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Taming Question

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Viramond, May 17, 2008.

  1. Viramond

    Viramond Guest

    I don't think I quite understand how the skills/stats work when taming. I understand that stats part, it's the skills that's bothering me.

    I had a greater dragon from before the most recent update...I didn't write down his pre-tame skills, but I'm sure they followed the logic that someone else laid out before the regular forums went down. That being:
    20% skill loss at time of tame, trainable back up to 10% of skill loss pre-tame. However, someone said that magery, for the greater dragons at least, only lost .1 skill, but weren't any further trainable after that .1 loss.

    That seemed to fall in line with my first greater dragon...he has like 113.8 magery or something.

    So then...I found a better greater dragon. At time of tame, he lost 50% of HP like normal...but his other skills went down well below the 20% skill loss that someone described in the previous forums. I'm most concerned about Magery...it did go down 10% (as described in the recent Publish 52)...but it doesn't seem to be raising.

    So I'm hoping someone can help me understand everything better. According to the Taming update notes when Publish 52 was released, "Pets will suffer 10% skill loss the first time they are tamed, but have full potential for training. In other words, if you release a pet, it will not receive skill loss if you or another person tames it again."

    I did take down the pre-tame skill stats for this new greater dragon...so my question is...based on the Publish 52 notes (and any experience) will my greater dragon eventually get back to it's pre-tame stats (capped at 125)?

    The pretame stats were
    Wrestling - 132.5
    Tactics - 121.5
    Resisting - 123.4
    Anatomy - 1.0
    Magery - 115.8
    Eval Int - 60.6
    Meditation - 42.4

    What's also strange, unless I wrote it down wrong, the Meditation went up after I tamed it. I could be wrong...but I know I didn't start training the pet until yesterday (as it bonded late Wednesday). Before I started training the pet, I wrote down it's stats:
    Wrestling - 95.4
    Tactics - 87.5
    Resisting - 88.8
    Anatomy - 0.7
    Magery - 104.3
    Eval Int - 54.6
    Meditation - 54.2

    As I write this, things are starting to become a little clearer for me, but any additional input would be appreciated. It seems as though all my skills (except for magery and meditation) went down 28%. Now that I think about it, that could have been the figure that someone used in the previous forums instead of 20%...and the Magery may fall in line with the notes left with publish 52.

    But are the notes accompanying Publish 52 about having "full potential" for regaining skill just for magery, or for all skills? And I haven't seen any magery skill gains yet, is that just going to be a slow process, or could there be some glitches?

    I don't want to seem impatient...I know I only started training yesterday, so I know all training will take time, I'm just trying to get a better understanding of the road that lies ahead.

    Any and all input is greatly appreciated.
  2. Aibal

    Aibal Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    The rule of thumb is Wrestling, Tactics and Resist will go up 1.25 times the fresh tame level. Magery will remain where it is, or where it is plus .1. The rest will cap at GM.
  3. Herc

    Herc Guest

    ...and strength never changes
  4. Viramond

    Viramond Guest

    According to the Taming update notes when Publish 52 was released, "Pets will suffer 10% skill loss the first time they are tamed, but have full potential for training. In other words, if you release a pet, it will not receive skill loss if you or another person tames it again.

    Thus far, I have found this not to be the case. Without going back to the notes, I don't know if this was speaking to Magery specifically or all skills in general...but for some reason I was thinking that it was referring to Magery.

    As I described before, all my fighting skill stats went down by 28%, and my magery skill stats went down 10%.

    Everything has raised as expected and/or previously stated by others in this thread, with the exception of Magery. It hasn't budged since it's 10% skill loss(with the exception of losing a tenth of a point when the dragon died), which would seem to go against the Publish 52 notes. This sucks because before Publish 52, the magery on greater dragons dropped by a tenth of a point upon taming and locked there (as it's max gaining point).

    I'm hoping that this will still be fixed without the old...we-are-unable-to-retro-this-update-without-messing-things-up-so-you-are-stuck-with-a-lesser-max-skill-gain-than-everyone-else...lines. Hopefully they will be able to institute Publish 52's intentions for taming dating back to the beginning of Publish 52.