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Taming Greater Dragons

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Lady Kiara, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. Lady Kiara

    Lady Kiara Guest

    Sorry if this has been dicussed before for i seem not to be able to find it.

    Was wondering how high a tamer needs to be to tame a greater dragon and whats the best way to tame it...

  2. DrDolittle

    DrDolittle Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 7, 2002
    Likes Received:
    The minimum is 104.7 but even at 120 they can be a hand full.

    The “honorable” way to tame one is have a few friends doing area peace and healing/invising the tamer. ;-)
  3. I've been beating them down with my dragon then stabling him and coming back and taming them. It slows them down enough, and dumps their mana, that I very rarely die.
  4. Prudentis

    Prudentis Guest

    Where are you leadtaming them? I don't see many places, where this can be done really out of danger.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm guessing the same place I go. Fire island, daemon temple. 2 greaters and 2 normals spawn in there. I just lure or herd out the dragon I want and find a quiet spot near a wandering healer.

  6. Prudentis

    Prudentis Guest

    OK, thanks, will try.
    Last time for me was Wind ... lots of daemons and drakes ...
    And destard .... lots of deathrobes [​IMG]
  7. For me, on TC!, I have had great success using Peacemaking in Destard level 1.

    I may need to take time to clear out one side and the Rez spot in Destard but once that is done, it is manageable. I just run up try a peacemaking, run back out of sight if I fail, if I succeed, I dismount from the Ethy and begin a spam of taming. If I get a tame cycle, I just hit the Invis me hotkey. If I get to about 25% damage or poisoned, I run off hide, heal rinse and repeat.

    I have it down now such that I may die once every 3 or 4 GD's. I am currently recycling them to get onewith stats like the ones that are mentioned in this forum. The highest Ihave so far is a 915HP one.
  8. Prudentis

    Prudentis Guest

    That sounds good, but me = no etheral mount and no peace [​IMG]
    Can you use a fallen charger the same way as an etheral mount?

    I would probably have to beat the dragon down first and then leadtame it instead of peacetaming. And for that I need a long clear path without the possibility for a second greater to spawn [​IMG]
  9. Not selling Destard but if you clear off the SE side you can either use the Wall/Ledge there or lure the GD into the room that precedes the Water Elementals.

    If you do not go into the Water Elementals room they will not come out to you. Nothing will spawn in that room. You could park a Dragon there lure your GD to the room Hide/Invis and sick the Dragon on him. Get him to total red Health wise and get the Dragon out and stable it. I have a rune marked for inside that room and them recall back in.

    Just my opinion but when I have tried that tactic, I have found the GD is still a ONE HIT killer with a Totally Red Health bar. If your going to lead tame then the room offers enough room to do that, unless you really need it to be straight (hum am I missing something with the movement keys(?) maybe I need to look at that).
  10. On ATL theres quite a few people in Destard thats willing to help you out if you just ask. They will peace/invis/heal you while you try to tame. I do that here and there when I get bored, just running around with my greater beating down the dragon, park it outside, and peace the other one while someone tries to tame it.
  11. Prudentis

    Prudentis Guest

    Well I have Frarc willing to help me, but I still wanted to know. First for the chellange, second I don't want to overabuse his help, and third, because I wan't my perfect dragon, an once I find it, who knows, if I will be able to get the help?
    But for those times, I will probably have to work up honor. (not so easy as a tamer, eh?)
  12. I have been using TC1 while raising my characters on LA.

    After having been gone for a number of years I am taking a look at UO.

    TC1 is an excellent place to look at all the various templates as you have access to the set command(s) and resources to make various suits.

    The one template I can not easily model there is the Virtue Tamer.

    So far of all the rest, the Peacemaking is probably the safest (may simply be a lame crutch though due to me (re) learning how to do things).

    The Beatdown method worked very well for me vs a Hiryu on the first island. I had to lure it away from the other mobs but when that was done, I simply brought in a GD and beat it down to total red health, stabled the GD, returned and proceeded to tame the Hiryu. What an awesome pet (to me it is). Great Fighter and you can ride it. Bad news is it consumes 4 slots [​IMG]

    Good news is, it is easily (my opinion) the equal to a low end GD
  13. Detharleon

    Detharleon Guest

    i honestly don't know how people can survive long enough to lead tame. even peace taming I'm finding it nightmarish. The last 5 GD's I've tried to tame have all been mad teleporters... led it away from its friends, manage to get a peace to actually stick (its amazing how infrequently 20% will show up when 2000hp of dragon is trying to kill you), get off 2-3 attempts that tick it off, run like hell, lather rinse repeat. I've been getting wailed on, 60hp breath damage, poison, teleport, oooOOOoooOOO. I even went so far as to try using a house that was public, figuring I can cheat a little on it. The damn thing teleported INSIDE the house!?? I laughed my arse off on that one, then had to figure out how to get it out of the house :/

    For the people out there with the patience, skill and luck my hats off to ya as I have no idea how you do it.
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest


    For the people out there with the patience, skill and luck my hats off to ya as I have no idea how you do it.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    One word. Honor. Work your honor up and they are a piece of cake.
  15. Honor works very well. I just havent had much time to work it back up lately, so I fell back on the lead taming.

    As for where, I use Destard, lots of dragons to look through. I just lead off everything else from an area then run in and attack the greater dragon to get it to follow me to my chosen spot. I'm pretty good at taming in tight areas about a screen in size. I do have max hiding and stealth on the tamer I use, so it is easier for me to sneak up and attack things to lure them off without other stuff seeing me as long as I'm quick to get back out of there. Just took a little practice.
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I found orange petals were a life saver. heal pots are good too.

    I've not used honor for taming yet, just beat up and lead taming. Don't beat them up too harshly, I think that's why some folks can have teleporting draggy issues. I leave a bit of blue on the bar when I do it.

    On test I had a rough suit of armour so I added a bracelet of health and ring of elements. I haven't got the brace on Europa but the ring is really handy if your suit is a bit uneven [​IMG]

    My technique is to head to fire isle temple and pull one out, beat it down with my disco tamer then come in with Ailsa and either stealth up to it or invis by it's feet. Munch an orange petal. Then hold down the tame macro.

    If you're invisible at his feet before hitting the tame button, you can get a few seconds before he notices you. Watch your health while you start trying to tame and dart off screen when you're getting vulnerable. Once you do get an attempt started, invis yourself if possible, or have a friend do it, so the beastie forgets about you briefly. I've found some of the stronger dragons were much easier to work around by doing that.

  17. Well my usual routine other then having people help me is:

    Beat dragon down, area peace, invis, tame (after peace timer ends), invis, lead, invis, RUN, OoOooo (jk), that usually works out pretty well (the part before the RUN if i didnt get bitten hehe)
  18. If you do not mind what is an Orange Petal?

    I did an item search here and got zip - nothing as a return.

    I assume it is something to do with the new grown food?
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest


    If you do not mind what is an Orange Petal?

    I did an item search here and got zip - nothing as a return.

    I assume it is something to do with the new grown food?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    You can grow orange plants like orange poppies that will yield 8 seeds and 8 petals per plant. Eating one of the orange petals will grant you immunity to most poisons (not lethal) for 5 minutes. You can also often find them for sale on vendors, as some players grow them and sell them. On a vendor, expect to pay 400-1000 gp/petal, depending on your shard.
  20. He he thanks for the heads up.

    *Shrug* The GD has trained me to simply run and hide when poisoned. Cure, run back can start all over, unless of course I have a tame cycle going then I hit drink a Greater cure pot. I can do this because if I see a Tame Cycle start I sprint to the edge of being to far away to tame normaly at this time I would invis (hot keyed) but I am gonna fizz any spells anyway (normaly) so I use the space to drink the pot then move to the edge again then invis.
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The real benefit is they make you immune to the poison for a bit, but you can use cure pots instead too. I just like being able to eat one and then concentrate just on heal and tame [​IMG]