peace or discord. I like to assist my pet(s) but I let them do all the work. [​IMG]